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3 Simple Ways on How to Avoid Heat Stroke

Solution for heat stroke

Solution for heat strokeHeat stroke usually occurs when your body cannot maintain its temperature. Sweating is the body’s mechanism to regulate a normal body temp, but in some case, you may not sweat or cool down yourself enough if the weather in Draper is hot and humid. And your first response to beat the hot day is to turn on your AC.

Suppose then that the unluckiest thing happened–your AC broke. No worries, though. Having an AC replacement is fast and swift. Just call an AC professional service and they’ll heed your call.

For the meantime, here are three easy steps from Hartman Heating and Air Conditioning to keep you cool while waiting for the replacement:

Drink Lots of Water or Juice

A hot weather makes your body to dry out faster and you’re more prone to dehydration. To avoid the worse conditions, such as heat stroke, drink lots of water or plenty of juices to replace the fluids that you have lost in your body. Add some cubes of ice to make you feel more refreshed.

Avoid Consumption of Caffeinated Drinks and Spicy Foods

Caffeinated drinks and spicy foods are both stimulants that can increase the body’s metabolism. Once this happens, your body temperature will also rise; hence, making you feel more uncomfortable. Don’t let yourself suffer even more. Instead of drinking coffee or eating spicy foods, have a cold yogurt or eat some cold sweets like ice cream.

Wear Light Clothing

When the weather is hot, it’s time to wear breezy tank tops and shorts. Embarrassed? No need to be. It’s only normal to wear light clothing especially during the summer season. And here’s another tip. Don’t wear black or dark-colored clothes. It absorbs more heat than light-colored clothing.

And last but not the least, don’t perform extreme activities under the screaming heat of sun. You’re just meeting your own heat stroke doom. Only do non-invasive activities, or better yet, stay indoors and enjoy the cool breeze of your air conditioner.

4 Superstar Secrets to a Stunning Smile


SmileEver wonder how celebrities maintain their blindingly white smiles? It’s not always Photoshop! You’ll be surprised how perfect their smiles are in real life. Their secret? A few handy dental care tips that are simple and affordable!

Regular Dental Visits

Leading dentists in Didsbury recommend cleaning at least twice a year. There are stains, bacteria, and plaque not easily removed by daily brushing. The solution is a trip to the dental hygienist at least every six months. An annual check-up also apprehends possible serious dental problems like gingivitis.

Use the Right Tools

There are people who think that harder bristles will remove plaque and other residue from the teeth’s enamel. This is not the case. You can easily clean your teeth with soft bristled brushes. In fact, this is more appropriate as harder bristles only erode the enamel of your teeth. Enamel erosion will only cause teeth and gum sensitivity, among other things.

Kick the Sweet Habit

Stars don’t just stay away from sugar to keep their body fit, they also do it for their smile. Sugar can eat away at your teeth, contributing to decay. Keep in mind that alcohol also becomes sugar, so drink moderately. Coffee and cigarettes are two habits that may damage your teeth, too. You might want to quit or minimize these habits if you want your smile to remain bright and white.

Teeth are Not Tools

When was the last time you saw a celebrity use their teeth to open a sachet or bite their nails? It’s not a very photogenic sight, plus all that force concentrated on one tooth can break it. Only use your teeth for what it is intended, such as to break down food.

Follow a few of these basic tips and you’ll have a smile worthy of magazine covers, too! A healthy and consistent dental habit will keep your teeth beautiful, flawless, and bright. You too can have a stunning smile without breaking bank.

Towards an Environmentally Sustainable Home

home renovation

home renovationThe Australian government encourages renovations that will make your home more sustainable. By planning some home improvements using Perth builders, you might as well try to include some of the suggestions below in your plans. You may need to get approval from the local government for some of these changes, so you should check first.

The Renovation Company lists some ways where you can renovate your home to be more energy efficient and environment-friendly.

