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What to Do When Renting a Premium Car

Premium carEvery once in a while, you find ways to spend lavishly on yourself or your family. And that’s okay! Tasting the finer things in life is one of the best ways to appreciate living. One of the best and easiest ways to spoil yourself (even for a day) is to rent a premium car, whether for travel or for a joy ride within the city.

Now that you’ve picked a premium car hire, you need to keep in mind a couple of things before leaving. These measures will not only make sure that you can easily take care of your car, these will also help protect yourself.

Check things out

Don’t get too excited yet. What you need to do is check everything your mechanic would check. And yes, that means a lot of things. For one, you need to examine the condition of the brakes, light, gas, engine, battery, and water. Examine the interiors, including the seats, air-conditioning, and the radio, as well.

Take pictures

To protect yourself from unjust accusations, you should take pictures of the car being rented to you. You may take note of some minor scratches. Take pictures, for instance, so that it will be clear that it’s not you who caused it.

Read the fine print

The best protection comes from knowledge. Before you leave the car lot, you should read the contract or agreement carefully and thoroughly. Don’t engage if they don’t have a contract. If there are questionable provisions, raise them so they’ll be cleared to you. Also, see if they have any insurance protection.

Driving a premium car is much more enjoyable if you know that you’re protected. Do these things before you leave the car lot!


What You Should Know About Renting a Car in New Zealand

Woman Renting a CarKiwis who wish to rent a car may spend at least $9 per day, but there is a caveat for choosing to pay for cheap rental prices.

If you plan to rent a car in Auckland, a mobile mechanic should come in handy when you decide to rent low-priced rental vehicles. Cheaper rates for cars normally have a higher chance of breakdown, so be sure to know an auto mechanic in case you’re willing to take that risk.

Terms and Conditions

Leasing companies often have several conditions for renting out cars at bargain prices, which add up to the overall bill. Most businesses would require you to pay the rate for a period of at least two weeks, as this is their mandatory rental period. It would also be more difficult to book a car during peak seasons. The good news is that the tough competition encourages companies to expand their reach and lure more customers.

This is particularly true in Christchurch, where people prefer using cars instead of taking public transportation. A Ministry of Transport analysis showed that only 35 per cent of residents use public transit in the country’s car capital.

Budget Planning

It’s important to know many other expenses related to renting a car, including a driver’s fee and the cost of one-way drop-off. Some companies may charge you as much as $250 for not returning the car to the original place where you picked it up.

Drivers under 25 years may also have to spend $5 per day on top of the rental rate. Car rental providers may also limit the rental choices among young customers.

A mobile mechanic would be useful, especially if you experience car trouble on the road. The last thing you want is your car to break down without any vehicle service providers nearby.

Why You Should Have Your Car Checked Regularly

Car Check-upHaving your car checked regularly at shops like Shadetree Automotive doesn’t only assure you it’s in perfect condition anywhere you go. It also saves your vehicle from further damage, and you from further unnecessary costs. Aside from these, there are many more reasons why you should have your car regularly checked.

It helps economize your fuel consumption.

You might not be aware of this, but having your car checked regularly actually helps you save up on fuel. Since check-ups make sure you don’t drive with tires that are deflated or with the wrong pressure, you can avoid consuming too much fuel. Also, since regular servicing ensures that your air filter and fuel lines are free of leaks and clogs, you can maximize each drop of gas in every ride.

It keeps your car’s value high.

Sooner or later, you can decide to sell your car and replace it with another. However, you don’t want to have your car lowballed, or give the buyer a reason to do such. Thus, to make sure your car’s value stays high, you need every part of it to be in perfect shape and working condition. You can only achieve this by having your car serviced regularly.

Regular check-ups make sure your car is safe to drive.

Most importantly, regular maintenance makes sure that your car is safe to drive anytime and anywhere. This is highly important, especially if you use your car as a primary mode of transport, or plan to use it for a long-distance drive.

Remember: As a driver and a car owner, your safety and the safety of others sharing the road with you are your topmost priority.


These reasons are more than enough for you to have your car checked regularly. So, if you haven’t done it yet, head to a car repair center in Kaysville today.

Is It Time for a Car Tune-Up? The Different Symptoms that Indicate So

Mechanic working on car

Mechanic working on carYour mechanic functions as a car doctor, so they would most likely ask you for symptoms if you request them to tune-up your vehicle. Before they recommend any mobile car repair, they will want to diagnose it first. To do this, they would have to conduct tests. Fortunately, you can speed this up by telling them what occurs, when it happens, what you hear and what you feel when the “illness” pops up. Here are the symptoms you should watch out for:

A Clogged or Dirty Engine Filter

Based on studies the EPA conducted, a dirty or clogged engine air filter has more chances of reducing acceleration instead of fuel economy. This is because these filters gradually become dirty over time, so you will probably experience a subtle, but steady performance loss. It happens until your accelerates like a turtle. If you still have not changed your air filter for over two years (or less for places with plenty of dust in the air), then this could be the issue.

