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Burr! Making the Most Out of Your Water Chiller

water cooler

Many people relate water chillers with air conditioning units. The reason? A water chiller almost does the same thing – it keeps cool drinking water in drinking fountains. In addition, an average person can install water chillers even in ordinary drinking water stations.

water coolerLike any other household appliance, however, you have to make sure that you maintain your water chiller regularly to keep it in good condition.

Cleaning the Water Chiller

Many companies like recommend cleaning the water chillers every time you replace the bottle. This is to prevent the buildup of microorganisms into the corners of the cooler. Nowadays, cleaning water chillers is easy. Either you go for a commercially distributed disinfectant or you can prepare your own.

If you prefer the latter, you need to prepare at least 15ml of bleach dilute into five liters of clean water. Place the disinfectant solution onto the reservoir, while allowing a small amount to run through the spigot. Make the remaining solution sit on the reservoir for a few minutes to deal with bacteria or any other microorganism. At this point, you can use a small brush to clean the spigot itself.

Cleaning the Plastic Parts

After cleaning the water chiller, you can start disassembling the plastic parts and wash them with soap and clean water. Make sure you don’t use abrasive cleaners, as these could easily scratch the surface of each plastic part. These might come in contact with water that’s inside the reservoir, so better clean it with a disinfectant. Dry all the parts thoroughly before putting them back together.

Practicing Proper Use

Make sure that the wire grid at the back of the chiller is free from any dirt buildup. Check this occasionally. If you need to have it cleaned, pull out the plug from the socket and wipe the grid with a soft cloth. If you have one, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. Wash your hands to prevent water contamination if ever you need to change the water bottle.

The lifespan of your water chiller depends on how you take care of it. Make sure to clean it regularly, so you can make good use of it for a long time.

Motorhome Maintenance: Keeping Your Trailer in Good Condition


motorhomeJust like cars, trailers or recreational vehicles (RV) also need maintenance to stay in good condition. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s manual to stay on top of repair and maintenance work ensuring the vehicle retains its value. Consulting a certified RV technician can also help keep your vehicle safe for your next trip.

The simple tips below can serve as a basic guide in maintaining your vehicle:

Check for Damage

Look for signs of dampness such as mould, strange musty smells, or watermarks. Give the vehicle a good airing by opening all doors, and windows. Don’t forget to check for leaks in windows, doors, and seals. You can soak the van with water using a garden hose and ask someone to help you spot the leaks.

Inspect Tyre Pressure

Check the tyre pressure and look for signs of bulging, low tread depth, and cracking. Make sure to inspect the tyre sidewalls for hairline cracks and signs of UV degradation. The tyre pressure needs to be increased to what is recommended in the vehicle’s manual. When it comes to replacing your tyres, trailer accessory shops like suggest choosing heavy-duty wheels.

Battery Maintenance

If you aren’t going to be using the vehicle for a while, charge the battery every six weeks. Leaving the batteries discharged for prolonged periods and then charging them the night before the trip can damage the batteries. It is also best to replace them after their cycle is complete.

Caring for Exteriors

The exterior of the vehicle also needs maintenance. Wash the roof rubber regularly using a mild detergent and soft broom. This will remove dirt and debris and prolong the service life of the vehicle. Polishing the exterior is also advisable to help seal the fibreglass and give it a longer-lasting sheen. Make sure to use quality products and avoid harsh detergents, as they can damage your vehicle.

It is worth considering a motorhome habitation service to inspect the vehicle for gas and electrical problems. This will give you a peace of mind when you’re away for a camping vacation or weekend trip.

A Guide to Choosing Your Next Residence

next residence

next residenceSelecting the right area requires more than just personal preference. It requires due diligence and research to determine the viability and long term profitability of the area in question. The land should be carefully selected for the success or failure of the investment.

Here is some advice on how to choose a development site:

Looking for Viable Land Prospects

When it comes to choosing a Melbourne land development for sale, recommends that you find areas that offer promise, such as those undergoing a redevelopment phase. Look for areas currently in the growth phase of development, where prices are average and are performing well from a historical standpoint.

An area where the population is expanding provides good opportunities. Consider those where private businesses such as large retailers have announced that they are going to push through with their expansion or relocation plans. Most likely, they have already established a customer base.

Find a location that has a good proportion of different industries as well as those that support employment. Look for areas that are close to schools, medical centres, shops and good access to public transportation.

Assessing the Short List of Areas

The moment you narrow down the area that you want to develop, the next step is the selection of the actual area. When assessing a potential area, consider the completion of extensive due diligence on the social and economic conditions of the region. Determine if the suburb has a high demand for renters, as well as the rate of vacancy and the average price.

Find out the local environment plan and the development control plan also to determine if the area is right for you. When it comes to site selection, your criteria should be based on these five parameters: Site, Aspect, Angle, Façade, and Deepness. Find out what is on top and underneath the land.

It is no secret that choosing a development site is a tough job. The entire process is complex and the stakes are high for everyone involved. Never use emotion in determining factors for selecting a development site. Trust what the numbers tell you so that you can make a better and informed decision.

Tips on Planning a Small, Intimate Wedding

small wedding

small weddingIntimate weddings are becoming increasingly popular because it saves a lot of money and offers more opportunities to mingle with guests. Although it is less stressful than big weddings, it still requires careful planning. If you’re thinking about holding an intimate ceremony, here are a few key points you must prioritise.


An intimate wedding does not necessarily mean less expenses. You may have fewer guests to feed, but you’re splurging on the wedding dress. It’s important to plan a budget before anything else. Talk to your partner about how much you must allot on your big day. Ask friends and family about fees on flowers, dresses, venues, etc. so you will have a realistic projection of expenses.


