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Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For Business Loans

Businessman Pressing Business Loan Button

Businessman Pressing Business Loan ButtonYou may want to open up branch outlets, boost your current venture or start up a different type of business. For you to achieve all these, you require funds. But, unless you have other income generating ventures, you can never accomplish such projects. If you are in such a predicament, you could consider applying for a business loan. These loans come with many benefits, but you need to be careful and plan your business expansion thoroughly.

However, applying for a business loan can be a challenge, and a small mistake in your application can result in the denial of your application you the funds. Below are some of the common mistakes when applying for a business expansion loan.

Applying for the wrong type of loan

As a business owner, you must not only focus on capital that you need but also the loan type. When applying for a salon business loan, whether it is a business expansion loan, or start-up loan, it’s essential that you choose the one that suits your business needs. Loan types differ in terms of packages, repayment periods and interest rates. So, the best way to go is to match the loan application with your financial needs.

Late loan application

Don’t wait until you are desperate for a loan. Seek remedy while the situation is in its early phases. Start your application as soon as trouble strikes your business. A late application may land you into exploitative offers such as high-interest rates. Unfavorable terms may become part of a loan and can have a negative impact on your business.

Signing before reading the loan terms

Sometimes the nature of your financial crisis can compel you into making rushed decisions. Trouble may hit your business so suddenly and force you to run for a quick remedy. However, this may land you in deeper trouble. You ought to take time and read the conditions and terms. Ask for a detailed explanation and review the terms and conditions of the lender many times for a better understanding.

Lack of a business plan, not being apparent in the use of the funds and restructuring your business to suit a particular loan application are also big mistakes that you must know. Business loans can help any entrepreneur, and when handled with great care, they can help any business expand and increase their profits.

Top 3 Features That Make Walk-in Tubs Perfect for the Elderly

elderly woman in a tub

elderly woman in a tubPeople with joint and mobility issues experience difficulties in their everyday lives. Taking a bath, for instance, is oftentimes inconvenient and challenging. Good thing, there are tubs designed for their unique needs.

Walk-in tubs provide the elderly and people with disabilities a convenient and comfortable bathing experience a regular tub cannot provide. Walk-in tubs for the elderly have different features to make things easier and safer. Here are some of their top features:


Walk-in tubs have a door that opens and closes, located on either the side or front of the bathtub. This feature allows the user to get in and out easily and safely. In traditional tubs, you have to lift your legs, which is potentially challenging and dangerous for elders and people with mobility concerns.

Tubs with doors that open inward are watertight. For users who need to move into the tub from a wheelchair, an outward-opening door is the better option. Note, however, this type requires additional space in the bathroom.

Added Depth

Water in traditional standard tubs has an average depth of one foot, whereas walk-in tubs are about 2.5 feet deep. This added depth allows for elders to relax as they soak in the tub. The spa-like experience offered by the tub may even help ease joint and muscle discomfort. Remember that the user’s unique comfort needs are to be considered when choosing a tub.

Shower Features

Tubs have built-in shower seats that are around 17 inches tall. The seat has a textured non-slip surface for the user’s safety. Many units also have handheld showerheads for a more convenient bathing. Others feature an adjustable raised showerhead.

Many advanced walk-in tubs have various features for added comfort. Some include hydrotherapy, aerotherapy, in-line heaters, and even bubble jets.

Manufacturers and retailers offer tubs of different features, so it is wise to compare your options before buying a unit. Explore the market for different brands, models, and features to find the perfect choice.

What’s the Best Type of Concealer for You?

Make UpWith the variety of options being presented to you, getting the right shade and type of concealer can be a real struggle. That’s why to help your way through when it comes to finding the right one for you, here’s a quick lesson on the different types of concealer that you have to know.

Liquid Concealer

According to, liquid is the most common type of concealer in the market. It works perfectly well on almost all skin types — just save for dry skin. It offers both full and light coverage and can last throughout the day.

It can cover up blemishes, from spots and acne scars all the way to dark circles. Another reason it is fairly popular among beauty enthusiasts is it has the most natural-looking coverage.

Stick Concealer

This concealer is recommended for hiding the dark circles around the eyes and discoloration of the skin around the nose and mouth. A stick concealer is the best option for people who have dry or sensitive skin.