A Misfiring Engine

This happens when spark plugs flare up at the wrong time and are caused commonly by ruined or damaged spark plugs. Moreover, worn spark plugs can also cause sluggish acceleration, fuel economy and hard starting. However, the majority of plugs commonly run for 100,000 miles or more. Besides, engine computers do a great job in compensating for bad plugs, so this could not be the only or primary culprit.

Since some symptoms also appear in other issues, it would be best to have a professional mechanic check your car first. Instead of suggesting a tune-up yourself though, describe what your car has been going through. He will be able to determine what your vehicle needs, what its real diagnosis is and how to address it.

Why You Should Get Rid of Junk Cars through Dismantlers

Car junk yardHaving an unwanted wreck or an outdated car in your compound can be somewhat frustrating. This is mostly because it serves no purpose and even occupies a lot of space. On the other hand, repairing ancient vehicles can be quite expensive. 

That said, below are insights as to why you should get rid of the car as soon as possible through car dismantlers.

Simple stress-free process

Car dismantlers here in Christchurch allow you to get rid of the truck or car in a simple and hassle-free process. In most cases, there will be no transport charges and no legalities to be concerned with. These companies have mechanics that can collect your vehicle, and all they will need is your logbook.

To secure their services, you simply need to make a call to their customer support and inform them of the present location of your car.

Experience and expertise

People consider vehicle-dismantling services more professional and reliable in their approach. They have well-trained and experienced staff in handling any situation that may come in getting rid of a junk car. Their staff is available round the clock.

A reliable company can easily accomplish your desired task of removing your car.

Conserve the environment

One problem with an automobile sitting there on your property is usually the building up of debris. Mice and other parasites often make these vehicles a place to call home. Getting rid of a junk car by relying on professionals enables you to dispose of different parts of the vehicle in an environmental-friendly way.

Also, it allows you to get rid of natural gas, engine oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, and other damaging liquids safely.

Car dismantlers can offer a variety of end-of-life vehicle dismantling services to help you get rid of junk cars. They will help you clear your ancient pile of scrap, and you can even obtain some money in return. Ensure you go to legit car dismantlers to make sure that the process goes on smoothly.

The Advantages of Purchasing Low Mileage Used Vehicles

Used car auction lotCar usage, as displayed on the odometer, will perfectly show you the overall condition of any vehicle. The reading of the odometer begins at nil when the manufacturer first released it. As the car turns older, its usage will be higher and its condition will be different.

Here are facts to help you determine the upsides of getting a low mileage used car.

A Preferred Option

A car that has lower mileage would certainly still operate for at least five years as long as it doesn’t encounter a lot of incidents. This is why the majority of individuals who buy used cars always consider getting low mileage vehicles.

For buyers who are unaware, low mileage cars are those that ran less than a hundred thousand kilometers before the owner sold it.

Many consider cars with over a couple of hundred thousand kilometers as worn out. These would already carry issues unless they undergo an overhaul. Moreover, these cars would most likely have corroded parts caused by friction—it could only get worse.

Determining Rates

Typically, the mileage determines the cost that the dealers will offer. Tyacke Motors, for example, takes note of the car’s mileage and general condition before determining how much it is worth.

In general, a vehicle with low mileage costs more than those with a higher mileage do. This means that the car’s value drops as its mileage rises. If you want to know whether they offered you the right price, check out its mileage.

Purchasing Low-Mileage Cars

If you happen to find a low mileage car within your budget, then make sure to examine it for issues. Buyers could get excited as soon as they see a vehicle that falls within their price range, thus neglecting to check the potential issues.

This is particularly true if the car in question also offers low mileage—they would often see it as a done deal. As such, it is essential that you thoroughly check the car to avoid making rash decisions.

Nevertheless, used cars with low mileage are generally better than vehicles with higher ones. They are a worthy investment that lasts for several years to come.

Car Buying: What You Need to Know for a Better Owning Experience

Anderson Ford MotorsportOwning a car is a thrilling experience for many first-time owners. It provides you with the ability to keep your own schedule and travel in style. No longer do you have to run to catch the bus or the subway. However, the convenience comes at a significant cost. As such, you need to consider a few crucial points before buying a car:

Don’t blow your budget

With hundreds of car models in the market, you may become overwhelmed and commit a mistake. To avoid temptations, set a realistic budget before walking into a dealership and stick to it. Despite the availability of affordable financing options, don’t buy a high-end car on shaky finances.

Spreading the repayment period over a long time only serves to increase the amount of interest you will pay. If you’re on a tight budget, consider buying a pre-owned car to keep the costs low. Most dealerships offer factory restored cars at low prices. These run as good as new and even carry a warrant.

Consider the running cost

Other than the price tag, you need to consider the cost associated with running the car. You get a better experience if you can keep the vehicle in tip-top shape at all times. That includes taking it for regular and preventive maintenance as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Similarly, you need to consider the cost and availability of its replacement parts. For instance, you get a better experience with your muscle car if you don’t have to wait for days for its parts. Credible dealerships stock the both pre and post 1993 Mustang parts to ensure that you enjoy a smooth motoring experience at all times, so why not go for this model.

