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Couple Clash: 3 Fights You’ll Have with Your Partner When Buying a Home

couple arguing

First comes love, then marriage. After that comes not the baby in a carriage, but actually the house. Sorry to burst your bubble, but indeed, a lot of couples decide to buy a house first before growing their family, knowing full well that the former is more stressful than the latter.

In fact, it’s so stressful that it’s the root of the nastiest fights for newlyweds. You would surely thank yourselves delaying the decision to have a baby because you’re going to need all the energy you can get in addressing these common fights, which you’d likely run into when buying a home with a partner:

Where to buy

Location matters in real estate. Whittlesea and other VIC property agents advise considering the type of neighbourhood, as it will dictate a lot of things — from convenience and safety to prices. For couples who have unique and individual goals, the location is usually the reason behind arguments when buying a house.

Your partner may be thinking of moving into a community near a school, as part of preparing for the kids. But you, on the other hand, are uneasy about houses close to campuses since they’re relatively more expensive than the others. The way to address this is to agree on your order of priorities. Which is more important to you both? The convenience of sending kids to a nearby school or a cheaper buying price? Before seeing houses, priorities should already be clear to you.

When to stop house hunting

couple looking for home

It’s often a struggle to know when to stop looking for properties. Your partner may think that you already found ‘the one’, while you believe that there could be another one better than the houses you saw.

The rule of thumb when buying is you don’t look for your dream property. Instead, you go for the good-enough home, and that home is the one that ticks the non-negotiables on your list. When you land on one, stop looking further. As the more you see houses, the more you’d be vulnerable to analysis paralysis: not being able to decide because there are too many good options. The principle is to agree on the essentials you want to see in the house and when you find a property that has them, go settle.

How much to offer

Usually, one partner wants to make an aggressive offer to secure the house fast, while the other spouse keeps negotiating with the agent for a better price. Often, the couple ends up either losing a good house or paying much for a house they don’t want that much.

To avoid financial troubles, create a budget even before going house hunting. Determine the range of how much you’re willing to pay for the home, based on your monthly income and other assets. Note that you’re not only paying for your mortgage, but also for the maintenance of the house — water, electricity, repairs, etc. When kids come later, you’d encounter additional costs for sure.

It’s true that couples get into the worst fights when buying a home. By preparing well for this new milestone in your relationship, you can avoid such arguments altogether. When you do find yourself fighting, remember what’s most important: your partner always, over the dream home.

Avoid Jail at all Costs

jail hallSpending weeks, months, or years in jail can be disastrous, especially if you’re not guilty. State prisons in Utah, as well as the rest of the nation, are filled with inmates that have yet to be found guilty of a crime. Thoughts of being exonerated when the trial commences can be noble, but avoiding incarceration is ideal.

Posting Bail Is Always the Best Option

You can avoid spending even 24 hours in jail by posting bail or using the services of bail guarantors such as Beehive Bail Bonds. Utah is one of the strictest states when it comes to petty crimes and drug-related violations, but first-time offenders are usually given lower bond amounts. Minor violations will often amount to misdemeanors that require minimal to no jail time, but the waiting for the trial to start and its length can count for a long time spent in jail. Posting bail is always the best option as spending days in prison is both dangerous and traumatic.

Cooperate but Stay Silent

If the police approach you for whatever reason, do your best to cooperate. Police are required to have body cams, so the incidence of abuse is minimal, especially if you cooperate. Do not raise your voice, appear belligerent, or attempt to touch the arresting officer. These actions can bring about more charges or affect the setting of your bail bond. Be cooperative but stay silent and ask for a lawyer. No matter how friendly the cops are or how intimidating they get, do not talk without your lawyer present. Agreeing to plea deals can cut your time in jail, which lets you go back to providing for your family sooner. However, these pleas have repercussions that will affect the rest of your life. Some minorities opt for plea deals—even if they’re innocent— to avoid lengthy trials and partly because of their lack of faith in the judicial system.

Prison Life


Getting locked behind bars can change a person. Prisons are teeming with different gangs, leaving individual inmates with little choice but to join or face daily harassment and violence. People brought in for substance abuse can face dangerous withdrawal symptoms, relying on only the prison staff for medical help. Incidents of suicide and self-harm are almost unpreventable, and inmates with mental problems  are undetected or left untreated. Incarceration can also threaten your livelihood, the security of your family, your housing, and even your relations with your friends and family. Being incarcerated comes with a stigma that won’t be removed even if you are eventually found innocent.

