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Simple Ways to Trim Your Moving Costs

family moving to a new homeWithout proper planning, moving to a new place can be an expensive and stressful process. Most people dread the thought of moving to the point that they leave everything until the last minute. Unfortunately, this only complicates the process and saddles you with large tabs. Preparing for the relocation process helps you find creative ways to lower the cost.

Purge Before the Move

Eliminating clutter not only makes the packing process hassle-free but also saves you a bundle of money. You get to lower your transportation costs, and if you’re moving to a smaller space, you won’t need to hire a storage facility. For the best results, start the purging process weeks before the moving day.

That way, you can do a swell job sorting through your house. Just be warned that parting with your stuff can be a tad confusing. If you’re having a hard time, you can asses each item for its current value. You can also hire professional packing and moving services.

Get Packing Boxes for Free

The first order of business when you get to your new place is to unpack and stow away your possessions in their rightful places. What happens to the packing boxes? Do you keep them lying around for the next move, or do you put them out in the trash? Chances are you don’t have the space to stash them.

With that in mind, does it make sense to splurge money on boxes? If you ask nicely, local businesses, such as liquor and grocery stores, will be glad to let you have their excess boxes to save on space as well.

Moving to a new home doesn’t need to be an endeavor that leaves a gaping hole in your wallet. Other than getting the best moving rates, you can take additional measures to keep your bills low.

Top Tips to Make Your Conference Fun and Engaging

poeple clapping at a conference

poeple clapping at a conferenceEveryone has been to one of those conferences where five minutes in, and you’re ready to head for the exit doors. To make sure that’s never happening in the one you’re organising, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

Select the right venue

For people to come to a conference of their own volition, they must be passionate about the theme or topic. To get them further in the mood to learn something new, you must have a venue that’s complementary to the theme or at least can be designed to complement the topic.

Don't forget the little details

The success of the event is contingent on even the smallest details. It’s when you buy name badges, choose the right design and arrangement of the venue, or pick the food to be served. Don’t think some details are too small that they won’t make an impact. In the end, people notice the food, the comfortable seats, the way their names are printed on the badges, and the conversations they have in between sessions. And all of these have a collective impact on the conference’s success.

Plan some icebreakers

Having some icebreakers is a fantastic way to set the mood of the place, and they also encourage networking among participants. If anything, a fun conference is one where people meet and form relationships. This is what makes an event memorable and meaningful.

People are keys

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when organising a conference is the selection of people you’ll put on stage. The speakers, master of ceremonies, and even entertainers greatly influence how the audience will feel and react. Choose these key people wisely.

People spend time and their money to attend a conference to be inspired or to learn something new. Make sure you’re giving them their investment’s worth by going the extra mile in organising a fun and engaging event.

What Divorcing Parents Need to Know About Temporary Child Custody

Daughter hugging his leaving dad

Daughter hugging his leaving dadGetting a divorce could be extremely messy and complicated, and most divorces take several years to become finalized. With the absence of formal agreements between divorcing spouses, both still hold full custody of their child without any restrictions.

This could get into a heated disagreement, however, and even become complex. It could also become harmful to your child and your potential custodial rights, as courts don’t like it when one parent interferes with a child’s relationship with the other parent.

What Exactly Is a Temporary Child Custody Agreement?

Once spouses have separated, whether informally or legally, their next step should be to draft their shared temporary child custody arrangement. Basically, your arrangement must consider your child’s best interest, formalized, and signed by you and your spouse.

According to one of the many family lawyers in Colorado Springs, your agreement must cover the same issues of a permanent child custody orders such as:

  • A statement that indicates whether legal custody is joint and if not, which parent has legal custody
  • The physical custody arrangement and requirements for the visitation schedule
  • Specific rules on parental responsibilities, which should include behavioral and financial responsibilities

Tips on Drafting the Temporary Child Custody Agreement

Ideally, parents should draft an agreement without any outside help, but this is only possible if they have an amicable relationship. Otherwise, if you’re having issues and require some help, you could consider getting help from a mediator to discuss your issues and come up with a solution. If sitting down with the other parent just isn’t possible, your only option is to ask a lawyer and resolve your issues through negotiations or litigation.

Do note that regardless of how you came up with your temporary child custody agreement, as your separation is probably new, it’s perfectly fine to make changes to the agreement whenever necessary. This is considering that all parties agree and that the changes still uphold the child’s best interests. Child custody is typically the hardest part of a divorce for everyone involved. That said, advanced and proper preparation would help ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible.

3 Practical Ways of Increasing Efficiency Around Your Office

Happy employees posing for a picture

Happy employees posing for a pictureEvery manager aims at reducing office expenses to the lowest level possible. That means reducing the floor space rented and cutting down the energy bills. Many offices consume a lot of electricity due to the number of machines and lighting that keep running during the entire office hours.

