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Study Ranks Marlborough As the Most Litter-Free Place in New Zealand

Vineyards in MarlboroughMarlborough District Council’s anti-littering efforts include a trash bin every 20 metres in Blenheim town, which partly led it to become the most litter-free place in New Zealand for 2018.

A National Litter County Study showed that Marlborough has the fewest items of litter found for every surveyed 1,000 square metres. The national average comprised 30.5 items, which includes beverage bottles, food packaging, and cigarette butts among the common pieces of litter.

Collective Effort

Despite the presence of many trash bins across Blenheim, district council officials said that litter in the central business district stayed the same since 2015. It only showed that the public’s participation is important in reducing solid waste on streets and roads.

Blenheim’s litter count even increased when compared with the past three years, something that confused local authorities.

While its litter count reached around 15 items per 1,000 square metres, the figure remains below the national average. However, that might not include solid waste products, such as containers of motor oil and other lubricants.

Petroleum Recycling

In terms of recycling, waste oil containers are among the best choices when dealing with used crude oil and other petrol-based liquids. Recycling containers of motor oil and lubricants are a different story, which led the lubricant industry to find a solution for millions of discarded packages.

The Waste Lubricant Container Product Stewardship Scheme will be a key part of closing the gap on recycling waste products. It would be beneficial for reducing landfill waste, where around 7 million containers are from lubricant and grease items alone.

If your business uses a lot of motor oil every year, you can do your part of reducing waste by seeking help from recycling specialists.

Keeping streets free from litter is the first step in reducing the volume of waste sent to landfills. For other specialised forms of recycling, it’s better to find an expert, especially when it involves toxic materials.

3 Fun Things to Do in Cornwall

Happy TouristsIt’s easy enough to pick out the best places to visit in famous places and cities around the world. With smaller, less popular spots, it might seem like a stretch to find fun places to visit. That’s not true, though, as the charm of less popular spots lies in the subtle and simpler joys they have on offer.

Cornwall is a deeply historical county with much to offer. From the architecture to haunted attractions in Cornwall such as Bodmin Jail, here are three great things to do in the county.

1. Architectural Tours

With a history going back as far as the Bronze Age and the Roman conquest of Britain, there’s a lot of beautiful architecture on display from the long history of the county. This includes oddities like The Egyptian House to the many Churches of the Anglican Church.

There are even medieval castles and fortresses as well as modern wonders like the Bude Tunnel. It’s easy to get lost in the buildings steeped in the history of the county.

2. Ghost Tours

There is many a haunted attraction in Cornwall for those who are looking for creepy, adrenaline-pumping thrills. These ghost walks usually feature comfortable strolls through sites known for their terrifying hauntings.

Apart from the chills brought about by the places themselves, there are also the stories of intrigue and tragedy that come with the tour. It’s certainly a unique perspective that goes off the beaten track in terms of tours.

3. Historical Tours

From Bronze Age to the time of the Britons, from the Roman occupation to the chaos of medieval times, and even the age of Cornish Piracy, many stories can be told of and about Cornwall. With an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating history that shaped Cornwall is today.

There are even themed tours that meet anyone’s specific historical tastes – giving a great deal to do on subsequent visits.

If you want a fascinating, different, and affordable vacation, Cornwall holds enough history to fascinate anyone. These three certainly make the county worth a visit.

Missing Home? See How Food Helps You

Fried Chicken, Fries, and Onion RingsYour culture contributes to your personality. Wherever you go, you will always find people who act or speak like you, and it won’t be a surprise to know that they are from the same culture. When you travel to Singapore, for instance, it would be nice to experience the local cuisine, but some days you might crave for food that reminds you of home.

Here’s what you can do to satisfy that craving and banish your homesickness:

Look for an American Diner

This is the most straightforward answer to your cravings. Wherever you are, American food is bound to be there too. American food’s popularity has made it available wherever you are and has various incarnations. For example, you can look for a good American diner in Singapore and choose the biggest, juiciest burger with a side of fries.