Energy Conservation

Windows and floors are always a concern when it comes to conserving heat or cold. You could consider the following to help you save money on thermal control:

Use double glazed glass

• Refit sashes to improve the air seal

• Consider relocating windows facing east and west

• Remove excessive foliage that blocks sunlight in windows facing north

• Remove carpets in areas that can absorb heat from the sun and replace with polished tiles


• Create new openings on non-load bearing walls to improve cross drafts

• Install plantation blinds or other window treatments that allows you to control the entrance of sunlight and air

• Install ceiling fans

• Install doors in stairways and hallways to control air drafts

• Invest in landscaping or fences to direct the breeze into the home


• Install insulation on the roof, walls and floor

Create a crawl space under the floor and place insulation to keep heat from leaking through the floor

• Insert insulation before re-cladding external walls

You can ask your builder if they can include some or all of these suggested changes. Some of the best Perth builders can give you a reasonable cost. Many of these improvements can really help you save on energy costs and improve your quality of life. Even if you spend a little more than you thought at first, you will save money in the end.

5 Easy Ways to Encourage Wildlife in Your Garden

deer at the garden

deer at the gardenFrom grasshoppers and butterflies to caterpillars and birds, garden wildlife is both varied and surprising. For gardeners and homeowners, this outdoor space is also an opportunity to provide refuge for wildlife.

Domestic gardens occupy a land area larger than all the nature reserves across the UK combined. Apart from adding great value to your home, gardens also present an opportunity for you to give back to Mother Nature by taking care of her sons and daughters.

What exactly do you need to do to create a wildlife-friendly outdoor space?

  1. Feed the Birds

Enjoy seeing wildlife in your backyard is by putting up a bird feeder and keeping it clean and full at all times.

Surrey-based garden centre Longacres Garden Centre Limited explains that bird feeders and other accessories are a great way to attract all kinds of birds to your garden. This is also a mutual benefit thing, as you feed the birds, and they, in turn, help grow and pollinate your outdoor space.

  1. Water Up

We need it and so does the wildlife. Especially in the dry summer or during winter freezes, a small act of putting out a shallow dish of clean water and refilling the birdbath can greatly help birds and other creatures.

  1. Encourage Life

Create a living garden by planting as much green as you can. Grass, foliage, flowers, and trees all help support the wildlife ecosystem in your garden, from the caterpillar, birds, and small mammals.

  1. Go Organic

Chemicals and pesticides are wildlife’s worst enemy. Reduce your use of this, or stop it entirely. Our country’s latest National Pollinator Strategy initiative will not be that effective if we do not stop the use of pesticides, which harm the bees and other garden creatures.

  1. Go Wild

Loss of habitat is one of the biggest reasons for loss of wildlife. As such, mix up your garden in terms of plant life and textures. The greater the diversity you can put in, the more wildlife you will attract.

Making your garden more wildlife-friendly is not just a way to improve your outdoor space; it is also a way to give back to Mother Nature and the bounty she gives us.

Keeping Alcohol Levels Low: Why Utah is the Least Alcoholic State in the US

Alcoholism remains a social concern

Alcoholism remains a social concernAlcoholism is still a very pressing problem in America. Statistics show that about a third of Americans will become alcoholics at one point in their lives, and nearly 18 million Americans have a drinking problem. These numbers show just how shocking and prevalent alcoholism is, and this is made worse because not many citizens are informed about alcoholism, and because there aren’t many treatment options available to those who are seeking it.

The Least Alcoholic State in America

Despite these high levels, however, Utah consistently maintains its ranking as the state with the lowest alcohol consumption in the US. This may be because of the strict liquor laws implemented by the local government. But that doesn’t mean alcoholism isn’t a problem in the state. Even though buying alcohol is regulated, it’s still readily available if you ask for it. Twenty-five percent of adults in Utah consume alcohol, and binge drinking is still common in the state. But, they’re able to keep the cases of alcoholism from getting out of hand.

But, even though there aren’t so many alcoholics here, those who drink alcohol tend to do so as a habit or in high amounts. This increases their possibility of becoming alcoholics. And alcoholism doesn’t just affect the alcoholic himself; it also strikes a blow on the person’s family and friends. Thus, it’s very important for these people to become more aware of the effects their drinking can have on themselves and on the people they care for.

Seeking Help

An expert opinion on alcoholism claims that drinking problems become prevalent because of two things: people lack awareness, and treatment is not easy to get. The bottom line is that alcoholism only gets worse if those who are seeking help don’t find it. In Utah, however, this doesn’t seem to be the case. There are many local alcohol rehabilitation centers, such as, ready and willing to extend their services to those who need it.

