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The Big Shift: How Shopping Malls Have Evolved

Couple in a mall with shopping bags

Couple in a mall with shopping bagsShopping malls aren’t what they used to be. Before, they were essentially big stores that house smaller businesses. Today, with retail competition getting more cutthroat and shoppers looking for quality goods and services, malls are no longer mere shopping centers; they’ve become lifestyle hubs.

The Dramatic Shift

The rise of e-commerce drives the chances in mall designs today. The ease of online shopping dramatically shifted the way people think about shopping. With just one click, they’re able to get the exact product they’re looking for at a price they are willing to pay. Shoppers have the added advantage of being able to compare prices from different online stores quickly. The convenience of online shopping is the very thing mall owners are up against. Thus, their strategy changed: Since they can’t compete with online convenience, mall retailers broaden customers’ shopping experience.

Lifestyle Malls

As a result, malls today offer complete downtown services with spas, salons, fitness centers, and even concert halls. Notice how modern malls often have massive glass roofs that flood the area with natural light. Some also have park-like features in their outdoor areas with cafes and restaurants where people can bring their pets.

The Addition of Commercial Green Spaces

One key factor in making shopping a lifestyle successful is the addition of green features. They make the interiors look and feel natural, laid-back, and unstaged rather than clinical and closed-off.

Architectural digests and economic magazines deduce that the addition of green spaces can help enhance the lifestyle vibe that’s crucial to the survival of the mall industry. Malls that integrate green spaces in their open or indoor areas should also invest in commercial lawn care and maintenance to maintain their pleasant aesthetics and ambiance.

Mall gardens are places where shoppers can relax; and when they are comfortable enough to lounge around longer in these spaces, they increase sale opportunities for the stores in the area. These spaces give shoppers leisure and entertainment they can’t experience online.

Malls have changed so much in the last years as they respond to the growing competition and ever-changing customer’s preferences. If you haven’t switched yet to making your shopping center a lifestyle hub, you’re most likely missing out.

Keep Your Good Looks Despite The Stress

a happy ladyStress at work and even at home is something you cannot avoid. And the result of being stressed out is much visible when you look older than your age. Then there are the pimples, blemishes, eye bags, grey hair and others that are some more noticeable manifestations of stress. Even gaining or losing weight can also be signs of stress.

Getting medical treatments like figure toning and chemical peel in Utah by Clarity Skin are a few examples of effective methods to gain your good looks back.

And then there are the small things you can do yourself every day to keep you glowing and help you combat the effects of stress.

Breathing Exercise

Breathing is the simplest thing to do when stressed, and you can do it anywhere. Inhale using your nose and exhale through your mouth. Breathing exercises help to relax your tensed muscles and skin and also to calm your emotions, one of the biggest contributors to stress.


This is not only for those who want to lose weight or to build their muscles. Workouts help to keep you in shape and sort your mind and emotions while you try to go through various routines. You can do simple yoga or gym exercises, even just brisk walking.


The mind is often busy when stressed that people forget to eat or even drink a glass of water. But did you know that merely drinking water can pull down your stress level significantly? Drinking water makes us feel refreshed and relaxed, and your skin becomes hydrated.

Balanced Diet

One popular way of venting out the pressure building inside is by eating too much, binge-eating. This may be enjoyable while you’re doing it, but it doesn’t make you better; in fact, it will most likely cause you to gain weight or develop diseases like obesity. So, a balanced diet is important, not only in maintaining a good body shape, but also regulating your hormones that contribute to your stress.


Keep a positive attitude in every problem you face so you can deal with it easier. Just a simple smile on your face not only lessens the intensity of your stress but also makes you feel relaxed and look much younger.

Even the simplest of things can make a lot of difference when we’re dealing with stressful situations. We forget about these in the face of bigger and more important matters. But making them your everyday habit can help you cope with stress and keep your good looks at the same time.

That Superior Feeling that Comes with Luscious Locks of Hair

Luscious Locks of HairBeing on top of the world is one of the best feelings in the world. You’re not bragging; you just feel attractive and confident. If you experience this every now and then, chances are, you’re having a good hair day.

Research reveals that feeling good about your hair results not only in feelings of happiness, but of superiority as well. That’s right — the more you admire your appearance, the more likely you’ll feel hierarchical.

The Study

The Stanford Graduate School of Business conducted a series of studies, which required men and women to recount the times they felt more or less attractive. The researchers followed up by asking participants if they agreed with the following statements: “Lower wages for women and ethnic minorities reflect lower skill and education level,” and “Some groups of people are inferior to other groups.”

