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Turning On the Relax Button: Three Ways to Relax and Recharge

A woman relaxing in a massage chairEver look at yourself in the mirror and see large dark circles around your eyes? How about feeling a little heavy waking up? You don’t have a headache, but you feel like you don’t have the energy even to take a bath.

Sometimes when we are very preoccupied with work or with household chores, we often neglect the fact that our bodies and souls also need to unwind and relax. If you are feeling all of these lately, it might be signs that you need some break.

Here are some practical and simple ways to do that.

Spending Some “Me Time”

Have you ever tried spending some time alone? Pamper yourself with a bubble bath or a refreshing milk bath. Don’t have a bathtub at home? There are portable bathtubs from providers, such as Heavenly Walk In Tubs, which you can purchase for your bathing needs.

Psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter says doing this helps you clear your mind and puts back focus on yourself.

Eat “Mood-Boosting” Foods

When one is stressed out, there’s a tendency that they would get a spoon and help themselves to a gallon of ice cream. Some would also resort to drinking alcoholic drinks or coffee. However, some of these do not cause any good to physical well-being.

Go for healthier options, instead. Indulge yourself in healthy fruits and vegetables. Nuts and whole grains can also be a good source of nutrition.

Get Enough Sleep

Want to rid of those dark circles? Sleep. Get enough rest. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute says getting enough sleep is beneficial for you mentally and physically.

It helps your brain function properly. When your mind and brain are clear, you can think properly and decide on some important life decisions.

If you want to become a better version of yourself, these three ways are not that complicated to follow.

4 Smart Things to Do Before Winter

Man checking the HVAC for winterWhile winter does not come as a surprise for anyone, many homeowners are rarely prepared for it by the time the snow starts falling. Cold temperatures can be very hazardous, and it is crucial to take steps to ensure your home is safe and warm throughout the season.

The best time to do so is weeks before temperatures start to fall. Take these smart steps to guarantee your family’s comfort.

Check your heating systems

Get a professional to inspect your heating system to make sure it is functioning properly. If the system has been giving your trouble repeatedly, now’s the time to consider furnace replacement by a reliable 24-hour HVAC company in West Valley such as

Make sure the fireplaces and chimneys are clean too. Do not forget to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Get your home winter ready

Inspect your home for holes and cracks through which heat from your house may escape and seal them. Suspect areas include window and door frames. Insulate any water lines running along your exterior walls. Check whether the gutters are clean too. Inspect the roof for any leaks and fix them.

Prepare your car

If you are going to be using your car during the winter, get it ready for the cold. Make sure you have serviced the radiator. Always maintain antifreeze levels. Replace the current tires with snow tires. Fill the fuel tank to prevent ice in the tank. Invest in a wintertime formula for your windshield washer.

Get ready for emergencies

It is likely that you will face weather-related challenges such as power outages, snowstorms and so on. Prepare for such problems early enough. For instance, stock food that does not need refrigeration or cooking.

Keep your phone fully charged at all times. Keep a first-aid kit handy. Buy extra batteries for your flashlight and radio.

Your experience during the winter will largely depend on how well-prepared you are for the season. By taking precautions early enough, you can make sure that you and your loved ones get through the period with minimal discomfort.

Utah could host another Olympics if it finds ways to reduce costs

Cost ReductionUtah’s successful bid for hosting the 2026 or 2030 Winter Games depends on the state’s cost-saving measures, including expenses for infrastructure upgrades.

Fraser Bullock, co-chair of a new exploratory committee, said that finding ways to save on costs will be important for the state’s bid. The panel aims reach to a decision by Feb. 1, 2018, on which year it seeks to serve as the venue for the two Winter Olympics, Bullock said.

Infrastructure Upgrades

The bid to host the next Winter Olympics in either 2026 or 2030 will require an estimated $39 million for infrastructure improvements in Salt Lake City, according to a state audit. One way for officials to save on expenses includes buying construction equipment online. Steel sales, for instance, are already available form some e-commerce firms like Wasatch Steel.