Although there is a greater chance for someone to be an alcoholic in this state, there are also many places that will be ready to help them on the road to recovery.

Problems with Blocked Drains? Here are Two Ways of Dealing With Them


DrainageA blocked basin or toilet is always bad news. Having a clogged sewer or stormwater drain is even worse. Fortunately, there are reliable means of getting rid of these problems.

While you can manage the problem on your own, it’s always best to leave the task in the hands of Perth’s experienced plumbers. They will be more than happy to demonstrate how to resolve your drain problems.

Here are two of the most effective methods offered by plumbing companies:

Electric Eels

These machines, also referred to as electric drain cleaning machines, work best for repairing blocked basins, toilets, or sewer drains. Using a cutter attached to a flexible rod, the machine will chop off tree roots or any kind of obstacles in the drain.

For machines that don’t have a rod long enough to reach into deep blockages, plumbers in Perth attach a drain camera instead to get a clear view of the drain. This makes it easier to identify the cause of the drainage problem.

Electric eels are most effective in removing large tree roots, which requires the strength of an electric motor-powered cutter.

Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaner

While electric drain cleaning machines are powerful enough to cut tree roots, the length of their steel rods often limits their capacity for the job. Plumbing companies use a hydro-jet cleaning machine as an alternative tool. As the machine can reach deep down a drain, many plumbers prefer to use this for cleaning kitchen sinks, sewer drains, and stormwater drains.

Hydro-jets effectively remove grease that blocks drains and cut off tree roots by pumping high-pressure water through a small nozzle at its end. Due to its hose-like design, a hydro-jet drain cleaner can easily manoeuvre itself through a blocked drainpipe.

Electric eels and hydro-jet cleaning machines take away the hard work and stress of repairing blocked drains. These methods give you peace of mind that your drainage system remains functional.

Backyard Party: Having Fun Around the Fire Pit

Camping Activity

Camping ActivityA fire pit is a good addition to the backyard because, apart from keeping you warm and cozy at night or on especially cold days, you can do fun activities around it. Many households even see this as an ideal method to spend quality time together after a long day or week. They host parties, so they can also invite friends and relatives to visit. If you’re planning to do the same, here are some ideas you should try out:

Food Party

When there’s fire, there should be s’mores. This fluffy treat is easy to make because all you need is to let the marshmallow bake above the gas fire pit. Utah households prefer to enjoy this with graham crackers, chocolate bars, and chocolate fountains, too. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you can also cook a kebab. The amount of meat, fish, and vegetables you need to prepare depends on everybody’s appetite and the time you’re planning to stay outdoors.

Campfire Songs

Grab some drinks, sing around the fire pit, and pretend that you’re camping. You don’t have to go far to do this recreational activity. As long as there’s a small lit fire, you can enjoy the same activities. If you have someone in the family who plays the guitar, that can help set the mood. Prepare a list of familiar songs to make sure everybody can sing along.

Horror Stories

Nighttime is ideal for telling scary stories, especially when the fire pit is the only source of light. If you have children or teenagers at home, it can be a thrilling sleepover activity. Horror stories, whether true or not, can tickle a person’s imagination. You can even play games to make it challenging, like a bravery test, while the storytelling is going on.

Don’t let the chilly night stop you from having fun outdoors. Set up your backyard fire pit and think of activities you can do to promote quality time.

En Route to Digging the Nature Smart in You: How You Can Cultivate It


NatureWhen you were in school, you probably felt you’re a little different from your peers. Unlike the majority, you often find yourself interested in animals or other natural phenomena. And until now, you keenly observe and take great delight looking at trees, plants, flowers, clouds, sunsets and the colours in the prism of each new rainbow. You always appreciate the beauty of nature and relate to your surroundings. These are possible manifestations of being “Nature Smart”. Tagged as the 8th among the multiple intelligences introduced by the famous Howard Gardner, yours may be a case of naturalistic intelligence. Review and put a check on the following checklist below. This activity aims to verify if you have this intelligence.

How Nature Smart Are You

____ You like to take nature walks, go camping, or work in the garden,
____ You like to learn best when it’s about nature like weather, animals, habitats,
____ You like to work with animals and can classify different types of plants, flowers, trees, and animals.
____ You enjoy gardening.
____ You love scenic places.
____ You feel alive when in contact with nature.
____ You don’t mind getting your hands dirty.
____ You don’t get tired appreciating the nature reserves of Essex.
____ You enjoy hearing sounds made by nature.
____ You appreciate patterns in nature.