Cook Your Favourite Comfort Food

Sometimes the craving just cannot be solved by a restaurant meal. Sometimes you have to do the cooking yourself to feel the comfort that home cooked meals bring. Invite your friends from different cultures. Make an activity out of it by asking everyone to participate. You’ll share your favourite meals growing up and learn about traditional dishes from other cultures.

Bring Food from Home

Especially for those who will be staying in a foreign country for a long time, packing up some goods from home is a great idea. There are nights when you want that dish your grandma used to make, but to cook it without the right ingredients might be impossible. Bring some ingredients from your country and make some at home when you feel a bit down.

Food bridges gaps, but when you’re travelling, it can be hard to find authentic dishes if you don’t know where to look. Try to do these suggestions to make your stay away from home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Maximise Your Singapore Weekend Vacation

boy in cable car to SentosaFamily weekends are becoming more precious. For some families, weekends are the only time to spend together, given everyone’s busy work and school schedules. Taking a weekend off to go on a holiday is an ideal way to catch up on what everyone has been up to, or to celebrate a special occasion.

A child’s birthday celebration, for example, can be made more memorable with a Sentosa pass for all family members. This will make the short holiday filled with fun activities and visits to attractions unique only to Sentosa and the garden city of Singapore.

Here’s how to make the most out of a weekend holiday to Sentosa:

1. Get the Family Pass

A family or individual pass to Sentosa is a bundle or package that allows you to save on ticket prices and entrance fees. It comes out as a cost-effective option to get to see more places and experience more adventures during your trip.

There are passes for a day or two days, which is perfect for weekend holidays. The two-day pass includes access to both Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore, one of the top attractions on the island. This mega-theme park has roller coasters, attractions, and the appeal of having well-loved Hollywood and cartoon characters walking around the streets. The rides and attractions make this a happy place for kids and the young at heart.

2. Book a Hotel or Room Near Sentosa

Travelling with kids can be a challenge if you have to commute long distances. Make sure you book a hotel or apartment as close to Sentosa as possible. This will help you arrive at the parks early, even before it opens so that you can be one of the first people on the line.

Naturally, you’ll have to take note of the hours of operation of the parks and aquariums you’ll be visiting. This can help you create an itinerary for the day.

You can start with the most energy-consuming ones like the bungee jumping, zip line, and go-kart racing while it’s still early, and leave the gardens and aquariums for last because these areas can be covered even at a leisurely pace.

When travelling with family, especially children, it’s essential to plan and prepare for various situations. Make the most of a holiday adventure by creating an itinerary. If plans don’t push through, that’s fine. What matters is the time all of you spent together.

STB: China is Singapore’s Biggest Tourist Market

Singapore skylineChina became the largest source of tourists for Singapore between January and October 2017 after the former accounted for nearly one-fifth of all visitor arrivals, according to the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

The STB said that more than 2.7 million Chinese tourists went to see interesting places to go and see in Singapore,such as Sentosa – The State of Fun, in the first ten months of the year. This only made China become a more important market for Singapore’s tourism sector.

Tourism Receipts

Among the major benefits for more visitors include tourism receipts. Those from China represented nearly 18 percent of all spending in the first six months of 2017, which partly explained the reason behind the country’s importance.

Job growth also benefits from the thriving tourism industry, as more than 320,000 direct and indirect employment stem from it, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. When it comes to economic growth, the Council said that it accounts for an estimated 4.5 percent of Singapore’s gross domestic product.

The STB is well-aware of these benefits, so it has been exploring different ways to improve tourists’ experience during their stay. Its latest endeavour involves a partnership with ride-sharing service Grab.

Memorandum of Understanding

STB and Grab signed a three-year memorandum of understanding to study tourists’ preferences on transportation. It will also advance the use of cashless payment options, particularly Grabpay, in hawker centres and other tourism hotspots in Singapore.

The move will provide foreign visitors with more methods to pay for goods and services. Most tourists often find it hard to do so in hawker centres and other small establishments, which usually require small denominations as payment.