Substance Abuse and the Prison System

The majority of all inmates are held for drug-related crimes and substance abuse and related violations. These individuals are better treated in rehabilitation facilities, and being incarcerated is proven to do more harm than good. As long as the laws aren’t changed, addiction will continue to be treated as a crime and not a health problem or affliction. Substance abuse can incur stiff penalties in certain states, so it’s best to force loved ones into rehabilitation facilities rather than wait for the state to lock them up.

The prison system will change you, and it’s usually for the worst. Do everything that you can to stay away from illegal activities and always use the services of bail guarantors when you are charged with any offense. Even a short stint in jail can have serious repercussions, so do all that you can to avoid getting locked up.

3 American Films That Oversimplified Mental Health (And One That Got It Right)

woman consulting a ladyh with depressionWith influential names and a vast following, Hollywood is no doubt one of the greatest influencers in society. Today, with the advent of globalization, Hollywood has become embedded in most of the cultures in the world. Without question, it has shaped the views and opinions of many about social issues.

For years, mental illness has been a subject of many American films, with Hollywood classics like Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver (1976) and Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) topping the bill of psychological thrillers. Today, mental health issues are still present in movies and TV shows. But whether they depict these issues correctly or not is the question. Find out in these four popular films about mental illness.

To the Bone (Marti Noxon, 2017)

To the Bone is an original Netflix film about Ellen, a patient suffering from anorexia nervosa. Together with a handful of other patients struggling with eating disorders, Ellen enrolled in an anorexia treatment center.

To the Bone has a good intention: to raise awareness about an otherwise underrepresented mental condition. But, the way it did so may be questionable. It mainly credited Ellen’s eating disorder to her dysfunctional family. This is clearly inaccurate, as multiple factors cause eating disorders, including societal pressures.

The movie also lacks diversity, creating the impression that only white, privileged women suffer the condition. There was only one male patient in the show, and even his story of recovery was not discussed enough.

The film is more than just an irresponsible portrayal of the disorder: it can trigger recovering anorexics, with its detailed depiction of calorie-counting, laxative-consuming, and food-refusal behaviors. On top of that, the producers decided to cast Lily Collins, a former anorexic who had to lose weight for the role.

13 Reasons Why (Netflix, 2017 to present)

Perhaps it was Shakespeare who first romanticized suicide. But in the 21st century – with all the suicide awareness campaigns going on – self-inflicted harm is still being glamorized. A very recent and well-known example is the Netflix Original series 13 Reasons Why, adapted from a novel of the same name. The show implied that suicide is caused by one thing. In the case of the protagonist (Hannah Baker), high school bullying led to the act.


Based on the experiences of diagnosed patients with mental illnesses, many factors could make a person suicidal. Arguably, the most problematic thing about the series is its graphic and traumatizing portrayal of an act of suicide. The show did little to highlight suicide prevention. Instead, it presented suicide as an effective tool for revenge, a dangerous idea to plant on the minds of vulnerable viewers.

Shutter Island (Martin Scorsese, 2010)

Scorsese’s Taxi Driver had a good take on social isolation and loneliness. However, his job on Shutter Island in 2010 did not follow suit. To keep this section free of spoilers, let’s limit the discussion to the problematic points of the film. First, it has a stereotypical representation of people struggling with psychosis. Patients in the asylum are either dangerous, childlike, or unable to fend for themselves.

Second, while it is successful in presenting mental condition treatment options in the ‘50s and delusional disorder, Shutter Island has a heavy-handed treatment of an already very complicated mental health issue. The madman-plot was too complex, too intense. Its ambiguous ending left many viewers confused.  It did inspire a case study, though.

Inside Out (Pete Docter, 2015)

As it turns out, films don’t need to cast the biggest names in Hollywood or use gray clouds and dramatic color grading to be effective in telling stories about mental health. Hollywood films only need to be accurate, as is the case of Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out. With her family’s recent move, Riley initially showed symptoms of adjustment disorder with a depressed mood. The film showed that depression does not discriminate and can happen to anyone over a short period.

At a crucial point in the film, the ‘Headquarters’ turned gray, an illustration of what might have been a symptom of major depressive disorder – Riley was burnt out. It could also be a picture of the numbness that she started to experience, as a result of repressing sadness and forcing joy. In the end, the film tells its audience, especially the young ones, that at some point in their lives, they may feel sad, which is different from clinical depression.

Hollywood films should be more than just a visual feast, nor a springboard for many pop culture-based anecdotes. This is why to present mental health in big or silver screens, it’s crucial to consult psychology professionals. And while it’s important to represent these conditions in a creative and engaging picture, Hollywood should tread carefully so as not to romanticize or oversimplify the issues that some people struggle with every day.

