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You Can Invest in Philippine Properties as a Retiree

island in the Philippines with propertiesIn 2017, more than 6.6 million foreign nationals visited the Philippines. The Department of Tourism said this is 11% more than the 2016 figures, and attributed it to improved air travel and scheduled cruises. It is also interesting to note that the majority of these are return visits to the country. That means foreign visitors come back to see the islands again and again. A good number of them also go on extended stays – or want to stay permanently.

PropertyAccess Philippines helps foreigners buy properties in the country, so they can have their own place whenever they come back. This is not only cheaper than staying in hotels or renting condo unit; it can also be a good investment opportunity for them.

Foreigners can have real estate investments

Philippine laws do not allow foreigners to own land in the country. However, a special package was created so that foreigners who wanted to retire in the Philippines can buy real estate. The Special Resident Retiree’s Visa is open to foreign nationals as young as 35 years old. This is a great opportunity for those who want to retire at an early age or have companies that they can run from anywhere in the world.

One of the requirements is a time deposit equivalent to USD$50,000. This same amount can be converted into a real estate investment, so the “retiree” can have a home to call his own. There are also different requirements for foreign nationals who want to bring their family or children with them when they settle down in the Philippines.

Expanding your investment portfolio

Condos or apartments in the city are great, but there are also investment opportunities in the islands. Foreigners love beachfront properties, as well as the relaxed and laid-back life in rural areas. Many foreign nationals have also bought beachfront properties, so they can have a weekend or vacation home away from the city. These can be turned into vacation rentals, or listed with Airbnb so that they can earn passive income when they’re not around.

The Philippines is a warm and welcoming country with plenty of room for foreign investments. The real estate industry is booming, so now is the best time to explore the opportunities.

Avoid Financial Headwinds When Buying A Home

Piggy bank with house model and stacked coinsMost people nurse the dream of owning a house as it comes with a great many benefits. When you build a house, you can customise it to meet your specific needs and style and dictate every aspect of its construction. Then there’s the added benefit of escaping rent and using the monthly payments to build equity in the house.

As you hunt for the ideal piece of land for sale in Wyndham Vale, bear a few crucial factors in mind for the best results.

Don’t keep up the Joneses

There’s a great deal of pride that comes with living in the hottest neighbourhood in a given region. But you shouldn’t let the need to make an impression drive your decision to buy a home. Many people have made this mistake, and it didn’t end well for them.

In most cases, this would entail taking on a huge mortgage that you might have trouble servicing. High repayments on such a loan can leave you cash-strapped to the extent of failing to pay your bills. Mortgage delinquency also puts your house at the risk of repossession by the bank.

Don’t underestimate other costs

Owning a home comes with other costs such as stamp duty, maintenance, insurance that you need to consider. These fees are in addition to the closing fees on the mortgage and home buying process. If you’re fully maxed out by the mortgage, you will have a hard time meeting these costs, which could set you up for hefty fines and penalties.

It is of great importance that you account for all these costs when committing. There are numerous mortgage calculators on the internet to help you with the process. Only by taking such precautionary measures can you avoid making mistakes that could cost you the home.

There’s a great deal of pride that comes with owning the roof over your family’s head. You stand a better chance of successful owning a home if you can sidestep the pressure of having to keep up with your friends.

Is 2018 the Best Time to Buy a House in America?

A house being put up for saleNew year, old question: Is the time ripe to finally buy a house? The interest rates are still close to historic lows, and the home prices are still rising. Perhaps, 2018 may be the last great year for America’s current real estate boom before the industry slowly turns cold.

If you have been renting for years and want to gain a foothold in the hot real estate market, home ownership is definitely on your mind. But is your unique situation suitable for buying over renting? Ask yourself these important questions:

Are You Renting a 3-Bedroom Apartment?

According to the 2018 Rental Affordability Report from ATTOM Data Solutions, it’s financially sensible to buy than continue renting. In 447 counties in America, the median-priced home costs less than the rent of a three-bedroom apartment in 240 of them.

Then again, you’re only going to save you if you’re currently renting a three-bedroom apartment. If you’re not, loaning to buy a single-detached, three-bedroom house won’t lower your monthly expenses.