Singapore’s intent to analyse tourists’ spending patterns and preferred destinations in the country is vital in making sure that the country continues to become attractive to tourist not only from China but from all over the world.

4 Major Uses of Transportable Cabins

Transportable Cabin

Many people across Australia are finding more and more uses for transportable cabins – offered by firms such as – because of their long-line of benefits.

Whether you are simply buying one for your family or your small business, you will find that these transportable and highly customisable living and working spaces pack a lot of benefits. Here are four ways on how to use them.

Great Makeshift Offices for Construction Sites

Every construction site requires a temporary office for its operation. This is especially true for large-scale and long-term construction projects such as malls, condominiums, and more.

Transportable cabins come in many sizes so you can also use them to secure small- and medium-size equipment for the whole duration of your construction project.

Comfortable Alternatives to RVs for Camping

If you like road trips but do not particularly enjoy roughing it, you can bring along a portable cabin when you camp out with your friends and family. This way, you get to enjoy roughing it without really sacrifice all the comforts you need for a good night’s sleep and peace of mind.

Better Options for Makeshift Research Hubs

Research teams can make use of transportable cabins to house all of their equipment for work. Transportable cabins are better alternatives to tent rentals, especially if you need a more secure working area for your research projects.

Can Become Instant, Additional Living Spaces

These cabins come in many sizes and shapes, and you can definitely find one that fits in your backyard. It becomes an instant extra living space for your family. You can transform it into a home office, an entertainment hub, or even a detached guesthouse that you can rent out via Airbnb any time.

Make the Most of It

There are more uses to transportable cabins than you know. Whenever you need an additional living space, you do not have to look further to find one. They are easy to build, simpler to maintain, and best of all, highly customisable to what you need. Get one today!

Consider these Factors When Looking for the Right Ski Holiday Hotel

Father and son with ski gear in a ski resortGoing on a ski holiday is truly an experience to look forward to.

 Apart from the fun ski and snow activities, another thing to get excited about is finding a unique,comfortable place to stay in during your trip. Unlike booking for your other travels, however, there are certain things you need to consider when choosing where to stay during your ski holiday.

Browsing through the Internet, you’ll find that chalets and hotels are the most popular options. There are some that provide accommodation alone, while others serve breakfasts throughout your stay. Below are three factors to consider when choosing your ski holiday accommodations:

1. Budget

Mobile apps, travel websites and reliable travel agents such as Ski Line Limited make it very easy to see accommodation options depending on their budget. They help you set a realistic budget as well as know what to expect when you arrive.

2. Companions

Are you travelling alone or with a group of friends or family? There are various options for lodging out there, including those that offer services for backpackers or solo travellers as well as some that cater to honeymooning couples. Knowing if you’re travelling with company can help you filter your choices more easily.

3. Activities

What do you plan to do? Do you want to spend the whole vacation skiing or are you also interested in exploring other activities? By planning your activities for the trip ahead of time, you can choose the accommodation will let you carry out your holiday plans well.

Like with other types of accommodations, planning and booking your lodging for your ski holiday early will let you enjoy discounts and other perks. You only need to research well, use the resources available to you and work with the right person and company to be able to find the kind of accommodation that will let you and your companions enjoy your holiday to the fullest. 

Quick Tips for Choosing the Right Furnishings

House with nice furnitureChoosing furniture for your home should not be on a whim. Others make the mistake of choosing fixtures that capture their attention when the rule is you need to consider a lot of things before making a choice. In other words, choosing furniture should not be like falling in love with something because it is beautiful.

Interior designers say that there are things you should take into account before buying a piece of furniture. For example, if you are thinking of a main motif like an Amish built furniture, like the ones offered by The Amish Craftsman, then consider hiring an interior design expert to help you.

Your Space Size

Of course, among the first things you need to consider is the size of your space. No matter how beautiful a piece is, it will be useless if placed in an area that does not correspond to its size. So never buy a big piece of furniture if you have a small space size (or vice versa!).