Some Common Dentistry Offerings Explored

dental serviceWhen people look at the services offered by the dentist in Harley Street, they are likely to see a range of cosmetic procedures, tooth replacement options and even facial aesthetics possibilities. While these are excellent and exciting treatments, the fundamentals are still key to most patients. These cover the everyday experience of dentistry at different times.

People want to see a dentist in Harley Street who offers preventive measures to stop issues developing. This is easy, faster and usually cheaper than tackling any problems at a later stage. A practice like Harley Street Dental Clinic will offer a range of basic services to their patients to aid with general tooth care. These are offered alongside skilled advice and support.

Dental hygiene

The primary focus of any dentist in Harley Street is dental hygiene. This is what can prevent many issues from occurring in the first place. This might mean guidance on at-home care or regular cleaning to remove hardened tartar which can lead to gum disease.

Bad breath

Bad breath can be a sign of an underlying dental or health condition. The dentist can confirm or rule out any oral causes for the patient’s peace of mind or for treatment recommendations. Bad breath is a common symptom of gum disease, so a swift diagnosis of this condition can support a larger treatment plan for healthy teeth.

Gum treatment

Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss and most adults will have it at some point in their lives. A dentist in Harley Street will always be checking for signs of gum disease and taking steps to prevent its development as well as repairing any damage caused by the later stages.

Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth can restrict people’s ability to chew and eat the foods that they want. This can lead to problems socialising or just a general feeling of malaise about the teeth. At-home remedies can be assistive but there is no substitute for the help and support that a skilled professional can offer someone with sensitive teeth.


The teeth can be affected by the change in body chemistry that occurs during pregnancy. The support of a dentist becomes even more important than usual at this time.

3 Ways to Teach Your Child How to Be Responsible for the Environment

Little girl holding a heart-shaped mapChildren are the future of our world, mainly because they will inherit whatever we leave behind. It will be up to them to nurture what they have. Some parents say that their children will one day make the world a better place. However, for that to come true, they have to play their part in teaching kids significant life lessons. One of the topics that you should introduce is proper care and taking responsibility for the environment. The following are a few starters that you can use:

The 3 R’s

The three words have always been a staple of slogans: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. You can teach your children about what they mean using simple examples you can find within the house. Make it a habit to turn off and unplug appliances you do not use to show an example of how to reduce.

For reusing, you can encourage them to store toys and clothes in previously-used large cardboard boxes. Recycling can be taught by showing them how to separate materials and bring them to facilities, such as metal or plastic recycling companies. Keep in mind that it is best to teach them by example and demonstrate what you want them to follow instead of just telling them what to do.

Old and used plastic for recycling

Alternative Cleaning Agents

Whenever you buy cleaning products like soap or other chemicals used for house maintenance, you will always see the warning in the label that says, ‘Keep out the reach of children.’ This warning is not just a sign that you should not let your kids get near them and that you should avoid using them as much as possible. It should also let you know that they are not good for the environment either.

Fortunately, eco-friendly cleaning agents are readily available for purchase in stores. If you are in the do-it-yourself mood, videos that show you how to use everyday objects and materials to help you maintain a clean and healthy household can be viewed on the Internet. Making and using these alternatives can become a learning activity with your children.

Use Less to Save More

Kids can become wasteful when it comes to using the utilities around the house. Although it is not entirely their fault, you as a parent are responsible for letting them know that these resources are being paid for and meant to be used in moderation.

Proper management of the water supply can be taught by showing them how to use the shower and sink correctly without wasting too much water. You can encourage them to save on electricity by creating alternatives to video games that lean more on physical or mental development. It not only helps with your bills, but also keeps them healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

As a parent, you would want your kids to appreciate and realise the importance of the environment and how it will benefit them as their life progresses. The next generation is our hope for tomorrow, so even at an early age, our children should be well-acquainted with our natural resources and how to properly care for it. After all, they will grow into adults and the fate of the Earth will be in their hands.

8 Crucial Matters to Consider When Buying a Greenhouse

Woman trimming plants in the greenhouseIf you want to enjoy tropical fruits, vegetables, and flowers throughout the year, you need a greenhouse. With a greenhouse, you do not have to worry about changes in seasons like winter. If you are looking for a polycarbonate greenhouse for sale, you need to consider the following factors before purchasing it:

1. Environment

The types of plants you are dealing with matter when you want to install a greenhouse. If you plan to grow orchids, you need something that will support various hanging plants. As for tomatoes, the greenhouse should be more energy-efficient with a heater and lights.

