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Memory Care: The Key to Happiness for a Dementia Patient

Caregiver assisting a senior man with DementiaDementia is a memory loss condition that commonly affects older people and can cause distress and confusion. Memory care is a way to help them feel calm and happy, as well as allow them to enjoy life again.

Approximately 47 million people worldwide have some form of dementia, a memory loss and communication disorder that affects older people but can strike at any age. Initially, dementia causes forgetfulness and the person may be lost and forget where familiar places are.

As the condition progresses, patients may forget how to perform simple personal care tasks, words in their language, or even family members’ names. They might also forget what they were doing mid-activity, ask the same questions repeatedly or get upset or aggressive when they don’t understand what is going on.

What Causes Dementia?

Dementia comes in a variety of types with different causes. Some are caused by tiny but progressive brain bleeds (vascular dementia), abnormal proteins in the nerve cells, or deterioration of the brain’s frontal lobe.

What is Memory Care?

In the later stages of the disease, people affected by dementia will need appropriate care. Memory care is ideal for those who can no longer stay in their home in Orem, but would like to maintain a certain level of independence. The building layout and decoration in a care facility is presented in a way that doesn’t add to confusion or allow them to wander off.

While bedrooms are private, living areas can be shared and support staff is ready to provide memory-enhancing activities. Some memory care facilities have their own ‘town center’ with shops, a post office, and other venues that feature the 1940’s or 50’s style to bring comfort. Residents are also encouraged to maintain their hobbies with a little help.

Memory care slows the progression of dementia, reduces confusion, and leads to a happier and calmer senior. Look for a facility and a team that offers quality and compassionate service. Make sure the place and the program aims to improve your loved one’s condition and quality of life.

Basics in Fuel Storage and Oil Storage Tanks

Storage TanksIt is good to learn about oil and fuel storage tanks if you own a mining camp, a fuel facility, or any other facility that requires you to store huge quantities of oil and fuel. Storing fuel and oil can be a very challenging job as storing them and ensuring that there is no wastage or pollution, is a tough task.

Fuel is a one and a bane

Oil and fuel are both essential as they are used to greasing run mechanical equipment and machinery, we require in our daily lives. They are also used as fuel to produce energy. But they can be hazardous, if they spill over, as they can contaminate the environment and the aquatic ecosystem. They are highly inflammable and can wipe out the surrounding areas if a small spark reaches it and take many lives with it. Just following the regulations might not always be enough while you handle oil and fuel. The best way to carefully manage and store fuel and oil is to invest in API 650 tanks, built as per accepted safety standards.

Storage tanks

The standardized containers not only store oil and fuel, but they are also structured uniquely. This is to ensure that the contents are safe and protected against external elements and reactive substances. There are self-bunded tanks, which are like a tank within a larger tank. In fact, in some cases the external tank can hold 100 % of the fuel that the inner tank can hold, thus acting as a perfect net, just in case the inner tank overflows or leaks. There are also double skinned storage tanks which are simpler and less secure version, with a protective shield around it. Depending on the quantity and type of fuel you wish to store, you can pick from these two types of storage tanks.

Administering equipment

Oil storage tanks have different dispensing equipment. These are electronic in nature and can keep a record of how much fuel has been dispensed at a particular time. This decreases the risk of stealing and ensures secure and safe storage. The maintenance staff can make sure that the hoses, the nozzle, and the administering equipment are all functioning properly. This is one way of making sure that every bit of oil is accounted for and is used well.

Just any job, fuel storage has its set of challenges. But, with these basics covered, your fuel storage management should be a lot easier.

The Search Is On: Looking for the Best Venue for Your Celebrations

A woman preparing an event Event planning is often confronted by many decisions and preparations. From the design and theme of the event down to the guests, you must consider them properly to ensure its success. Choosing a location, however, is probably the most challenging task you’ll ever face. To overcome this ordeal, here are some pieces of advice that are worth remembering:

Counting the Guests

Know how big the crowd you’d like to invite. This is to ensure that the place you’re renting or choosing is capable of accommodating all your guests.

Distance & Proximity

If you want your event to succeed, choose a place where everyone has easy access. You can’t expect a large crowd if you choose a remote location, unless you cover their accommodation and travel expenses. The Ranch At San Patricio noted that one of the things you must remember is public transport and parking for those who will bring their cars to the venue.

Keep Tabs on the Weather Condition

The weather can make a major overturn to the success of your event. A bad weather may leave your guests stranded. Rather than going to your event, they choose to stay at home instead. A good option to avoid this disaster is to take note of the season and stay updated with the weather forecast. If there’s an upcoming monsoon, it would be best to choose and move it on another day.

Think About the Expenses

The event may not even take place if you don’t have enough money to fund it. This can narrow down your options. Sure, you may go to a cheaper place, but think about you and your guests’ comfort. Be careful not to overspend either, since you may end up compromising the quality of your event and enjoyment of the participants. Simply because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it should be a must-have.

With a great venue, you can almost ensure the success of your event. Each one of the above-mentioned factors creates an impact on the overall enjoyment of your guests and visitors. Keep them in mind to celebrate a wonderful and memorable event.