Where Do You Live?

Of course, the location is a factor. Buying may be more affordable than renting in most markets, but that depends on where you actually live. The study reveals that most major metros, as well as their nearby areas, favorably slant toward renting.

Fortunately, there are notable exceptions. Any mortgage company in South Jordan could argue that buying is better than renting in Utah since the state’s real estate scene is red hot. In fact, the demand has been outpacing the supply. Other notable markets are Dallas, St. Louis, and Indianapolis.

What’s Your Goal?

Assess your priorities and be honest with yourself. If you want to purchase a property to make room for a growing family, then it’s a great decision. If you’re afraid to miss out, then the risks of buying might not be worth taking.

Compared with renting a property, buying a house comes with intangible benefits you can’t quantify. At the end of the day, it’s best to take out a mortgage when you’re ready to assume a major financial obligation for many years.

Deciding on a Second Home? Why Japan Should Be in Your List

Cityscape of JapanJapan is one of the most developed countries in Asia. Many people have dreamt of living there or stay long-term for a vacation to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily life. And who wouldn’t think so? Some even invest in properties, so they have a cozy place to stay.

If you’re planning to buy a property in Japan, whether it’s a house, an apartment, or a condominium, Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. says that you shouldn’t think twice. Here’s a list you need to read to convince you:

Japan is home to delicious food.

Do you like sushi? You’ll like it more when you taste the authentic ones made by sushi masters. Drop by any restaurant and you’ll see them made in front of you. Now that’s what you call fresh.

Other food you can enjoy in Japan are ramen, katsudon, yakitori, okonomiyaki, and okonomiyaki. You might also enjoy how Japan makes their food more mouthwatering with their presentation.

Japan is starting to expand globally.

Language barrier is still a problem in Japan, but they’re becoming more open to foreigners and the English language itself as years passed by. If you want to learn the language, there are schools to help you.

If you’re quite knowledgeable in Nihongo, on the other hand, why not take a part-time job and teach English to students? There’s the saying that you can’t learn a country’s culture without getting to know its locals.

Japan is so diverse, you wouldn’t get bored.

Japan has everything, from amazing robotics to different genres of music. There’s also fashion, animation, stage plays and musicals, and other forms of media. All these while keeping their traditional roots. No matter where you look, you wouldn’t get bored.

The land of the rising sun is worth taking interest in when looking for a second home. If it’s diversity that you want, it’s sure not to disappoint.

3 Mistakes to Avoid to Improve the Homebuying Experience

House Buying Buying a house is a significant milestone in every prospective homeowner’s life and as such, you need to tread with extra caution. Many people have a rather high expectation about their first home, and it leads them to make grave mistakes. Lifestyle magazines and TV shows do not help the situation when they parade pictures of lavish houses and label them as the perfect home.

Do not buy into impressions

Many potential homeowners fail to realize that they do not need and will never make use of some of the amenities they include in their houses. While you are likely to enjoy the luxuriousness of your bathroom, you are unlikely to use all the high-end kitchen equipment unless you’re hosting a large party.

As such, when planning a new home construction in Salt Lake City, you should splurge on items with an everyday use than those with occasional use. The same applies to having a state-of-the-art home theater, while you hardly have time to kick back and enjoy an excellent film.

Don’t think bigger is necessarily better

While a sprawling house on a nice spread on the hills might make you beam with pride and joy, it comes with massive and often hidden additional costs. A large home translates into steep heating and cooling bills. It also means that you have to incur substantial home running and repair costs. If operating on a tight budget, you will have to endure a significant amount of financial strain. In some instances, it could lower your standards of living since the house takes a considerable amount of your income.

Do not fail to carry out a thorough inspection

Even when the house is spanking new, do not take the contractors at their word, as it might land you into trouble later. Have a certified home inspector give the house a thorough check before committing to the deal. Your mortgage lender will carry out an independent check and if they identify a problem, you will have to start the process afresh.

Although buying a home is tricky and involving, you can breeze through the process and get that dream house. You only need to keep in mind these pointers, and you are off to a great start.

Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation

For most families, the kitchen is that place you download the day’s happenings as you feed your hungry bellies. Ultimately, you know it’s time to give your kitchen some tender ‘loving’ care if you no longer enjoying spending time there. Still unsure?

Here are some signs that the time has come to update your kitchen:

When your kitchen looks worn out

As a law of nature, over time a kitchen loses its aesthetic value and its functionality. Things get scuffed, cabinets break and get dents, the kitchen walls and those of the cabinets discolor, the floors crack, warp or get scratches. When you notice that everything in the kitchen seems too run down, then you know it’s time to contact kitchen remodel in Fort Wayne for a complete make-over.

An outdated kitchen

A1980 kitchen most likely needs an update.  Kitchens built then were designed to accommodate one cook. The culture today has it that many couples cook together. Moreover, people like to gather in the kitchen, and your kitchen needs to accommodate the changes.

Archaic Appliances

Technology has made its way into the modern kitchen changing the way many of us live. The smart appliances whose functions we cannot live without the demand that we add new features into our kitchens. The energy star dishwasher, the computer tablets that are quickly replacing the cookbooks, the flat screens that can be mounted in a kitchen, the electric coffee makers, wine cools, and under-cabinet refrigerators all need their place in the kitchen

Increasing clutter piles

When you notice that your kitchen clutter keeps piling up taking all the space, Serenity Kitchen and Bath says then it’s time to get a counter space remodel or more storage solutions. Regardless of your current layout, experts have custom storage solutions that can help you stay organized

If you’re thinking about selling your home

A modern kitchen adds value to your property and shortens the time it takes to sell it.  When your local realtor mentions that your kitchen is turn off, prospective buyers, then consider remodeling it

Beside these tell signs, if you no longer like how your kitchen looks and feels, follow your instincts and invite kitchen remodel experts to spruce up that space and give it some life

Before the Purchase: Know the Tricks of the Pre-Selling Trade

Exterior Shot of Pre-Selling Condo In real estate, buyers are lucky if they’re able to find and purchase a property for less than their market value, because they can resell it in the future for a bigger profit. There are several ways to obtain such a deal, and investing in a pre-selling condominium is one of them.

While pre-selling condos are indeed a lucrative investment, buying one will only pay off if you know how to choose the right piece of real estate.

Choose Your Developer Wisely

It’s normal to feel apprehensive towards buying a pre-selling unit because the finished product might not turn out as grand and sophisticated as expected. Established developers are more financially secure and have more quality projects, however, so it makes more sense for you to buy a pre-selling condo from a trusted developer.

Inspect the Show Flat

Before you buy a pre-selling condo, make sure you take the time to inspect the show flat which has been modelled after the actual unit. While they might be a fancy version of the actual property, make sure it still calls forth a vibe that you find enjoyable. Just make it a point to ask the real estate agent which fittings and furnishings are included in the unit you plan to purchase.

Location is Key

Buying property in township areas and business districts come with a hefty price tag. It’ll be a much wiser decision if you find a place in a soon-to-be thriving community. The ideal spot would be an area that combines good transport links and accessibility to commercial establishments. The more lifestyle attractions are around the area, the bigger the chance of higher returns in the future.

Look into Market Conditions

The whole point of buying a pre-selling unit is the promise that the property will eventually increase its market value by the time the project is completed. So, keep track of prevailing market conditions: examine annual data on capital appreciation and rental yields so you can plan your next move and rake in more profit.

There are several advantages to buying a pre-selling condo, such as enjoying the first-hand buyer’s purchase price and getting the first pick of the best units. Market experts suggest Paya Lebar Quarter‘s Park Place Residences, one of the latest Paya Lebar condominiums regenerating the urban district–offering the perfect combination of a prime location with access to plentiful retail and other amenities.

Don’t Make These 3 Critical Mistakes When Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate InvestmentThe real estate market is on the rebound and as such, it is the right time for investors to bring out their money. Whether you are doing it to improve your portfolio, there is a correct way of approaching this sector. While the allure of the market is strong, you should only venture into the real estate industry after clearly defining your needs, abilities and area of operations. Otherwise, you are likely to make some crucial mistakes. Here are some examples:

Not Having a Solid Plan

While it might sound cliché, Sentinel Property Group noted that having a solid plan is among the key elements commercial property investment companies take note of. When defining your plan, you have to research thoroughly into the current market dynamics and other crucial factors affecting the sector.