Its application is pretty straightforward. You just have to trace it on the area you’d like to cover up, and then blend it in until you fully conceal everything. In case you’re wondering, it often comes in lipstick-like packaging, only bigger.

Cream Concealer

As compared with liquid and stick concealers, the cream concealer has a thicker consistency. Beauty experts recommend this to people who have dry and combination skin as it provides complete moisture on the skin.

For this luminizing concealer, it is best to use a brush or applicator to blend it in perfectly. One quick tip for this one to enjoy a longer staying power, you must never forget to set it with a loose powder before application.

Let your concealer work its wonder on your skin by knowing which type you should go for. Take time to understand the options and the proper way of applying this makeup. This alone could improve and do great things on your regular makeup regimen.

Study Ranks Marlborough As the Most Litter-Free Place in New Zealand

Vineyards in MarlboroughMarlborough District Council’s anti-littering efforts include a trash bin every 20 metres in Blenheim town, which partly led it to become the most litter-free place in New Zealand for 2018.

A National Litter County Study showed that Marlborough has the fewest items of litter found for every surveyed 1,000 square metres. The national average comprised 30.5 items, which includes beverage bottles, food packaging, and cigarette butts among the common pieces of litter.

Collective Effort

Despite the presence of many trash bins across Blenheim, district council officials said that litter in the central business district stayed the same since 2015. It only showed that the public’s participation is important in reducing solid waste on streets and roads.

Blenheim’s litter count even increased when compared with the past three years, something that confused local authorities.

While its litter count reached around 15 items per 1,000 square metres, the figure remains below the national average. However, that might not include solid waste products, such as containers of motor oil and other lubricants.

Petroleum Recycling

In terms of recycling, waste oil containers are among the best choices when dealing with used crude oil and other petrol-based liquids. Recycling containers of motor oil and lubricants are a different story, which led the lubricant industry to find a solution for millions of discarded packages.

The Waste Lubricant Container Product Stewardship Scheme will be a key part of closing the gap on recycling waste products. It would be beneficial for reducing landfill waste, where around 7 million containers are from lubricant and grease items alone.

If your business uses a lot of motor oil every year, you can do your part of reducing waste by seeking help from recycling specialists.

Keeping streets free from litter is the first step in reducing the volume of waste sent to landfills. For other specialised forms of recycling, it’s better to find an expert, especially when it involves toxic materials.

What Women Should Know About Today’s Pregnancy

a pregnant womanYour mother might know all the hacks to managing food cravings and food aversions during pregnancy, and those will be useful now as they had been back then. What your mother might not know is that today, science has uncovered a lot more about pregnancy than what experience can reveal.

If you’re expecting or planning for a baby, take note of the following:

Infertility Is Not a Barrier to Motherhood Anymore

Is it impossible to fulfill your dream of being a mother if you’re infertile? With advancements in science, it’s not. You can have the embryo implanted. Traditional surrogacy means your donor egg will be fertilized and implanted into your uterus for you to carry it to full term. A pregnancy doctor in Provo might also mention another option, which is to find a surrogate to carry the baby for you and your partner.

Caffeine Intake May Affect Child Obesity

Coffee is touted to contain healthy antioxidants, and it is pretty much a staple in most people’s lives. However, you might want to moderate consumption of coffee during pregnancy, as a study reveals it may increase the chance of childhood obesity. Though more research should be done on the matter, it won’t hurt to protect your child from this future problem. Note that aside from coffee, you’ll also want to avoid alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

You May Get an Unscheduled Period

It’s called spotting, and it will be followed by a missed period, which will probably be the point that gets you thinking you are pregnant. Though spotting is normal, not all pregnant women will experience it. Spotting will not be as heavy as your regular period, but it may also last a couple of days.

For many women, pregnancy is a dream. If you’re ready to make this a reality, talk to your doctor and watch out for the signs.

How Well Do You Know Pipe Fittings?

water pipes under the sinkIt is apparent that you need pipes to transport fluids. However, there are various factors to consider when choosing the right pipes. Principal among these are the fluids you are moving, the distance you plan to cover and your budget.
While straight pipes are the most common pipes in most applications, they may not prove useful in others, such as when you need connections between two pipes or in cases where you need to redirect the flow of your fluid. Nonetheless, you will find electrofusion pipe fittings to be most useful, especially when you need tight seals between joints.