Car Maintenance: Why it is Essential

Car MaintenancePurchasing a car is easy, but maintaining one may require time, effort and a whole lot of commitment. However, maintaining your vehicle is essential to maximise its life span, increase its performance and power, and prevent accidents.

Since cars provide convenient transport from one place to another, they suffer usage problems. Hence, it is necessary to ensure it goes through regular service. When you do not regularly check your car, you might end up spending more on huge in the long run.

Prevent costly repairs

When you do not regularly check your vehicle, especially the engine, you might spend more on repairs when your vehicle bogs down in the middle of a trip. The engine, for example, is critical and when damaged, you are like buying a new car with its price.

Moreover, when your car incurs more damage because you did not inspect it properly, you might end up paying more for repair services.

Prevent accidents on the road

Despite being an experienced driver, everyone is at risk of getting into an accident when your car is not properly running. Technical problems are risk factors of accidents on the road. You should regularly inspect your vehicle before going on a road trip to ensure that there would be no problems.

Perform tyre changing to make sure they would not malfunction. Shops such as Tyre Tracks can do this service for you.

Increased performance and reliability

When you regularly inspect and have your car serviced, it will become more reliable, and it will perform better. By doing this, your car’s lifespan will be maximised. Moreover, it is more reliable when your vehicle is running smoothly. You will prevent breaking down in the middle of the road.

Regular maintenance can be affordable and at the same time costly, but all these contribute to having the best car on the road. Of course, it will also help prevent accidents and road mishaps.

1 Trillion Gallons of Water Wasted Due to Pipe Leakage

Leaking Pipe

Leaking PipeThe importance of water conservation intensifies in direct proportion to the increasing concerns about the environment. The United States has implemented effective systems to ensure that Americans have access to clean, potable water. There is, however, a persisting problem in American households that if corrected, can add significantly to the country’s clean water supply.

The EPA on Wasted Water

A leaky garden faucet may seem trivial; but, if you multiply the wasted water by the number of leaky faucets all over the United States, the result is staggering. According to the EPA, ordinary household leaks in the US can accumulate to 1 trillion gallons a year. That’s equivalent to the consumption of 11 million households.

Although the government launched more water conservation and reuse programs in the last two decades, the country – and the world – will benefit further if more households will be active participants.

Water Conservation Has Financial Benefits

Aside from preventing clean water shortage in the future, households have another incentive for saving water: it can cut their bills down by 10%. This includes measures like repairing gaskets, sealing pipe leaks, replacing leaky showerheads and updating old toilets.

This is also why state governments actively promote water conservation. In Utah, the Division of Water Resources has a State Water Plan. In 2012, the Division proposed Water Audits and Leak Detection Programs, which would look at how well the state’s municipal water suppliers are monitoring leaks. If the public supports government efforts like this, the results should be very promising. A household can support the cause in little ways, from using a glass when brushing to calling professionals to respond to emergency plumbing issues.

Plugging 100% of leaks across the country is impossible. Still, even if only a fourth or an eighth of that demographic will find long-term solutions, the amount of clean water saved will be enough to supply more than 1.3 million households.

How to Use Your VA Loan to Invest in Rental Property

VA LoanCould you use your VA loan to purchase a rental property? Technically, yes and no. According to the Veterans Affairs, VA loans are exclusively designed for purchasing residential properties, excluding investment or rental properties. You must live in the property you’re planning to buy using a VA loan program. But few military people don’t know that there’s a loophole for buying rental properties using VA loans.

The VA Loan Loophole

The VA defines a residential property as a property that should not exceed more than four units for families and a rental unit, except for some joint VA loans. This means that you’re free to buy a multifamily property consisting of four units plus one business property. You could also use the business property for your own business or rent it out.

The key here is that you should live in one of the units and occupy it within 60 days of your loan closing to satisfy the requirements of the VA loan program. This 60-day rule offers some exceptions, such as if the property is being renovated or still under construction. Once you have lived in your property for some time, you could then move out. You can then turn the property into an exclusive investment property.

It’s also vital to remember that VA loans do not have limits. However, every veteran has a specific amount he or she’s qualified to borrow even without having to pay a down payment. In general, $36,000 is the average entitlement amount for veterans, but some VA-approved lenders sometimes allow loans as high $100,000+, considering that the borrower satisfies the lender’s income and credit requirements.

What’s more, if you don’t use your allotted entitlement for buying one property, you’re free to use your remaining entitlement for another VA loan on another property, like another multifamily property or a single-family house. The VA loan program also offers another loan type known as the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL). This loan enables you to refinance a previously bought property using your VA loan so that you could secure a better interest rate.

The Bottom Line

Yes, you could use a VA loan for purchasing an investment property, provided that you first live in it for the required time. Should you decide to relocate, you could hold on to your property and rent it out and even buy another property using the balance of your VA loan entitlement. Speak with an experienced VA-approved lender to help you determine the best choice for you.