Your Theme

You need to stick to the theme of your space. If you have a Victorian theme, you might want to get yourself squashy armchairs or pieces with an elaborate design. Going for Zen interiors? Choose furniture with clean and streamlined lines.

You must also make sure that your choice of materials is consistent with the theme; aged wood goes for elegant themes, while metal should be prominent in design with an industrial feel.


Everything will be useless if your furnishing is not ergonomically smart. Comfort should be of utmost priority, so choose furniture that has proper lumbar support and armrests. They should easily fit any space to make movements streamlined.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when choosing furniture for your home. You may decide to work with a reliable interior designer to get the most suitable pieces.

Three Lifestyle Habits to Quit for better Oral Health

Dentist checking a woman's mouthYour smile is one of the most important features of your face: you use it to convey emotions, such as sadness or joy, for instance. It is important, then, that you maintain the beauty of your smile since it plays a huge role in allowing you to express your emotions properly. The simplest of habits can, however, affect your pearly whites and the quality of your smile.

The smallest lifestyle habits can cause significant damage down the road if we don’t pay careful attention to the things we consume. Smile Spa, a dental practice that offers general, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, believes a good way to retain the beauty of your smile is to quit some lifestyle habits that could be harming the natural beauty of your pearly whites. 

Smoking and Vaping

Long-term smoking can lead to a host of dental problems: bad breath, heavily stained teeth and, at worst, oral cancer. While some smokers may turn to e-cigarettes as an alternative to the standard cigarette, vaping could be just as bad due to the different smoke flavours that could damage gum tissue and mouth cells. For a healthier smile, avoid picking up the habit of any nicotine-laced delivery system.

Drinking Coffee and Wine

While a caffeinated drink can give you an extra boost, the burst of energy offered by coffee or tea can stain your teeth and affect the beauty of your smile. Sometimes, the dark liquids can seep into tiny cracks and pits in tooth enamel and stay stuck there as well, leading to a dark and dingy smile.

Snacking through the Day

Let’s face it — everybody enjoys a snack now and then. Snacking throughout the day lowers the PH level in the mouth, however, and this makes a person’s mouth a place where bacteria can thrive. Sipping soda throughout the day, for instance, allows sugar-loving bacteria to break down tooth enamel. Instead of snacking all day, engage in full, heavy meals to avoid making your mouth a haven for bacteria.

Maintain the beauty of your smile by quitting these three lifestyle habits today — your teeth will thank you for it. A healthier smile, after all, is part of the package that leads to a higher quality of life. 

Willingly Deciding to Deal with Depression in the Workplace

Mental Illness It’s not easy to deal with depression or mental illnesses. Most high-functioning patients do not even show their symptoms to friends, let alone at work. This results in many long-time employees performing below par or even suddenly quitting their positions. Show forward-thinking compassion through the following managerial choices to helping out workers out of their doldrums.

Do Your Research

There are different kinds of mental illnesses. No two people will easily share the same symptoms, the intensity of attacks, or even openness to deal with it publicly. The more you know about what the patients are going through, the easier it is to create lasting and positive solutions at the office. It will also help you in identifying those who might be in need of support even before the problem becomes too big to manage.

Hire a Psychiatrist

While you may gain an understanding of mental illness in the workplace, it’s a far cry from being an expert. While it may be costly at first, getting a doctor or psychiatrist to visit your company and speak to your employees about their condition is worth the investment. Not only can your people find solace in the psychiatrist’s or doctor’s understanding of their problems, but they can also find others who share their situation, giving them a sense of belonging. In return, the company won’t need to lose profit due to low-performance ratings, absenteeism and low retention percentages.

Offer Real Benefits

Some employees can develop depression by working in highly toxic or stressful environments. The work that is expected of them may sometimes exceed that of the real world benefits they receive. Share victories and expansions by giving them genuine rewards, such as hotel stays, restaurant nights, or chalet ski holidays for those that have performed at their optimal skill despite every obstacle.

As a leader, you may be able to identify who are susceptible to anxiety and depression in your teams. You may even realise that you’re going through the very same symptoms. Make the workplace a better environment by letting your employees know you care.