The city’s bid would also prioritize upgrades on certain venues that were used in 2002 Winter Games, when the state became the host, Bullock said. In addition, the plan would only require the construction of just one temporary venue, which would be used for three newly added skiing and snowboard categories.

Choosing a Year

It seems that planning a bid to host the 2030 Winter Olympics would be more ideal, since it provides the state with more time to prepare, according to Bullock. Still, the panel wants to be ready if decides to compete with other states to host the 2026 Games.

The International Olympic Committee will select the next site for the 2026 Games in 2019 and possibly for 2030 as well. The city of Innsbruck in Austria used to be the primary contender for the 2026 Games, yet voters rejected a proposal to host the event.


Officials in Utah should consider buying items from alternative yet reputable suppliers, as being cost-efficient would increase the odds of becoming the next Winter Olympics host.

Is It THAT Essential? Using Water Filters for Your Restaurant Equipment

Blue Water FilterAmong your restaurant equipment, a filter system is a vital feature, particularly with your water tank. As the owner, you might wonder why you need water processing equipment every time you buy steam equipment, commercial ice machine or coffee brewing equipment. Ashton Tucker Water Treatment shares more facts to convince you:

Filtered Water, Risk-Free Business

When running a business, you have to prioritize your customers’ needs, which mean getting them a water filter. You don’t want to end up facing a lawsuit if they get sick from unfiltered water served in your restaurant. Filters don’t only guarantee that you have great tasting and sanitary ice and water, but these also expand the lifespan of your equipment.  

The Filtering Process

The purification systems stop contaminants, including sediment, cysts, mineral deposits and scale to enter your water line and equipment. This also helps in preventing chlorine taste and odor in your beverages and ice. By obstructing these substances, you assist with water sanitation and ensure that your equipment runs smoothly at the same time.

Machines that face mineral buildup breaks down sooner and operates less efficiently, which means that you have to invest more money in repair and replacement. Not only that, you are risking your warranty by using poor quality water as the manufacturer will void it once they find out. It would be wise to spend a few hundred dollars on a filter system compared to several thousand dollars in mishaps from not using one. Make the right decision now, and you will surely thank yourself in the future.

If you want to see the outcome for yourself, try a little experiment. Take a coffee urn in your office that doesn’t use a water filter. You will most likely find a massive gunk accumulated for a year in the filterless coffee urn. Expect a buildup that is so thick, you can easily scoop it. Prevent such mess from occurring by setting up a water filter before using any of your equipment. 

The Big Roles Stainless Steel Pipes Play in Many Industries

A stack of stainless steel sheetsToday, stainless steel products play important roles in almost, if not all, industries. Almost every segment – whether in the consumer, commercial, or industrial sectors – rely on these materials for many uses and applications. And there are plenty of reasons why.

One thing to keep in mind though is that the overall quality still depends on the methods used and whether the manufacturer adds cheap or subpar materials to it. Regardless of your business niche and as long as it requires tubing and piping products, you must work only with a reputable stainless steel pipe supplier. Europress provides more information.

Properties that make stainless steel in demand

There is a lot more to stainless steel than just its beautiful, smooth finish. At its core, it possesses an impressive heat and corrosion resistance rating. Whilst this still varies, the greater the anti-corrosive characteristics of the steel, the more expensive it is. But you may still find even the more affordable ones having good corrosion resistance.

The many applications these products work really well for

There are many other good qualities of stainless steel, but the ones mentioned above are the primary reasons they are widely used in almost every sector. Its properties make it ideal for a multitude of applications, especially those involving oil and gas, chemical, brewery, automobile manufacturing, heating and air conditioning manufacturing, and fluid piping.

In environments wherein corrosion resistance and low maintenance tubing are must-have specifications, stainless steel is one of the best and most practical options.