Top Uses for Fabric Buildings

Fabric dome for research or personal lodgingWhen it comes to large-scale undertakings, it is important to be able to set up operations and lodging facilities as quickly as possible. Relatively easy to set up, durable and low-maintenance, fabric buildings – like the ones offered by firms such as DomeShelter Australia – are the structure of choice.

Here are the top uses of these structures.

Research and excavation

Fabric buildings are ideal for on-site research and excavation projects. You can easily transport and assemble them near the research location. Also, they are made of materials that can withstand different environments, from which is ideal for housing sensitive equipment.

Personnel lodging

Large-scale undertakings such as military or scientific operations naturally require lodging for hundreds, if not thousands, of people, as quickly and as hassle-free as possible, particularly in locations where existing lodging facilities are not available.

Fabric buildings are portable, be arranged to house any number of people and, most importantly, strong enough to protect from the elements.

Vehicle housing and maintenance

Huge on-site operations such as research and military operations use various vehicles and machinery. These vehicles and equipment can range from small drills and carts to tanks and big aircraft. Fabric building makes excellent housing for vehicles and equipment.

They protect against extreme heat and cold, and they can be constructed to enormous sizes (think aircraft hangars) so you will not only have a place for your vehicles but also have room to perform maintenance procedures.


Extensive undertakings such as scientific research or military operations require huge storage facilities on site to house important findings and other sensitive information. They also demand the storage of delicate and proprietary paraphernalia.

You will discover the ease of use when employing fabric buildings. They are so portable; you can use them for any purpose conceivable. The possibilities are endless.

A Glimpse on the History and Evolution of Halloween

A Jack-O-Lantern LightCountries around the world celebrate Halloween, but no other country can match its popularity in North America and Canada. Before it turned into a celebration of sweets and costumes, ancient people with a different set of belief celebrated it.

From Samhain to Halloween

Halloween is believed to have originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain, pronounced sow-in. The Celts lived in what are now Ireland, United Kingdom, and Northern France. People celebrated the Samhain festival on the night of October 31. During this night, the Celts thought that their priests could predict the future.

During the celebration, people wore costumes of animals' heads and skins. They tried to tell each other’s fortunes around huge sacred bonfires. Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as the All Saints’ Day. The night before became the Halloween.

Modern American Halloween

In America, “trick-or-treating” is one of the most recognized activities for children during Halloween. The post-war baby boom increased its popularity among children across the country. Children, as well as the adults who accompany them, dress up to celebrate the night.

Halloween celebration is not limited on the eve of October 31. In Minnesota alone, people visit Halloween attractions, tell ghost stories, and organize haunted hayrides pumpkin fest, Halloween marathon, and other activities. Costume parties are also popular. In fact, a huge number of parties are held during this holiday. People decorate their homes and offices with skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and other materials that go with the Halloween spirit.

While it is true that Halloween is second only to Christmas in total revenue dollars for retailers, it also brings people together. In this age when most people interact mainly through social media, holidays like Halloween give people a reason to look up from their smartphones, spend time with their families and friends, go on an adventure, and celebrate life and traditions.

More than Plaque: Risk Factors for Gum Disease

Inflamed upper gums of a young womanUntreated gum disease causes more than red gums and bad breath. It can also result in tooth loss, as well as increase your risk for other serious conditions such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Research, furthermore, suggests that it is also associated with lung disease and low-birth weight in babies for pregnant women.

Proper dental care is often enough to reverse the symptom of gingivitis or early stage of gum disease. It is also important to know the risk factors that can affect the health of your gums. This is to prevent the said condition and stop it from getting worse.


Family dentists in Sugarhouse, Walker Pediatric Dentistry, note that high levels of stress are associated with hypertension, asthma, diabetes, as well as gum disease. Studies suggest that stress affects the body’s immune system, compromising its ability to fight infection and bacteria, which includes periodontal disease.

Smoking or Tobacco Use

Experts suggest the smoking or tobacco use can make the disease worse, as the habit causes you to have more dental plaque. This can contribute to periodontal disease. Smoking, furthermore, negatively affects the gum health, as it causes reduced oxygen in the bloodstream, slowing the healing of inflamed gums.

Systemic Diseases

Poorly managed diabetes compromises wound and infection healing (including the gums), which makes treatment of the said condition challenging. This is why gum disease treatment may help manage your diabetes. Other systemic diseases that affect your inflammatory system like rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease may also affect your gum health.

Age and Gender

As you age, your risk of developing gum disease increases. Research notes older individuals have the highest rates of developing gum disease. Women also have heightened risk because the fluctuations in hormones that can affect the gum tissues.

Certain Medications

Some drugs such as oral contraceptives, anti-depressants, and medicines for heart conditions can compromise your oral health. Talk to your dentist and physician about the medications you are taking, especially if you are experiencing gum or oral health problem.

Apart from the things mentioned above, a poor diet can also your affect immune and system and make it harder for the body to fight infection, including gum disease. It is important to improve your diet, as well as your dental hygiene. Visiting your dentist twice a year is also important for regular checkups and cleanings.