If you have checked all of these, then you’re “Nature Smart”. Also, take if any of your kids or loved ones exhibits these characteristics.

How to Drive the Gift

How are you going to cultivate that gift of intelligence? Find a career that matches your passion. You can join the roster of landscapers, agriculturists and archaeologists, among others. Also engage in hobbies aligned with it. Start with your own garden. suggests design your own landscape garden and then ask a professional help to implement it.

If you can, work with a family member who is also as nature smart as you. It can be an engaging activity to share with.

Crisis Management: Rebuilding Your Reputation

crisis management

crisis managementGoodwill, or reputation, is an intangible and indispensable asset for every company. Through reputation, the enterprise will be able to continue and propagate. Any unfortunate circumstance that endangers a company’s reputation receives careful treatment. Any damage to it can cause significant losses in both sales and the performance of the workforce.

As a business grows, so do the threats to its name. Competition, criticisms, market requisites, and even internal operations can bring damage to its reputation. While some crises are reparable, there are those instances when extensive actions become a necessity. Digitise My Business suggests utilising social media to create and maintain the company’s online reputation. It is a major contributor for cleaning a ruined name, but that is only the last step.

Here are the important stages in reputation rejuvenation:

1. Take Responsibility

Never deny an issue right away. The public will never appreciate a company that doesn’t care about the community, especially when the issue involves them. Look into the accusation; whether true or not, it will be better to conduct an in-depth investigation regarding the case. Remember the number one rule in crisis management: Do not release a concrete statement until the result of the investigation comes out.Improve

2. Operations or Pick up an Advocacy

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the company will have to choose between the two actions. The proper way to respond to a real accusation is to admit the fault and improve the operation. On the other hand, bogus claims will still have an adverse effect on the company’s name. Adopting an advocacy will help enliven the company’s goodwill.

3. Utilise the Media

TV, radio, and most importantly, social media are great tools for spreading news. In the same way, they can help any company publicise its rehabilitation efforts of its reputation. It is important to record the actions taken regarding the issue and to develop a campaign around it.

With various external and internal factors that can affect it, taking care of a company’s reputation can be exhausting. Take it from the most popular PR crisis cases in history, and discover strategies on how to rise after the disastrous downfall. Just keep in mind that the most successful companies improve after facing their most trying times.

What Most People Forget When Moving


MovingMoving houses is a stressful event for everybody. It’s a hectic series of planning, packing, loading, and finally to the grand day of moving in. No matter how organised some homeowners are, there are items many households admit to forgetting to pack, the moving company reveals.


These little items are most often the last to go into the boxes, since homeowners use them until their very last day before the move. Check the bathroom and the medicine cabinet before closing the door – nobody wants to go toothbrush-less the next days.


A move will be more stressful with gadgets and other emergency devices that are all out of juice. Not only are these important for the long hours on the road, but they will also come in handy in case someone needs to contact somebody. Make sure to tuck chargers in easy to access places before heading out.

Dry Cleaning

Families on the move frequently forget items from cleaners and repair shops. Drop by the shop before driving to the airport or hitting the road, or else it’s time to say goodbye to that fabulous suit or memorable summer dress.

Borrowed Items

Ask friends and acquaintances for any items they borrowed a few days before the set departure date. Check your inventory just the same because you might be taking something that isn’t yours. While they give back what they borrowed, don’t forget to return what they lent you as well.

Records and Documents

These items are of utter urgency. There have been cases of families tucking in their travel documents in the biggest of boxes, resulting to panic and trouble a few hours before their flight. Keep school, health, financial, medical and legal documents safe by carrying them with you.

Hidden valuables

Some like keeping their most treasured possessions hidden in secret compartments or drawers. Do not forget to retrieve them before the big move to avoid running the risk of losing these valuables. Check every hidden nook and cranny for items you might have forgotten to have hidden there.

In the midst of the packing and moving mania, it’s safest to keep a checklist of all the things you can’t afford to leave behind. Labelling boxes and suitcases will also make the process more organised and the unpacking less of a hassle.