1. Ease of movement

The ease with which workers can move around an office determines their efficiency. That is mainly so when dealing with an open floor plan office system. Different office spaces have different measurements and shapes. As such, identify a company in Salt Lake City dealing in office furniture. The company may supply you with customized office furniture that allows you to make maximum use of the available floor space while ensuring ease of movement from one point to another.

2. Natural light

Natural light has become an important factor in reducing the energy-related expenses in an office. It eliminates or reduces reliance on electricity as the major source of lighting around the office. The use of light bulbs generates heat energy, which results in further cooling expenses, especially during hot afternoons. Natural light also provides an environment for employees conducive to operating at their maximum capacities.

3. Common resources

Sharing office resources has become a common practice in many offices. Not only does it increase efficiency around an office, but it also saves on cost. Examples of commonly shared resources are photocopiers, scanners, and printers. It would be expensive if each employee were equipped with those machines. Additionally, it would consume a lot of floor space that would otherwise be unnecessary if several employees shared one printer for instance.

The aim of achieving efficiency around an office is to reduce its operating expenses while increasing the productivity of the workers. The result is an increase in the profit margins of a business.

What You Should Look for When Scouting for a Condo

CondominiumBuying a condo is something that you should think over carefully. There are many things you need to look into, and those things will help you make sure that what you will get will be truly worth it. These criteria will also help come up with a sound decision.

In case you do not know where to start, let this article be your guide. Finding a condo in Metro Manila can be challenging if you do not have a head start. Here are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind to find that unit that perfectly suits you and your needs.

Location, Location, Location

This is among the first things you need to look into if you want to find a condo. Your location should not be too far from the metro. You should make sure that it is close to work. See to it that the condo complex is right where the action is—it should be near the lifestyle hubs, such as malls and gyms. More importantly, it should be close to hospitals.


A huge chunk of what you pay for the condo comes in the form of the amenities. Gauge the quality of a condo by simply looking at its lobby. See if the condo has a swimming pool, a clubhouse, and a basketball court (or any court for that matter). An in-house gym is a bonus.

Price Range

You have a budget, so you need to make sure that the condo you are eyeing will fall within your price range. Other than the price range, you should also find out about their payment schemes, terms, and conditions.

These are only some of the things to look for when you are scouting for a condo. It will be much more practical if you work with a reliable broker or real estate agent.

4 Tips to Becoming an Impressive Wedding Planner

a wedding planner talking to a bridePlanning and organizing an entire wedding is not a walk in the park. This is why couples need to hire wedding organizers — to help in the planning of the whole event. If you have prior experience in event organizing, you might want to become a wedding planner.

The four tips listed below can assist you to become a popular wedding planner or organizer:

1. Provide the couple with options for accessories.

If the couple is seeking your help in finding wedding rings, you need to provide them with enough options. The rings, after all, are something that will always be part of weddings.

You should already have a supplier for the options you will show the couple. Contact a jewelry store such as AAA Jewelers so that the couple will have diamond rings in Utah to choose from for their wedding.

2. Find the dates and seasons to avoid.

In a calendar year, there are just some dead dates you should never organize a wedding in. This list includes a few major holidays and peak seasons, as well as stormy months.

3. Be professional on the job.

No matter how frustrated you are with your job, you should still be professional in dealing with everybody. This is especially true if you are dealing with the clients. Always keep your cool so that people will have a positive view of your services.

4. Be efficient with your marketing strategy.

There are already a lot of wedding planners and organizers right now. You do not want to spend money on marketing and only have minimal gains. As much as possible, target your spending on strategies proven to work.

The great thing about being a wedding organizer is that you can take on multiple clients. But this will only happen if you establish enough goodwill among your existing customers. The tips above will help with that a lot.

Ways to Deal with Hazardous Waste Materials Safely

Yellow and black hazardous barrels

Yellow and black hazardous barrelsEvery business that produces hazardous waste materials must handle and store them safely. You have to be extra careful considering that the waste materials may be harmful to the environment and human health. You cannot just store them in old detergent containers or some food service containers that you have lying around.

Experts at Containit Solutions share that hazardous waste containers such as containment pallets must be used to store waste materials. These containers should be compatible with the waste materials. They must be in good condition. They should be free of leaks. No residue of any substance should remain outside the container. Intermediate bulk containers (IBC) have the advantage of being high in capacity but having an overall low profile.

Don’t Forget to Seal the Waste Containers

You have to remember that leakage and spillage cannot occur when handling hazardous waste. Your containers must be sealed ideally with a screw-type lid. There are similar designs of lids that do the job of sealing equally well. Plastic wraps, aluminium foil, and other temporary and makeshift lids are unacceptable.

Make Sure to Label Your Containers

Your waste containers should be labelled with the right chemical waste tags the moment you start using them to store hazardous waste. It does not matter whether the containers are full or not; proper labelling is a must.

Another thing that you must avoid is mixing different kinds of hazardous waste materials. There is no telling if these will react with each other and cause the containers to leak. Labelling ensures that you cannot mix things up.