2. Internal and external temperature

Find out the amount of warmth that your plants need inside the greenhouse. You may be obliged to install extra hardware to maintain the desired internal temperature. You can power your greenhouse with electricity, gas, or propane to achieve certain amounts of heat at night. The external temperature depends on the climate of the place you live in. You may need a free-standing greenhouse so that you can control its temperature.

3. Location of the greenhouse

Where are you planning to put the structure? Consider putting it in a convenient place where you can reach it. Make sure that it also gets enough exposure from the sun. You can try a south-easterly exposure.

4. Size of the greenhouse

A good greenhouse should be large since plants always grow and should have enough space. Ensure that the height is adequate for tall and climbing plants. Seek the help of an expert if you are not sure about the size of your greenhouse.

5. Stability

Do you need a permanent greenhouse or a portable one? You can determine this depending on the climate of the area you live in. If the area experiences severe storms, you can install a temporary structure that you can store in a safe place until the storm is over. You can also establish a strong permanent structure that can withstand all harsh conditions.

6. Type of glazing material

Woman gardening in a greenhouseTraditional greenhouses used to use glass material. However, there are other materials such as plastic and wood. Glass tends to be more durable, economical, and attractive. If you need safety glazing, you can use twin-wall polycarbonate for the roof. If you need a short-term greenhouse, you can opt for plastic. You can also use aluminium if you are looking for something to last long. However, aluminium is not environmentally friendly. You can also opt for wood because it is more heat-efficient and renewable.

7. Cost

What is your budget? Some types of greenhouses can be expensive, especially if you want a permanent structure. If you plan to build a freestanding greenhouse, you will need to invest more in heating and electricity.

8. Insulation properties

You can look for a greenhouse that retains enough heat. A greenhouse with glass or plastic sheeting tends to keep much heat. Polycarbonate panels with twin walls might be the best choice as they are virtually indestructible.

A greenhouse is crucial as it helps you protect your fruits and flowers all season despite the climatic conditions surrounding you. Keep the above tips in mind to make a perfect choice.

Five Tips for Effective Warehouse Pallet Racking

rows of pallet racksMaterial handling in warehouses is a critical operation. Without the proper management of materials and products, reception and delivery issues could emerge and hamper business activities. One principal aspect of storage management is warehouse pallet racking. It is a storage system that is cheap and safe. To guarantee an effective pallet racking system, follow the tips below:

1. Decide early on what type of racking system fits

When using pallet racking, you must understand your needs for storage. There are types of racking systems that can suit your kinds of loads, such as drive-in racking for high-density loads or selective pallet racking for large loads of different quantities.

2. Know the load capacity of the racks

Knowing the weight limits can save you from trouble. Exceeding the load limits lead to a collapse that can impede operations and even harm staff. Heavier loads should also be at the bottom. Make sure that the racks can carry them as well.

3. Ensure that the weight is distributed evenly

pallet racks

Loads need to be balanced just like pallets. Just loading the material on the pallets could be disastrous. You should put loads at the centre of the pallet evenly. Training and practice are required for proper loading.

4. Never set a rack adjacent to a wall

Pallet racks should have all its sides open and free for easier access. Each aisle must have equal measurements. Forklifts need space to go on each side of the rack or around it.

5. Check for broken parts

Failing to check any broken part can endanger staff, not just the loads on the rack. Even if the rack can still stand or appears to be in good shape, meticulously looking for breaks should be a required protocol before and after loading.

Pallet rack systems can deliver when it comes to storage efficiency. They are cheap and industry-tested. When using pallet racks, you can spend time manually fitting loads or checking for issues. You also get an easy way of handling warehouse materials.

5 Stunning Furniture Pieces You Can Make with This Wood Material

wooden floor of a living room

Update your home’s interior look with stunning furniture made with live edge wood. Here are five pieces you can create and easily incorporate into your current interior design to give your space a fresh new-look.

A Unique Fireplace Mantel

Take the cozy vibe in your fireplace area up a notch by using a live edge slab as a fireplace mantel. It’s the perfect material to elevate the feeling of warmth and comfort in your favorite spot in your home during old months.

Make it stand out by bringing out its natural colors by using a wood finish that can give it a polished and vibrant look. This will definitely do up an otherwise dull and usually under decorated spot in your home, and turn it into a lovely focal point in the room.

A Quirky Coffee Table

a wooden table

Give your living room a brand-new look by simply replacing your old center table with a non-conventional coffee table. Live edge slabs tend to have different shapes and curves, giving it a versatile look.