Acu-Tech Piping Systems outlines the three most common types of pipe fittings.


These pipe fittings get their name from their shape, as they resemble letter T. Each has two outlets that connect to a single pipe at 90 electrical degrees. Tees are useful in splitting one pipe’s flow into two. Reversing their typical application means you can likewise combine two different inlets’ flow into one.


Every plumbing system is an intricate maze of pipes that change direction to lead the fluids from one end to another. That often requires you to use elbows. These help in creating a perfect connection between two intersecting straight pipes. These pipes, however, need to be intersecting at an angle since most elbow joiners in the market are of either 45 or 90 degrees.


Not all the applications involve pipes of the same diameters. If you are dealing with two of varying radii and your application requires you to create a connection in between, couplings are the fittings you should use. They likewise serve as reducers and adapters, but proper pipe preparation is critical to reducing the chances of coupling failure.

Elbows, tees and couplings are some electrofusion pipe fittings you can get from your pipes supplier for your piping applications. A proper understanding of each will help you make a better decision on the most appropriate ones to buy.

How to De-Winterize Your Bass Tracker Boat for Summer Action

a man driving a boatNow that it’s summer, you could now pull out your bass tracker boat from storage. But boats that hibernate during wintertime are prone to collecting debris and dirt, rust, and all sorts of issues that come with being unused for some time.

So before hauling your fishing gear and sailing away, you need first to make sure that your bass tracker boat is in tiptop condition and properly de-winterized. Here’s how.

Inspect and Thoroughly Clean The Interior and Hull

After removing your bass tracker boat cover, check the hull to ensure that it’s free from dents or cracks. Once you’re done inspecting the hull, get a power washer or hose to clean dirt buildup and then wax your boat’s exterior. Safeguard all vinyl and plastic finishes with a UV protectant and spray WD-40 liberally on metal surfaces and the motor.

Check The Battery

Get a battery tester to ensure that your battery is charged. If it is and it looks fine as you last stored it, check if there’s any corrosion and clean it. If it isn’t charged, charge it overnight to ensure that it’s fully charged before installing it.

Inspect The Engine and Make Repairs As Needed

Examine the spark plugs to see if they’re still fine, otherwise, replace them. Consider keeping a spare in your boat as well as a backup. Check the fuel to ensure that the cold winter weather didn’t crack it. Change your fuel filter as wells to help extend the service life of the motor. Likewise, change the motor oil, check the power steering, antifreeze, and the gear case oil. Inspect exposed fuel parts to ensure that there are no rotting parts.

Check Onboard Safety Equipment

Inspect your life jackets to see if they’re free of tears or holes. Check your first aid kit to see if anything needs replacing, particularly the medicines. Likewise, make sure that your fire extinguisher is working perfectly.

Keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to protect and maintain your bass tracker boat. Otherwise, you risk having things breaking down on you, which could lead to a messy and costly situation than if you’d taken the time to inspect and ensure that everything’s fine in the first place. So follow the de-winterizing tips mentioned above to ensure that your boat is fully prepared for action all summer long.

SEO 101: Guide to Improving Your SEO Campaigns

Woman Working on SEO on Computer

Woman Working on SEO on ComputerWhile SEO can take your business to the next level, you need to ensure that your campaigns are running smoothly. Search engines can be tricky. You need to keep up with the latest updates to maintain or boost your site rankings.

To point you in the right direction, consider the guidelines below.

Structured Data and Schema Markup

This method is one of the essential keys to the success of your SEO campaigns. SEO Werkz and other SEO providers in Utah are following this structure to optimize their clients’ websites. You can categorize this into three groups: text, markup, and structured data.

The text refers to the content of the website. Be sure to update and publish original content. In addition, they should be informative and well-written. Using relevant and high ranking keywords also plays a vital role in optimizing a website.

The markup refers to the layout of the website. The key here is to make it responsive and user-friendly. It should be convenient for your site visitors. As much as possible, make it simple and avoid using too heavy graphics or videos. Keep in mind that your prospective clients are more interested in your products and services.

