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Why You Should Have Your Car Checked Regularly

Car Check-upHaving your car checked regularly at shops like Shadetree Automotive doesn’t only assure you it’s in perfect condition anywhere you go. It also saves your vehicle from further damage, and you from further unnecessary costs. Aside from these, there are many more reasons why you should have your car regularly checked.

It helps economize your fuel consumption.

You might not be aware of this, but having your car checked regularly actually helps you save up on fuel. Since check-ups make sure you don’t drive with tires that are deflated or with the wrong pressure, you can avoid consuming too much fuel. Also, since regular servicing ensures that your air filter and fuel lines are free of leaks and clogs, you can maximize each drop of gas in every ride.

It keeps your car’s value high.

Sooner or later, you can decide to sell your car and replace it with another. However, you don’t want to have your car lowballed, or give the buyer a reason to do such. Thus, to make sure your car’s value stays high, you need every part of it to be in perfect shape and working condition. You can only achieve this by having your car serviced regularly.

Regular check-ups make sure your car is safe to drive.

Most importantly, regular maintenance makes sure that your car is safe to drive anytime and anywhere. This is highly important, especially if you use your car as a primary mode of transport, or plan to use it for a long-distance drive.

Remember: As a driver and a car owner, your safety and the safety of others sharing the road with you are your topmost priority.


These reasons are more than enough for you to have your car checked regularly. So, if you haven’t done it yet, head to a car repair center in Kaysville today.

5 Water Damage Cleanup DON’Ts

Ceiling damage due to water leakWater damage is dreadful. But it can be more costly, dangerous, and devastating if you make some avoidable cleanup mistakes. Here are five DON’Ts to avoid during water damage cleanup and restoration.

Don’t try DIY-ing the cleanup

One primary consideration when thinking about who should do the mold cleanup job is the size of the moldy patch.

Don’t attempt the task if there has been significant water damage or the moldy area is more than approximately 10 square feet. Instead, call a water damage restoration contractor in Salt Lake City.

Don’t take your time

If you have a water problem, you have to act quickly. The longer you wait to seek help, the more likely mold will develop. And the longer the fungus grows, the more damage it will cause.

Don’t use bleach without taking safety precautions

If you decide to use bleach to clean up some mold, you must take adequate safety precautions. Don’t use bleach in closed spaces. Do not mix bleach with acids, ammonia, or other cleaners. Don’t use bleach without first putting on personal protective equipment (PPE) to shield your nose, eyes, mouth, and skin.

Don’t keep moldy porous materials

Don’t consume or keep any floodwater-damaged food. Also, it’s best to throw out moldy absorbent or porous materials and anything else that can’t be washed and disinfected. It’s tough to eradicate the entire mold growing in empty spaces or crevices in porous materials.

For absorbent stuff with sentimental or significant monetary value, place the items in a freezer ASAP and call a water damage restoration specialist.

Don’t caulk or paint moldy surfaces

Paint applied over wet or moldy surfaces will peel. Accordingly, before painting or caulking, clean up the entire mold and thoroughly dry the surfaces.

Your response to a water problem in your home will determine the extent of the damage the water will cause. Act quickly and avoid common cleanup pitfalls to prevent further damage to your property.

Basics of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial roofRegular inspections and preventive maintenance can extend the service life of your commercial roof system. They are essential in preventing roof issues and ensure that the system remains in its optimal condition. Schedule for a bi-annual roof repair in Provo to decrease the risk of water damage and avoid an expensive premature roof replacement. Commercial roofing experts share tips on maintaining your roof’s structural integrity.

Have an In-House Roof Maintenance Protocol

While it’s best to leave roofing matters into the hands of experienced specialists, there are still some aspects of maintenance that you can implement right where you are. For instance, you can limit the amount of foot traffic on your roof because this can damage the structure’s membrane. If you expect traffic, install pavers and walkway pads to protect the surface. Regular cleaning is also ideal to prevent debris from clogging the drains and creating a pool.

Keep Your Roof’s Historical File

It pays to keep an up-to-date file of your roof’s history. Anything from the installation, roof plan, as well as the changes made to it should be documented in detail. Include samples of the materials used, product specifications, and maintenance documentation to help future contractors when working on the system. This will also be helpful when claiming a warranty.

Word with a Qualified Roofing Company

Sometimes you can’t just shut down the entire facility to accommodate roof maintenance. This is why it’s important to hire an experienced commercial roofing company. They are trained to keep a low-profile job on site, so your business can run as usual. They are also capable of tracking hard-to-find problems that may be damaging your roof’s foundation.

Proper maintenance will not only improve your roof’s performance but also extend its useful life. You can also save a lot of money in the long run for preventing minor issues from worsening and damaging your property.

Toilet Matters: Scrap or Save?

Finger pushing button to flush toilet

Finger pushing button to flush toiletIf your toilet is giving you tons of trouble, then it’s best to replace it. While getting a new one could be the easiest route, it’s not your only option. For instance, if your toilet needs a few tweaks enough to fix the issue, then there’s no reason for you to spend a substantial amount of cash to purchase a new one.