As previously mentioned, the overall quality of stainless steel piping and tubing products still depends on a number of factors. However, remember that one of the integral considerations is the material’s compliance with the Australian Standards. As such, when making a decision, you need to make sure the products have the appropriate ISO certifications.

Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable — Here’s How

Residential air conditioner compressor units near buildingLong-term reliability is one of the qualities that concern most American homeowners about installing new HVAC systems. Aside from ensuring a healthy and comfortable home environment, a good system is energy-efficient, operates quietly, and has minimal environmental impacts.

How can homeowners perform their HVAC maintenance tasks to benefit from an optimally performing system?

Maintenance packages

Local AC repair service providers in Salt Lake offer maintenance packages designed to boost overall system performance and efficiency. Inspection, cleaning, and tune-ups consist a checklist. This includes essential components, such as the filter, condensing coils, evaporator, and compressor. All electrical connections get the attention they deserve during the inspection. Lubrication of moving parts and removal of debris from outdoor components are part of the checkup as well.

Routine maintenance tips

Preventative maintenance once or twice a year extends the life of your HVAC system. It will avoid your appliances from breaking beyond repair. Most people are familiar with filter-related issues, but many are unaware of other important aspects. For instance, the right thermostat setting goes a long way in removing undue stresses on the system. A programmable model is preferable to the mechanical type, which you can upgrade for a reasonable cost. Another important component to inspect is the fan on top of the condenser unit. Get it checked to see if it already has hairline cracks. This part is located outside and does not always get the attention it deserves.

When it comes to external components, the efficiency of the entire system also rests on the airflow of the air condenser unit. Debris of any kind lessens the capacity of the system due to airflow resistance. Units found outside must be inspected periodically and cleaned to achieve the highest level of performance.

You may want to consider availing the benefits of a membership package offered by the best HVAC contractor and repair crew in your locality. Who doesn’t want to stay cool and comfortable for the rest of the year?

Pallet Racking System: 5 Types to Choose From

A warehouse storageOne of the best ways to maximize your space is to go up. This, along with the use of pallets for the easy transportation of goods, is the best combination any warehouse could have.

This is why various types of racking systems were invented and are currently used by different business to make their warehouses more conducive. There is no cookie cutter way to know which type of pallet racking system works for you. Thus, it is important to know the different kinds to be able to choose the one that works best for your storage system.

1. Selective

selective pallet racking system is what you mostly see in stores. Goods are placed on a shelf that is easily accessible from the aisle. Selective racking has beams that act as support for the pallets.

2. Drive in / Drive through

This type of racking system allows high-density storage. Due to this, the structure is often made of durable metal and has a space to allow forklifts to access the bay.

3. Pallet flow rack

If you are looking to employ the first in, first out (FIFO) system on your goods, then this type of storage is the best for you. Flow racks have a rotating lever that allows products to line up and get accessed to depending on when it was stored in the system. It can be considered one of the most efficient racking system but is also one of the costliest.

4. Pushback

This system can be seen as the opposite of the pallet flow back in terms of usage. Push back system works best with the last in, first out (LIFO) because bulk boxes that were first pushed in will be stored in the back and will be accessed last. This method is suitable for non-perishable goods that have low turnover.

5. Cantilever

Long products like timber, pipes, and rods are stored via the cantilever system. Cantilever racks do not have front columns making it easier for you to access your goods and at the same time increasing your storage space.

Take your pick from these pallet storage systems and see how it can make your warehouse all the more functional.

4 Tips for Buying Your First Car

A car lot for used carsA person’s first car holds a special place in one’s heart for many reasons. For one, having your own vehicle is a big investment to make, which means that you have to save a lot of money before you can get your hands on one. If you are planning to buy a car for the first time soon, the following are things you might want to consider:

Go for a used car

A pre-owned car presents a lot of advantages over a brand new one. It costs much less, and the depreciation is slowed down as the car has already been used before. The great thing about pre-owned cars in Bradenton, which you can buy from car dealers like SRQ Auto LLC, is the fact that they still work well even after years of usage.