Finally, structured data refers to your strategy for making your website visible to search engines.

SEO Responsiveness

There is no exact SEO strategy or method that can guarantee site traffic. Don’t be deceived with SEO companies committing for initial results when you hire them. It takes time to improve your website’s rankings. The best thing you can do is monitor your website’s progress using different tools, such as Google Analytics. This can help you make the necessary adjustments to your methods.

Link Building

Gone are the days when you can easily build multiple links. Google and other prominent search engines can now detect and flag spam and suspicious links. It’s quality over quantity these days.

How to Protect Your Pontoon Boat for Winter Hibernation

Pontoon Boat tied on the docksCome summertime’s end; it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to make sure that your pontoon boat is safeguarded from freezing temperatures, snow, and moisture while it’s hibernating. You could hire someone to winterize your pontoon boat for safe storage if you don’t want the hassle of doing it yourself.

But if you’re a DIY-er, below are practical tips for winterizing your pontoon boat and keeping it safe during wintertime:

  • Remove all accessories, fishing equipment, and water equipment to prevent the buildup of moisture.
  • Thoroughly clean your pontoon boat. Apply rust and mildew protection and make sure that your boat is dry before covering it.
  • Whether you’re storing your pontoon boat outdoors or indoors, shrink-wrap it first before covering it to keep out moisture. This would likewise help keep the cover from sagging due to the weight of snow or rain. If you’re storing your boat outside, opt for custom pontoon boat covers from WALK-WINN to make sure that every inch of your boat is covered and that it’s durable enough to not buck under the weight of heavy snowfall, rain, or melted snow.
  • Fill the boat’s gas tank to the ¾ mark.
  • Spray fogging oil into the holes of spark plugs and the carburetor.
  • Apply rodent and insect repellent on the cover to prevent insects and rodents from chewing on it.
  • Replace old and dirty air filters.
  • Charge the battery fully, remove it from your boat, and keep it someplace cool.
  • Drain the coolant from the engine and replace it with non-toxic antifreeze with a propylene glycol base.
  • If you use your boat year-round, invest in a durable boatlift and enclosure to make sure that it’s always protected against rain and strong winds.

Safeguarding your pontoon boat from winter weather would help ensure a smooth and hassle-free launch come springtime. Most importantly, keeping your pontoon boat in tiptop shape is a crucial part of safeguarding your investment, extending its service life, and saving money in the long term.

4 Ways to Keep your Teeth Bright after a Whitening Procedure

Couple brushing teeth

Couple brushing teethA lot of people are conscious about their smile. Evenly colored and bright teeth improve the quality of a smile and also boost your confidence. With emerging dental technology, whitening of teeth is as easy as visiting your favorite dentist in Meridian. While the process is easy and quick, you will need to be more vigilant to maintain the resulting brightness. How long you can enjoy the results depends on how well you treat your teeth to avoid discoloration after the whitening procedure.

Here are some tips to guide you on this.

1. Stay Away from Staining Beverages and foods

Some of your favorite foods and beverages may be your undoing. They will reverse the greatness achieved from the process by discoloring your teeth. Grapes, blueberries, wine, tea, energy drinks, soda, tomato sauce, and coffee staining are quite common. Rich colored berries and hard candy are also bad for your teeth, and you should stay away from them and any other highly pigmented items.

2. Use a Straw

If you can’t stay away from staining beverages, always use a straw. This will prevent whatever you are drinking from getting into contact with your teeth and thus minimize the likelihood of staining. Use straw for your teas, coffee, and soft drinks.

3. Quit Smoking

Tobacco contains tar and nicotine which permeate pores found on the enamel. With time, this builds up and reacts with oxygen resulting in yellow or brown staining of the teeth. Whitening helps to restore teeth to their luminous state following discoloration caused by tobacco smoking. If you continue smoking, the stains will reappear. Quit to enjoy your sparkling teeth and also eliminate associated health risks.

4. Appropriate Dental Hygiene

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth often using an antibacterial mouthwash are all essential. They help in fighting buildup. As a result, the chances of getting plaque and tartar on the teeth are minimized. This will prevent your teeth from staining. Brush your teeth gently and avoid using abrasive products as they are too harsh for the enamel.