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I Didn’t Know That: Lead in Pipes and Other Facts About Water

Water in a glassAbout 60% of the adult human body is water. However, we constantly lose this, usually through sweat and urine. Although opinions differ about how much water we should consume daily, the recommended intake is eight 8-ounce glasses a day. Drinking water has many health benefits. Apart from preventing dehydration, water helps improve brain function, relieve constipation, prevent hangovers, and help with weight loss.

As important as water is, however, it’s surprising that a number of people still don’t have ready access to clean drinking water. According to the World Health Organization, 423 million people worldwide get their water from unprotected wells and springs. In the United States, a majority of Americans get their tap water from public water systems.

Protecting Your Water

The problem with some plumbing systems, especially older ones, is that contaminants can mix with the water. Some old pipes still contain lead. Consumption of lead can affect health negatively and lead to such conditions as behavioral problems and learning disabilities in children. Children six years old and below are most at risk because their brains are still developing. Although not all pipes contain lead, it can still get through the pipes if these are not treated with protective barrier materials.

To get safe tap water, water treatment has to meet certain standards such as the use of protective barrier materials and have non-metallic potable water materials. According to industry professional Zebron, barrier materials used for public water systems must meet the NSF/ANSI 61.

Did You Know That…?

Apart from those mentioned above, here are some other facts about drinking water:

  • Only 1% of the world’s water is drinkable. Nearly 97% of the world’s water is salty or otherwise undrinkable while the other 2% is locked in ice caps and glaciers.
  • In 2010, the United Nations declared that access to safe and clean drinking water is a human right
  • Humans can live for a month without food but only a week without water
  • Over 89 billion liters of bottled water are sold each year
  • The United Nations declared March 22 as World Water Day

The need for safe and clean drinking water is undeniable; yet far too many people still don’t have access to it. We all must do our part, so everyone can access this basic right.

Toilet Matters: Scrap or Save?

Finger pushing button to flush toilet

Finger pushing button to flush toiletIf your toilet is giving you tons of trouble, then it’s best to replace it. While getting a new one could be the easiest route, it’s not your only option. For instance, if your toilet needs a few tweaks enough to fix the issue, then there’s no reason for you to spend a substantial amount of cash to purchase a new one.

Knowing when you need to repair or replace your toilet is the key to making a final decision. Take some cues from these warning signs:

A Crack in the Porcelain

You might see some hairline cracks in your toilet bowl or tank that don’t pose a problem, but know that these tiny cracks (if left unaddressed) could become bigger and render your toilet useless due to leaking and flooding. Inspect your bowl and tank for cracks regularly and monitor them to avoid bigger issues.

Chronic Clogs

If you feel tired of always having to use the plunger to get your toilet working, then you might need a replacement. In general, older toilet models need more than one flush and are usually plagued with occasional stoppages. If this is a significant issue for you, then get a new toilet.

Constant Repairs

Fixing a toilet that requires multiple repairs could involve several items, specifically in the tank, such as the fill valve, flapper, and handle. While these are simple repairs, it would still cost you some cash and time.

The key is to figure out how much you could save by replacing the toilet, especially if it’s already plagued with the issues mentioned above. Experienced plumbers in Orem advises that if you’re already planning on buying a new one in the future anyway, consider doing it earlier instead so you could save money on repairs in the long run.

To Save Money and Mother Earth

If you don’t know how old your toilet is and if it’s not one of the newer models with a low-flush system, it’s best to get rid of it and invest in a new, more eco-friendly design. Aside from saving money on your monthly water bills, you also be doing your part to help conserve water.

While these are justifiable reasons for replacing your toilet, it’s still best that you consult a professional to know for sure if a replacement is needed. A plumber would be able to point out any issues and offer professional advice on how to proceed.

Winterize Your Plumbing Pipes to Avoid Unwanted Emergencies

Frozen PipesThe colder months are here. While you’ve already donned your trusty parka and winter boots, if you don’t employ the right preventative measures, the plunging temperatures could take a toll on your household. All Hours Plumbing frequently reminds customers that winterizing their plumbing pipes are a big help in preventing leaks and breaks from happening at home. So, keep your plumbing system properly insulated to prevent potential plumbing damage.

Telltale Signs of Frozen Pipes

There a few signs that can help you determine if you have frozen pipes, and it can help you take the right precautions before it becomes a problem at all.

  • Clogged faucets – Perhaps you’ve turned on the faucet but there’s no water coming out. Check the main water pipe — it could be frozen.
  • Frosted pipes – Inspect your household to see if frost has accumulated on any of the pipes. This is a clear warning sign for you not to turn on the faucet.

Maintain Proper Insulation Indoors

Any cold air that makes its way indoors has the potential to freeze indoor pipes. To keep them well-insulated, consider investing in a water heater blanket. The blanket not only keeps the pipe insulated, it could also help cut down on your water bill by reducing water warm-up time at the faucet. In line with that, remember to drip the faucet overnight to keep the water from freezing.

Maintaining heat indoors is also a big help. So, close heat vents and adjust all thermostats accordingly to prevent cold air from gushing in.

Disconnect and Drain Outdoor Plumbing

Exterior pipes are prone to bursting, and a burst pipe could cause significant damage to walls and the ceiling. Disconnecting garden hoses and turning off drain sprinkler systems will help prevent such a thing from occuring. Shut off your main water valve, then turn all your faucets on to the drain the pipes of water. This helps release pressure, as a closed pipe creates a vacuum that holds water inside.

Winterize your plumbing this winter season to avoid any serious issues with your pipes. You can easily do this by maintaining proper insulation indoors and by draining faucets of excess water.