Results showed that when participants experienced a “good hair day,” they were less likely to see inequality as problem. Unattractive memories, on the other hand, encouraged a negative view of inequality.

The Roadblocks to a Good Hair Day

Americans have always placed emphasis on the importance of physical appearance — and hair is a major factor. Despite all the efforts and bottles of hair spray, both men and women are not free from suffering bad hair days every now and then.  Fortunately, solutions are abundant.

Some men pay extra attention to their hair — and you might be one of them. A lot of men today go to their barber for more than just regular haircuts for maintenance or added styling. While some guys deal with messy bed hair, others struggle with losing their precious locks. If you’re a guy suffering from hair loss, MichiganHairRestoration.com suggests seeking neograft hair transplant treatments.

Hair is also a woman’s crowning glory. Sticky strands and split ends simply won’t make the cut, especially if they want to feel better about their appearance. Hair products and treatments hit the shelves, inviting women to try them out for lustrous locks.

Your sense of attractiveness dictates how you feel about yourself in the hierarchy. When your hair’s not styled to the nines, it’s normal to feel a little inferior. Instead of letting bad hair days get the best of you, feel better by caring for your hair every day. 

Don’t Waste Time at the Airport: Here’s How to Exit Fast


AirportAirportMost, if not all airports, including Perth’s, are always busy, so you can expect long queues at the entry, check-in, security, parking, and taxi bays.

Since you do not want to stay at the airport longer than what is needed, make sure you do the following and avoid serious hassles during your travels.

Review the policies of all the airports prior to the big day.

Read up on your local and destination airports’ policies before your flight. These should include the rules involving baggage, check-in, and fees, as Lifehacker advises. Not having any idea about these laws can result in delays, making you spend more time at the airport than necessary.

Besides, last minute additions of baggage cost more, so knowing the maximum carry-on luggage weight and making sure you do not go beyond it can be a real cost-saver.

Take advantage of the online check-in service.

Most airlines nowadays offer free online check-in services, which you can do between 24 to 48 hours prior to the flight schedule. All you need to do is to visit the airline’s website and check-in via the online platform. Doing this saves a lot of time, as you no longer have to wait in line at the airport.

Have all necessary documents at hand.

When moving through all entry and security check points, have all your important documents within easy reach. Compile your passport, ticket, check-in stub, itinerary, receipts, and other important paperwork together and place them in your carry-on bag or purse. This way, you can quickly show them when required.

Ditch the taxi lines.

Perth’s airport is always busy, so car hire is an alternative, unless you want to line up in the taxi queues. The best way to avoid this is to book a vehicle with a local company offering rental services with airport pickup or delivery. Reliable companies carry a wide array of models, from compact cars to SUVs – even 8 seater car hire in Perth – and will have the vehicle delivered to the airport before your arrival.

As long as you follow these strategies, you do not have to spend more time than necessary at both airports, so make sure to keep them in mind whenever you travel.

Child-Proof and Child-Friendly: A Safe Home for Your Little One

Home for Your Little One

Home for Your Little OneYou are expecting an additional member of your growing family in a few months’ time. Apart from buying new items for your little one, you have to make your home both childproof and child-friendly.

The difference between childproof and child-friendly

Most people think that childproof and child-friendly are the same when they are actually different thoughts. Childproofing is all about making your home safe. A child-friendly home, on the other hand, means making your home is a fun place to live in.

How do you make your home childproof?

Some of the more common contemporary childproofing tips include the following:

  • Make sure that all sharp objects are out of your child’s reach.
  • Plug outlet covers to avoid accidental electrocution.
  • Taper or provide adequate protection over pointed corners of furniture.
  • Jigsaw Balustrades recommends installing fences around the pool area.
  • Place adequate lighting in your home.
  • Use technology to connect your handheld devices to alarm systems in your home.
How do you make your home child-friendly?

Go back to your childhood and recall what things you considered fun. That way, you can incorporate them in your child-friendly home.

  • Paint bright hues in their rooms to boost their mood.
  • Children love cartoon characters. Buy large stickers of these characters or make DIY art that you can place on the walls of their room.
  • Whatever you have in your home, most children would want to have a smaller version of that just for them.
  • Dedicate a small room in the house for a play area. Decorate the space based on the interests of your children.
  • Frame the different drawings of your child and post them on your living room wall. As studies show, this brings a great sense of achievement to young minds.

It’s the responsibility of the parents to provide a safe and happy place for their children. After all, parents would want the best for their little ones.