Have at least an estimate on the number of guests. A small chapel may be too large for a crowd of fifty and you might feel a little overwhelmed. Estimate how many guests you want to accommodate and keep that in mind when choosing a location.

Just because you chose to have an intimate wedding doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional venues. In fact, event specialists at Full Moon Hotel, one of the most popular venues for intimate weddings in Brisbane, say that with the little crowd you have, you can have a perfect destination wedding. Sometimes when there are too many guests, it’s hard to make everyone come to a vacation spot, with the logistics and money in mind.


Some traditional reception activities might not work with a small number of guests. Reconsider the activities you’ll do to ensure that you can make the most of your time with close friends and family. Wedding organisers recommend holding the reception in hotel function rooms for intimate weddings. These venues are perfect for the size of the crowd and the food will be specially prepared to suit the taste and dietary requirements of guests.

Preparation is a crucial step to make your wedding day a special and memorable moment in your life, so plan diligently.

Future-Proof: The Top Trends in SEO

new seo trends

new seo trendsDigital marketing is a dynamic field. The top three search engines, notably Google, continually update its search engine to be smarter and sharper, filtering out thin content and rewarding the good ones.

There are patterns in this evolution with keen observers seeing these trends on how the SEO landscape changes in the coming months or years. These are some of the trends that will matter or until the next Google update:

1. Content still rules

Talk of Google’s search algorithms and other SEO jargon still boils down to quality of content. New Google updates lean towards the direction of content with depth and detail. As the behavior of search engines evolve, analysts in foresee longer and denser content to be more important in the long run.

2. Social media marketing

Social media is becoming a juggernaut in the digital marketing scene, with Facebook alone driving 21% of Internet traffic in 2013. With the growing pervasiveness of social media, content marketers are realizing its untapped potential to disseminate content quickly.

3. Demand for SEO is increasing

Traditional marketing does not cut it any longer in today’s online landscape. In fact, an American study shows that 94% of business-to-business enterprises will be increasing their content marketing budgets for the coming years, with online marketing becoming a more cost-effective solution in driving customer interest.

4. Mobile optimization is now a necessity

With one in every four people owning a smartphone, optimisation for mobiles is now an essential part of online marketing. Content is now gaining traction on ease of reading on smaller screens than traditional PCs, and the websites that feature this content must optimise similarly.

As they say, the only constant is change. However, we are moving to an age where content is constant, and smart copy is pulling away from the rest of the pack. Investment, then, in future-proof practices in digital marketing is required to stay ahead of the competition.

The Wonders of Flying on a Yoga Hammock

flying yoga

Exercise can be more fun if you have something to work with. Lifting dumbbells and weights can get dull and boring over time. You’ll need a new prop to make your workouts more interesting, like aerial yoga with different kinds of hammock. This aerial variant of the traditional exercise uses a kind of swing that allows you to perform all sorts of postures.

flying yogaThe Features of an Aerial Hammock

1. Hammocks are custom – made to allow users to perform different aerial forms of yogic exercises easily. The design is simple and the cloth is silky smooth, which gives you the ability to perform a number of flying postures.

2. AntiGravity Fitness explains that postures performed on a hammock are beneficial to the human body, as it calms the nervous system. The fabric is wide, so you can also turn it into a cocoon for an aerial shavasana. The hammock can also turn into an ideal seat for midair meditation.

3. The hammock material is washable and is available in vibrant colors to keep your mood up as you suspend in the air. It’s usually about 11 yards long and 110 inches wide. It has two handles or stirrups, foot loops, hand loops, and a Total Resistance eXercise (TRX).

4. Hammocks make it easy for users to turn it into a cocoon, while performing aerial exercises and the like. These usually come with steel carabineers, quick links, and ropes for adjustments. Users won’t have a problem bringing it at home or to training schools because it can be hung anywhere.

5. Hammocks allow you to create fun movements and deep stretches, as the handles and stirrups offer the necessary support to your body. The leg and hand loop also helps you stand with proper support to exercise the upper body parts comfortably.

Hammocks are beneficial, whether you prefer to use them at home or at a training school. Make sure to buy the right material, so you can hang in midair without worries.

Awnings and Their Benefits on Australian Homes


Awnings and Their Benefits on Australian Homes

Awnings are popular in Perth and in most other Australian cities, as they add to the design of the building where they are installed, and they also provide shade. They are useful all year; top quality awnings are sturdy and weatherproof so they can withstand either rain or heat.

homeAwnings installed in Perth come in numerous options with unique features, and are the popular choice because of the following reasons:

• Their unique design enables complete control over awning position.

• You can adjust your awning any way you want to block the sunlight and cool your home interiors.

• During winter, you can open the awning completely, allowing the sunlight to flood in and warm your house.

• There are also numerous choices in terms of the fabrics, such as sunblock, semi shade or light filtration fabrics that are transparent.

• Awnings make houses look more sophisticated and multi-dimensional. In fact, awnings placed in the right places will effectively change the house’s overall exterior design and style.

• These help save windows–particularly wooden ones–from the direct rays of the sun, and increase their lifespan.

• Since they also help keep rooms cooler during summer, they help you cut costs in terms of air conditioning.

• They also protect the windows and doors during heavy rains.

There are awnings, such as multi stop kinds, which are foldable, so that you can ‘remove’ them when you don’t need them, or if you want your property to look a bit different for a while. Professional installers will teach you how to use them safely so you can remove and mount them whenever you want.

Find a contractor online or by referral, and ask them for quotations. Every one of them will likely offer to do some measurements, so use the opportunity to get to know them. This will help you narrow down your choices.