Not Having a Casual Approach

A truckload of myths surround the real estate sector, and many beginners swallow each lie they come across. The most successful plays on the market spend countless hours gathering knowledge and consulting with market experts to account for any possible scenario. This is to make future market projections align with investment plans and market needs. Winners do not play catch up; rather they create and think of solutions.

Not Having a Contingency Plan

Some make a single plan only and follow through with it — sometimes it works, other times it does not. Instead of buying a property only to be stuck with it, have a clear exit strategy. If the idea was to buy, hold and sell, consider how much the property would fetch you in rental income should a buyer prove hard to come by.

Many people view real estate as an ideal investment, but some fail to research further about it. While real estate investments seem glamorous, it takes a considerable amount of planning to achieve the runaway success.

3 Things to Remember When Buying a Home for the First Time

Buying a HomeBuying your first home is one of the most exciting purchases you’ll ever make. It’s a dream come true to many people, but you must be cautious about this purchase or you’ll regret it for years or decades to come. Don’t let the excitement dictate your decisions. Instead, weigh all the pros and cons before making a final choice. Here are some things you must do to purchase the best home for your needs.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

The home buying process is longer and more complicated than it seems to be. That’s why it’s better to hire someone who has the knowledge, experience and expertise about it — a real estate agent. An agent will be with you every step of the way, from providing you with various home listings to finalising the deal. With their help, you will find a house for sale.

Be Cautious of Your Credit Score

Not all people have the capability to buy a house in cash. Good thing you can get a mortgage loan from banks or lenders. However, you need to have a good credit score to qualify for a loan and to get a good deal with a low-interest rate. Better pay your bills on time and consistently to get a good credit score. This way, you can negotiate a better mortgage loan and interest rate based on your financial record and bank statement.

Think about Your Long-Term Plans

When buying a home, don’t just focus on how it looks, but on your long-term plans. Is the location of the home convenient enough for you to go to work and visit your friends and relatives? Is the size enough to make your whole family comfortable? Are there enough rooms for the number of children you have or are planning to have? Ask as many questions as you can and always have your future in mind, Hedgecock Group Real Estate reminds.

Remember these tips so you can be completely sure about the home you’re about to buy and avoid regretting your decision in the long run.

Denver Real Estate: Why Now Is the Best Time to Move to the Mile-High City

Denver Real EstateIf you’re considering moving to the Colorado’s capital, stop mulling over and start packing your bag. The city’s growth isn’t just fast; it’s nearly meteoric. To paint you a picture, Denver moving companies and construction firms work about 25 hours in 24-hour days to accommodate the influx of people coming in.

Gone are the days that the Mile-High City was just a desirable location to play. The newfound love of Americans to Denver and its sturdy economy have made it a perfect place to live, work, and raise a family.

From a real estate standpoint, here are some reasons calling Denver your next home makes absolute sense:

Soaring House Prices

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, the Denver metro is today’s hottest real estate market in America. Actually, scorching seems to be a more apt adjective than hot with its 11.7% increase in home prices last year.

Supply and demand, change in demographics, and rise in number of jobs have been the catalysts for Denver’s resurgence. The metro has more buyers than properties for sale, and become younger with immigration of a more youthful workforce. As Light Speed Delivery, Inc. notes, this has paved the way for the economy to thrive.

No Foreseen Changes in the Future

Although experts predict it would cool down a little bit this year, the outlook is still bright at 7.7% in 2016. As long as the supply doesn’t outpace demand (which is highly unlikely for the years to come), this would be the status quo for a long time.

More Value for Your Money

Whether you plan to build a new house, buy an existing one, or purchase a condo, your dollars couldn’t be safer in Denver. Even if you don’t see yourself living in this city in the next decade, putting your money in the this real estate market means nothing but gains.

Denver is the city of tomorrow. Its consistent strong performance nationwide isn’t a fluke, but rather an indication that tremendous growth and development is here to stay.