Knowing when you need to repair or replace your toilet is the key to making a final decision. Take some cues from these warning signs:

A Crack in the Porcelain

You might see some hairline cracks in your toilet bowl or tank that don’t pose a problem, but know that these tiny cracks (if left unaddressed) could become bigger and render your toilet useless due to leaking and flooding. Inspect your bowl and tank for cracks regularly and monitor them to avoid bigger issues.

Chronic Clogs

If you feel tired of always having to use the plunger to get your toilet working, then you might need a replacement. In general, older toilet models need more than one flush and are usually plagued with occasional stoppages. If this is a significant issue for you, then get a new toilet.

Constant Repairs

Fixing a toilet that requires multiple repairs could involve several items, specifically in the tank, such as the fill valve, flapper, and handle. While these are simple repairs, it would still cost you some cash and time.

The key is to figure out how much you could save by replacing the toilet, especially if it’s already plagued with the issues mentioned above. Experienced plumbers in Orem advises that if you’re already planning on buying a new one in the future anyway, consider doing it earlier instead so you could save money on repairs in the long run.

To Save Money and Mother Earth

If you don’t know how old your toilet is and if it’s not one of the newer models with a low-flush system, it’s best to get rid of it and invest in a new, more eco-friendly design. Aside from saving money on your monthly water bills, you also be doing your part to help conserve water.

While these are justifiable reasons for replacing your toilet, it’s still best that you consult a professional to know for sure if a replacement is needed. A plumber would be able to point out any issues and offer professional advice on how to proceed.

Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable — Here’s How

Residential air conditioner compressor units near buildingLong-term reliability is one of the qualities that concern most American homeowners about installing new HVAC systems. Aside from ensuring a healthy and comfortable home environment, a good system is energy-efficient, operates quietly, and has minimal environmental impacts.

How can homeowners perform their HVAC maintenance tasks to benefit from an optimally performing system?

Maintenance packages

Local AC repair service providers in Salt Lake offer maintenance packages designed to boost overall system performance and efficiency. Inspection, cleaning, and tune-ups consist a checklist. This includes essential components, such as the filter, condensing coils, evaporator, and compressor. All electrical connections get the attention they deserve during the inspection. Lubrication of moving parts and removal of debris from outdoor components are part of the checkup as well.

Routine maintenance tips

Preventative maintenance once or twice a year extends the life of your HVAC system. It will avoid your appliances from breaking beyond repair. Most people are familiar with filter-related issues, but many are unaware of other important aspects. For instance, the right thermostat setting goes a long way in removing undue stresses on the system. A programmable model is preferable to the mechanical type, which you can upgrade for a reasonable cost. Another important component to inspect is the fan on top of the condenser unit. Get it checked to see if it already has hairline cracks. This part is located outside and does not always get the attention it deserves.

When it comes to external components, the efficiency of the entire system also rests on the airflow of the air condenser unit. Debris of any kind lessens the capacity of the system due to airflow resistance. Units found outside must be inspected periodically and cleaned to achieve the highest level of performance.

You may want to consider availing the benefits of a membership package offered by the best HVAC contractor and repair crew in your locality. Who doesn’t want to stay cool and comfortable for the rest of the year?

Tender Loving Care for Earthmoving Machinery

earthmoving operations
Mining and construction operations involve many different components including heavy machinery. Earthmoving machinery plays important roles in any mining or construction project. You may work in a firm that uses such machines. Due to their importance, and of course, due to their value, it is vital that you take care of this machinery.

Why Maintain Machinery

Heavy machinery maintenance protects the investment you gave to acquire the machinery. At the same time, maintenance also makes sure that the machinery can last for a long while, keeping you from investing anymore for new machinery. Thirdly, you can ensure the safety of workers since maintenance prevents heavy machinery accidents.

Lubricate Always

To properly maintain your equipment, you can start by simply lubricating moving parts all the time. Lack of lubrication leads to excess friction, which, in turn, causes extreme wear and tear. With constant lubrication, you can keep your heavy machinery going for numerous projects. It is equally important as well that you apply only the right amount of lubrication and that you use the right lubricant.

Monitor Closely

Although you can prolong the life of earthmoving machinery, wear and tear will still eventually take the machines. To prevent prolonged downtimes, you can closely monitor the machines and watch out for symptoms of problems. In this way, you can easily replace defective parts with new earthmoving machinery parts from Tuff Stuff.

Train Properly

You can prevent further issues from plaguing your machinery by training workers in proper machinery operation. Workers who lack in training can only lead to accidents and broken parts. Proper training can ensure that machinery is used properly and correctly.

Maintain Correctly

You can do many other things to maintain heavy machinery. You can clean the machines and use the right replacement parts. You can use a checklist to ensure all vital parts of machinery have been checked.

Religiously maintained heavy machinery can fulfil whatever task you need them to do. You keep these machines working as tools in the service of the larger picture, which is your firm’s operations.