Professional Plumbers – Pros Do the Job Right

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services in Salt Lake CityHomeownership is a responsibility most people want. Along with it comes the task of ensuring that things are in good working order. Fixing small problems is easy enough whether it is an electrical outlet or a leaking faucet. For serious problems like backed up drains and leaky toilets or sewer line problems, it is important to hire a professional plumber. Yes, you have to spend money, but the advantages are unbeatable.

Reasons to hire a professional

Whether you live in Salt Lake City or elsewhere, professional plumbers can be easily contacted to help. Some advantages of getting one are:

  • Equipment: Professional plumbers in Salt Lake City have all the required tools for the job. Besides, they have the experience to figure out and fix problems fast.
  • Solutions: When you call professionals, they will be able to take care of your problem permanently. Whether the job involves repairs or installing new pipes or appliances, they can do it for a reasonable fee and do it right.
  • Multiple services: Professionals provide a wide range of services – installing new pipes, fixing issues with existing pipes, installing garbage disposals and dishwashers, washers and dryers and even repairing leaks. If you need your bathroom or kitchen updated, they can do that as well.
  • Handling emergencies: What if your water heater stops working in winter? Or started leaking? What if you have burst pipes? Most plumbing services offer 24/7 emergency service and they come right away. If you think hiring a plumber will be expensive, imagine if you had an overflowing toilet and the cost of dealing with the cleanup.
  • Diagnostics: One of the biggest advantages of having professional help is that they can aid you in figuring out problems in advance. They can check the whole system and help you deal with them effectively and pinpoint the cause.
  • Customer service: Since their services are essential, a good plumber will always provide direct numbers for emergencies.

If you had any doubts about why outsourcing work to a professional for a fee is necessary, these are some of the reasons why. Unless you are good at fixing things and have all the tools, call a professional. There will be some jobs that are beyond your expertise.

Save Your Budget: Invest in these Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services in Perth

Plumbing Services in Perth The plumbing system is one of the most commonly disregarded parts of a home, seeing as most of it is behind walls and under the floors. Even though pipes are engineered to last, households use them multiple times a day. That should be reason enough for homeowners to care for them.

Aside from following the do’s and don’ts of pipe and drainage use, invest in the following services, as these support the overall health of your plumbing system:

  • Routine inspection and maintenance

Experts from Perina Plumbing say there may be leaks in hidden pipes and behind walls. Routine inspection and maintenance is a key contributor to keeping the overall integrity of your home’s plumbing system. These services help avert damages that often lead to costly repairs. They also help extend the life of your pipes and drainages.

  • Annual drain and pipe unclogging

Although there are plenty of household solutions for unblocking pipes and drainages, nothing beats professionally carried-out unclogging services. There are just some types of materials, both organic and inorganic, that regular chemicals cannot dissolve. Licensed plumbers have the right equipment and formulas to tackle these clogging agents.

  • Leak detection

In an ABC article, Western Australia’s Water Corporation mentioned losing billions of litres of water on an annual basis, primarily due to leaks. Your home may be one of the sources of such problems.

This is not only an environmental problem; it is also costing you money. Because of leaks, many Perth homeowners are paying for more than what they should with their water bills. Even just a single leak can already cost you hundreds of dollars every year.

Acting fast can save you from plumbing-related troubles. Make repairs before small problems become bigger damages requiring costly solutions.

The Root of the Problem: Tree Roots Ruining Your Sewer System


PlumberGrass cut too short, pots popping with cluttered colours, plants stripped of lower leaves, and shrubs pruned into balls — these are just some of the most hideous landscaping mistakes that ruin curb appeal. These problems, however, have easy solutions, with  little changes here and there. What most homeowners frequently overlook when it comes to landscaping is the ‘wreck’ under their yard.

Landscaping can cause all kinds of problems in the plumbing system. Tree roots that grow inside sewer lines inevitably lead to drainage issues such as clogged kitchen sinks or overflowing toilets. This is why it is important to take important notice of plumbing factors when planning landscaping. Regular inspection and maintenance are also necessary.

The Trouble with Tree Roots

Tree roots naturally seek out sewer lines — or any water source for that matter — because they have moisture, oxygen, and the nutrients plants need to grow and mature. When a tree is planted too closely to sewer lines, the roots will eventually penetrate little cracks and openings to get the moisture it needs for nourishment.

Plumbing experts from WarmandDryUK.co.uk explain that initially, tiny roots get into the pipelines, but as they receive more nutrients, they grow and expand into a web of roots. As they damage sewer lines, they cause major plumbing system issues, including clogged, overflowing and slow-flowing drains.

Pipes may also break if the problem persists. Sewage can back up into your home, which exposes you to a host of health problems.

Prevention and Repair

Because of the risks associated with tree roots getting caught up in your sewer line, maintenance of your plumbing system should be at the top of your considerations when planning landscaping design. Call plumbing contractors before you even dig a hole in your yard; make sure there is a safe distance between the trees and pipelines.

You may also use various types of barriers, such as copper sulphate and potassium hydroxide to prevent root growth near your sewer lines. Be extra careful when choosing trees as well; you may want to avoid planting certain species, such as walnut, willow, and elm trees — at least near the pipe lines.

When you suspect damage in your system, the best thing to do is call plumbers. Usually, experts use a special camera to inspect the pipelines and identify damaged areas. From there, they will either recommend clearing or replacing of the sewer system. To prevent costly issues, clean and maintain the system regularly.

Trees are supposed to beautify your yard — not wreak havoc on and under it. Consider plumbing factors when designing your landscape.