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Past the Written Word: Rich Media for Marketing

laptop keyboard

When you’re running a website, you should know that words aren’t enough to establish a great portal that would draw massive traffic. While blog posts could certainly leverage a good rank on search engines, not everyone from your audience has the attention span to read everything you post. This is where rich media come in, as these provide a visual treat for a highly visual audience.

laptop keyboard

Here are some of the rich media you could use to drive traffic to your site.


YouTube, Vine, and Instagram are proof enough for you to know how powerful video can be. It’s fairly easy to use in digital marketing too, as you can simply buy Apple Motion templates and start from there. With effective editing and an interesting script, you could catch the attention of Internet users.


A song by Bread says a picture paints a thousand words. That’s true, but photographs can also complement a paragraph of text and make it look less boring. It’s a great attention diverter for the visual audience. It’s also a great substitute for a website background instead of a bland, plain layout.


Infographics summarize what you would write in a 500-word blog post in one colorful image. Its interesting take on presenting facts has made it a highly effective vehicle in disseminating information, to the point that even today’s news outfits use them.

Rich media lets you explore a lot more possibilities that text alone cannot achieve – and that makes it a staple component of every marketing campaign.

The Power of GPS Tracking : How GPS Gives You A Competitive Edge

GPS tracking device

One of the best ways to excel in the fleet industry is to improve what you are already working with. To achieve that, you have to analyse and manage your workforce. If you do not have the means to measure expenses, vehicle use, and the time your workers spent on job sites, then you cannot manage them efficiently.

GPS tracking device

Fortunately, advanced fleet tracking technology can give you a competitive edge. GPS tracking devices are everywhere. GPS is becoming a huge part of fleet businesses. This powerful tool can give you access to more information about your workers than you ever had before.

Enhance delivery fleet

According to industry experts such as Navman Wireless and The Institute of Transport Management, tracking devices boost delivery fleet. It does not matter if you own or rent vehicles for your business. You need to ensure you have a well-maintained business fleet to meet your clients’ requirements.

Boost productivity

With GPS tracking, you can use real-time data to make strategic decisions that will give your business the boost it needs to succeed. Its advanced features can help improve productivity by allowing you to accurately measure your employees’ efficiency. It works well and it helps save companies money.

A fleet business can be one of the great sources of income for most entrepreneurs. Well-maintained vehicles and a good tracking system are important to keep the business productive.

Dive In: Reasons to Go Diving

scuba diving

While scuba diving doesn’t have a high impact sport impression, it does offer a completely different kind of experience. Apart from offering you an opportunity to explore the wonders of the world under the sea, it also provides fitness benefits. Read on to learn more about the benefits of diving.

scuba diving

Image by Derek Keats | License: CC BY 2.0

Reduce Stress

The weightlessness and tranquility of water soothes the mind and eases aching muscles. Once you go underwater, all the distractions are left on the surface. As you submerge, your body and mind are refreshed. Diving allows you to escape the typical environment and witness a completely new world.

Benefits for the Body

By engaging in scuba diving, your legs and muscle will undergo toning, as they work against the resistance of water. As you always need to be aware in diving, it improves your concentration, coordination, as well as your own sense of balance.

See the Beauty Underwater

Apart from being a good exercise, diving lets you witness the beauty of marine life. Seeing fishes and other sea creatures swimming freely in the water offers you a sense of fulfillment. Diving in Similan Islands or other top diving spots in the world gives you a chance to see the best views in the world.

Discover the excitement of diving by enrolling in a scuba diving course. Do a little bit of travelling and find the best destinations for diving.


Buying Thai Property: The 3 Major Routes for Foreigners

streets in Thailand

Purchasing real estate in Koh Samui is easy. Similar to the other regions in Thailand, there are three major options available for foreign prospective buyers in the area:

streets in Thailand

30-year Renewable Lease

This allows a foreign national to own land in Thailand through a registered leasehold. Guaranteed under Thai law, it’s renewable with options written into the original lease contract and registered with the Land Office.

50-year Non-Renewable Lease

This is a 50-year lease, guaranteed under Thai law.

Freehold Lease

Even though under Thai law a foreign national can’t own a freehold property, there are proven and effective methods recommended by real estate firms, like Overseas Property Portfolio. With these methods, a foreign investor can own and control a Thai company owning the property.

For instance, a foreigner can own 49 percent of a company’s shares, called preferential shares, which are worth 10 votes per share. Up to six Thai nationals may own the remaining 51 percent, but as these are only ordinary shares, they equate only to one vote per share.

With their shares, the foreign shareholder can appoint themselves as the legal and sole director of the company. As a result, the foreign national’s investment remains safe, while allowing them full control over the company and its assets, including the freehold property.

If you’re a foreigner planning to own property in Koh Samui, consider these solutions. Governed by Thai law, you’re sure to gain a house and land legally and easily with these options.

From Boring to Exciting: Treadmill Tips that will Make Your Body Scream for More


The treadmill is a reliable go-to option for cardio, and many think use it regularly for workouts. Thing is, workouts can go downhill easily once it becomes unexciting and repetitive.


Running or walking on a treadmill doesn’t have to be a snooze. Below are some tips to make your treadmill workout exciting:

Warm Up and Cool Down

Warming up allows your muscles to loosen up and prepares you for a rigorous workout. Set a speed for warming up. Once it gets easier, challenge yourself to a faster pace every couple of minutes. Afterwards, don’t forget to cool down so your breathing and heart rate returns to normal.

Create a Fitness Playlist

Whenever your feet hit the speeding belt, always remember to play your favorite songs. Music helps you forget about time. It keeps you energized throughout your workout, making you want to stay on the treadmill longer.

Make an Interval Workout

You’ll definitely feel bored if you run at a constant pace, so change things up by mixing your run with easy and hard segments. This method will not only keep your workout interesting, it’ll also increase your caloric burn.

Keep Track of Your Progress

What’s good about treadmill workouts is that you can easily keep track of your time, mileage, and pace. Track your progress and push yourself to improve.

When you have no choice but to work out indoors, spice up the time you spend on the treadmill by keeping these simple tips in mind.