You can easily bring it into any interior style as it can seamlessly blend with the rest of the décor or completely stand out and serve as an accent piece. Give it a chic and sleek look by pairing it with hairpin legs to give it a modern and industrial touch.

An Unconventional Wine Rack

Take a full slab of live edge wood and put it up on a blank wall in the bar or entertainment area in your home. This effortlessly stunning wine rack is not only space-saving but also doubles as a decorative piece, while keeping your precious bottles of wine in one accessible spot. It’s fresh; it’s modern, and it’s the ultimate wine rack design that works with any interior style.

A Mini Kitchen Table

Maximize your kitchen space and set up a breakfast nook fast and simple with a mini table you can put in the corner or the middle of your kitchen. The live edge table design brings a softer and easy-going look that feels more inviting and creates a cozier ambiance in the room.

A nice coat of wood finish can bring out its natural colors, and a good coating of wood sealant can protect the surface of the slab, giving it a smooth and a more finished look.

A Sleek Bench

This can also double as a low table which you can use to hold your books or to set up with seasonal décor. The versatility of a bench combined with the unique slab design makes it an art piece and multi-purpose furniture in one. It’s the ultimate paraphernalia in the world of multi-functional furniture.

There are plenty of other furniture pieces you can make using live edge wood slabs. This type of wood is the easiest to work and design and is very easy to incorporate with any interior design. This naturally sturdy material can last a lifetime, making it the best type of investment furniture pieces you can use to decorate your home with.

So, if you’re planning to spruce up your current interior style, update it with a live edge wood furniture piece to get a sophisticated and cosmopolitan look with a naturally interesting flair.

Happy Pets at Home: Three Tips for Pet Owners

Child with dog

Child with dog

It can be easy to dismiss dogs as just animals that guard your house, but there is a reason why they are called man’s best friend. Dogs provide companionship and even amusement when it comes to playing catch or learning tricks. It is therefore essential to care for these animals. Here are some things that you can do for your canine companions:

Provide a Simple Water Dispenser

A low-protein diet for dogs should include adequate amounts of water. While you are busy at work, make sure that your pet at home stays fed and quenched. A simple water dispenser should do the trick since it is easy to make and accessible for dogs.

Invest in Approved Pet-cleaning Products

Family with Pet

It is also important to use cleaning products that are safe for canines. Experts only approve those formulated to protect the fur, skin, or body of the animal. You can invest in pet shampoo to ensure that your dog stays protected as you clean them. Experts recommend bathing your pets every one to two weeks.

Turn Old Household Items into Pet Crates

Your dog needs to have a place to sleep indoors, but some owners might not like it if the pet stays on the bed or sofa. If you are one of these people, you can train your dog to take a rest in a pet crate or bed. This can be any old household item, such as a storage box or an old mattress.

Overall, pet owners are encouraged to take better care of their dogs. This can be done by providing enough food and water, a comfortable resting area, and more. Once you do these things, you will become a more effective pet owner.

Garden Maintenance Tips for Busy People



Gardening is a common way to unwind and spend time in peace. Unfortunately, with people’s hectic schedules, getting time away to tend to your garden can be difficult. With that in mind, here are some ways to give some attention to your garden.

Have a Watering Schedule

  • To keep the beds moist, grow your plants in lightweight planter troughs from companies like PolyStone Planters. Only water the flowering beds once or twice a week.
  • The best time to water your plants is before you leave for work in the morning or at night when you get home. The cool soil allows less evaporation compared to when you water in the peak of the heat.
  • Avoid the leaves to prevent the formation of mold.
  • Use a watering can to avoid damaging the plant. Gentleness is the key.

Practice Lawn Care

  • Watering the lawn is best in the early morning. Set up a simple watering system with computerized controls to automate this step. Watering the lawn will require 3 to 4 gallons of water per 10 square feet.
  • Protecting your lawn from the blazing heat is essential. Above 80 °F can prevent your garden from flourishing. When the temperature is high, allow the grass to grow longer than usual. Avoid mowing it too short. The additional length will stand as protection from the sun.

Tend to the Weeds

  • The simplest way to prevent weed development is to minimize the space between plants. Pack planters tightly so that there’s no available space for the growth of weeds.
  • Mulch can also be utilized to stunt weeds from growing early on.
  • When weeds have already appeared, it’s essential to remove them from the root. Cutting weeds is a waste of time. It’s best to set aside time for a quick check each week to prevent the weeds from taking over.

Follow these tips to make sure that your garden is healthy. It’s not easy to tend to your garden, but it can be enjoyable when you break it down to smaller tasks. Good luck!