Know whether it fits your transportation needs

Before you buy a car, you have to consider first whether you really need it. If your house is a bit far from your workplace, that may be a perfect situation to have a car. However, if the places you always go to are not exactly that far, you may want to think about using public transportation or walking instead.

Do research

It helps to know what car model and which manufacturer you want. It would be better if you research these details ahead of time.

Get preapproved for a car loan

Having a preapproved car loan shortens the entire process and improves your chances of getting the car of your dreams.

The first car that you will ever have will hold a sentimental value for you. So, if you are planning to buy one for the first time, you may as well have a good car that you will remember forever.

The Two Common Causes of Back Pain You Need to Know

a woman suffering from back painMaintaining an ideal body posture is important, as it affects a person physically, emotionally, and mentally. This has been proven when a 17-year-old from Australia injured his back and had to deal with back pain, numbness in his legs and feet, and depression.

A back adjustment has helped the boy walk upright again and regain feeling in his legs and feet. and other experts explain that in many cases, South Jordan residents can also improve their quality of life by resolving back issues that are brought about by the following:

Improper Sitting Desk Height

Many argue that the time for sitting desks are over. More people are turning to standing desks because they apparently help with posture as opposed to sitting desks that only worsen one’s back alignment. Have you tried adjusting your seat first, though? The problem with most desks, according to research, is that they are designed to fit a person with a height of 6’4“. This means sitting desks are too high for 95% of the population.

Choosing the right height for your desk, positioning your keyboard on your lap, and resting your weight on the small of your back all help with your back alignment. Taking short, but frequent breaks from your sitting position also prove to help in productivity.


Sometimes it is not your habit that causes back pain or misalignment. It can be an accident that does this for you. If this is the case, you may need to visit a chiropractor to get treatment for back pain or sessions for back adjustment.

An accident may not immediately show that you have gotten back problems as a result. In the succeeding weeks, if you notice pain that does not seem to go away or if you feel discomfort when you move to a certain position, it’s worth a check-up. Relying on pain medication only addresses the symptom — the pain — and not the issue itself.

The alignment of your spine may improve or worsen your quality of life. Don’t wait until it’s too late to visit a chiropractor.

Long-Term Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

facelift, beauty treatment of the young beautiful female face, doctor's hand in gloves touch face of beautiful young woman isolated on whiteAesthetic surgery is popular for its instant results. Those who would want to get that youthful glow, get rid of fine lines or a rhinoplasty can do so and see the results almost instantly. But not many are aware that aesthetic surgery can be more beneficial in the long term compared to non-invasive procedures. Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills presents some lesser known benefits of plastic surgery.

Psychological Benefits

We all know that physical appearance plays a huge part in a person’s self-confidence. If you’re happy with how you look, it affects your self-esteem. Recent studies show that plastic surgery contributes to an individual’s psychological health.

Research also shows that people who have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery have achieved their goals in terms of aesthetic improvement and are still happy about the choice they made three to 12 months ago.

Customized Techniques

Modern facelift at reputable clinics focuses on surgeons who use techniques that will better suit their client’s needs. This makes the process more convenient for the individual, giving them peace of mind knowing they have a say in the procedure.

This is one of the benefits of choosing a good clinic with a solid experience. So make sure to talk to your doctor in Beverly Hills if you want to receive Kybella, Juvederm, or some other options that will suit you.

Correct Skin Droopiness

Some concerns can only be addressed by plastic surgery; one of this is skin droopiness or sagging. There may be creams or lotions out there that promise to lessen skin’s looseness, but the only effective method of eliminating it is cosmetic surgery. The same goes for droopiness in the eyelids.

Advancements in cosmetic surgery have made it beneficial to patients throughout the years, and the results are long-term. If you are deciding whether to have surgery done, it’s always best to consult a doctor to know more about your options.