The key to a successful car owning experience hinges on making valid considerations when buying one. Be sure to get a model that does not cause you to incur a financial strain.

Swerving Away from an Audit: Red Flags to Avoid when Doing Charity a Favor

CarYou wake up one day feeling fantastic and then you thought, “Hey, it’s a beautiful day to help others.”

You visit one of your garages and quickly noticed that one of your rides is now on its crowning age, but you don’t have the time to drive it anymore. And the thought of donating it suddenly rushed in.

So, you picked up the phone and went ahead to donate your car. But come the auditing season, you find that the IRS is already on your tail.

Now, did the IRS folks just randomly pick you? Well, probably not.

But, to be sure you did not violate any tax-related laws when you made a donation, DonateACar.com shares some good-to-know red flags to watch out for.

Typos and Honest Information Errors

If the numbers you submitted don’t match what the IRS has on file, it raises a question. Even if your car donation passed through professional accounting and third-party “fixers,” you should still review the information to avoid any trouble.

Large Charitable Contributions

The act of helping others out by donating generous amounts doesn’t make them a category for an IRS flagging. But, when you lack the legal documents, especially if the charity you engaged with has no proper documentation and filing, your good intentions can look foul to the IRS. Always keep your legal documents close.

High Salary and Purchase Profile

Be wary of an audit, especially when you make sudden decisions such as donating your car. To the IRS, when a financial decision doesn’t amount to logic; for example, you donated a car and then you bought a brand-new one — you’re a clear target for investigation.

A Drop in Income and Sudden Increase in Donation

They say it’s easier to give when you’re in the process of sorting things out. But, when you’re going to donate something while you’re caught up in a financial challenge, then that is an IRS textbook definition of taking advantage of the deduction system. As a rule of thumb, make donating a habit, not a coping mechanism for stress.

There are times when a good act becomes clouded by the laws. But, if you helped others out with the best of intentions, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Why You Never Should Put Off Dent Repairs for Your Car

Dent Repairs

Dent RepairsNeglect, violent weather and unpredictable accidents can all put a dent in your car — and your wallet. These occurrences can leave you with permant damages on your vehicle. Some minor, while others bigger, more visible and more costly to repair.

Whether your vehicle has sustained a small or major dent, you should get it fixed as soon as possible. Experts suggest that you should contact a dent repair service in South Auckland right away, or you can end up facing any of these more serious problems:

Dents that worsen

Not all people are aware of this, but minor car body damages actually worsen over time. When left unfixed, those tiny nicks or small dents can turn into cracks in the vehicle’s paint. This will then eventually result in corrosion and rusting, which lead you to more problems.

Permanent damage

Rust and corrosion are two of the biggest enemies of vehicle owners. Once they develop, you will find it difficult to get rid of them. In fact, a deeply and severely rusted and corroded body may need more than just fixing — you may have to replace a huge part of the affected area, potentially costing you more money. Since these usually result from minor dents that you left unfixed, you should get rid of these seemingly minor aesthetic faults before right away.

Dramatically reduced trade-in or resale value

Failure to have those dents removed as soon as you can will have an impact on your vehicle’s trade-in and resale value. This may involve hundreds — if not thousands—of dollars cut off from its otherwise maximum value potential. And while you may not think of selling your car today, you definitely would not want to drive around in a damaged, aesthetically-compromised ride.

There are no good reasons for you to put off dent repairs. Apart from preserving the beauty of your ride, these services keep your vehicle’s value in good condition.

When You Need to Repair Your Vehicle

Car Engine

Car EngineVehicles are bound to wear and tear, which is why it is prone to major breakdowns. Just like other moving and grinding machines, they require regular maintenance to maintain optimal performance on the road. For a new truck, the dealer provides a comprehensive manual that entails the frequency of maintenance and repairs for the model. Since you are likely to use the truck in different terrains, the manual may turn out be just a basic guide.

Here are some signs that your truck requires immediate maintenance and repair:

Excessive smoke

If you are driving on a worn-out engine, you may note different smoke colors with different colors indicating distinct issues on your engine. Industry professional Warner Truck Centers shares that a white smoke signifies a damaged cylinder head and gasket allowing water and the coolant to get into the combustion chamber. Further inspections on the oil level and coolant level determine the need to check the extent of damage to the cylinder head. The scope of harm may call for repair or replacement.

Delayed transmission

Your truck transmission system is as vital as the engine that generates power. With a majority of the vehicles riding on a manual transmission, you cannot afford to drive on slipping gears. The transmission oil needs to be clean as any dirt is likely to cause the slow change in gears. Dirt on the fluid is also likely to clog the system resulting in a broken engagement. If it happens, you need to check the level of the fluid and perhaps flush the dirt out.

Greasy shocks

If your truck’s suspension system is not working properly, your truckload may be limited. A faulty suspension is likely to expose your vehicle to potential accidents due to instability. If you observe uneven wearing of the tires, ending and greasy shocks or drifting when making turns, it might be the right time for you to repair the components.

These are some of the things that you need to keep in mind. Preventive maintenance lowers the cost of vehicle repair.