While the containers are being filled, you have to put them in a designated area. You have to bear in mind that this kind of storage is temporary until the waste materials are collected. Therefore, the storage area must be accessible to collectors.

You Can Invest in Philippine Properties as a Retiree

island in the Philippines with propertiesIn 2017, more than 6.6 million foreign nationals visited the Philippines. The Department of Tourism said this is 11% more than the 2016 figures, and attributed it to improved air travel and scheduled cruises. It is also interesting to note that the majority of these are return visits to the country. That means foreign visitors come back to see the islands again and again. A good number of them also go on extended stays – or want to stay permanently.

PropertyAccess Philippines helps foreigners buy properties in the country, so they can have their own place whenever they come back. This is not only cheaper than staying in hotels or renting condo unit; it can also be a good investment opportunity for them.

Foreigners can have real estate investments

Philippine laws do not allow foreigners to own land in the country. However, a special package was created so that foreigners who wanted to retire in the Philippines can buy real estate. The Special Resident Retiree’s Visa is open to foreign nationals as young as 35 years old. This is a great opportunity for those who want to retire at an early age or have companies that they can run from anywhere in the world.

One of the requirements is a time deposit equivalent to USD$50,000. This same amount can be converted into a real estate investment, so the “retiree” can have a home to call his own. There are also different requirements for foreign nationals who want to bring their family or children with them when they settle down in the Philippines.

Expanding your investment portfolio

Condos or apartments in the city are great, but there are also investment opportunities in the islands. Foreigners love beachfront properties, as well as the relaxed and laid-back life in rural areas. Many foreign nationals have also bought beachfront properties, so they can have a weekend or vacation home away from the city. These can be turned into vacation rentals, or listed with Airbnb so that they can earn passive income when they’re not around.

The Philippines is a warm and welcoming country with plenty of room for foreign investments. The real estate industry is booming, so now is the best time to explore the opportunities.

How to Plan a Corporate Event

Table prepared in a corporate event

Table prepared in a corporate eventCorporate events are a vital component in any business’s networking spectrum. You need to get on a personal level with your consumers and industry players, more so if your business relies on below-the-line marketing to close deals.

The success of your corporate event in New York depends on the private event space that you pick as your venue. Not only do you want to make an impression; the attendance is mostly affected by the convenience of your location and its reputation. Here are other things to remember when planning your event:


Make sure that you plan for every foreseeable expense and have extra funds for surprises before the big day. It is better to set aside more money than to be under the budget. The point of having a corporate event is to leave a mark, and you cannot afford to make a negative impression.


What is the purpose of the event? What time will the event be held? Is this event purely for fun, or are you planning to generate new leads? Based on these questions, you should be able to select the theme that will be suitable for your event. It should also give you an idea of the proper music, food, and décor.


You need to figure out when the setup should be done. When renting a popular event space, remember that there will be other events being held at the venue. You need to plan for your setup within a limited time. You will also need to figure out the itinerary for the big day to avoid any glitch.

Lastly, remember to send out your invitations a few weeks in advance and follow up to confirm attendance. It will be a shame to spend a lot of money and have dismal attendance. This will communicate poorly to your guests and might affect your brand.

Top 3 Myths about the Staffing Industry

HR managers interviewing an applicant

HR managers interviewing an applicantWhether it’s a small business or a large company, the staff is a very crucial asset. In fact, they could be part of the reason why your business enjoys a competitive edge over its competitors. However, getting the most dedicated, skilled, and knowledgeable staff can be quite a hassle. You must set aside adequate time and resources for this. But most firms have found it cheaper and less stressful to outsource the services. Here are some of the myths you should ignore about staffing firms.

1. Staffing Agencies are Expensive

It takes a lot of time and money for a company to post vacancies, screen resumes, interview candidates, do the shortlists, and finalize on placements. Also, the legal compliance you must commit yourself to, from health and safety regulations to government taxes and employment laws, is important to note. Basically, the entire process can be overwhelming when done in-house. Using a pro relieves you of such hassles, and your quality time and extra cash can be well spent on sorting out other business responsibilities.

2. Staffing Firms Ask for Money from Applicants

Some candidates have been hesitant to apply for jobs through staffing agencies simply because they have heard or think that they will be charged. However, this is never the case. Staffing firms enter into a contract to offer recruitment services to firms that need workers. Therefore, the firms that they do the hiring for are the ones responsible for paying for the services rendered.

3. The Staffing Industry Deals with Only Temporary Positions

Vacancies are categorized into two positions: temporary and permanent. Temporary employees sign into a contract with an employer to work for a specified period, while permanent workers are hired to work indefinitely. While it may be true that there are staffing firms that specialize only in hiring temporary workers, it’s not often the case with every other staffing companies. Some even diversify into both.

Most top staffing firms recognize the need for customer satisfaction. They know that their business will thrive only by building a positive image for themselves. This is why they will work hard to ensure that they deliver on their promises in a way to attract both old and new clients now and in the future.