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Different Approaches to Maintaining an Aging Brain

Senior woman and her grandson reading a book togetherThe mind is still a scientific puzzle, which is why studies that focus on the human brain are ongoing as scientists try to unravel its mysteries. One thing is for sure, though, – the aging brain deteriorates more when you don’t take care of it.

Besides getting professional adult care in Lehi, help your aging parents keep their brain healthy to lower the chances of getting memory problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Here are easy approaches you can use to challenge their brain and maintain its strength.

  • Ask them to read more.

This hobby will benefit their memory and brain in so many ways that watching television won’t. A study even discovered that reading books can cause a 50 percent reduction in developing dementia. If it’s difficult for them to read for a long time, have them open a book for at least 30 minutes daily. Otherwise, they can choose shorter stories to read or divide the reading time throughout the day.

  • Watch their diet.

Scientists revealed that the brain requires the proper balance of nutrients to work properly. Plenty of studies already proved that high cholesterol and fat intake increases the chances for Alzheimer’s. Have them refrain from consuming fried foods and ensure that their diet includes nuts, fish, lean proteins, dark fruits, and vegetables.

  • Exercise with them daily.

It’s not a secret that exercise keeps the body healthy, but it’s also great for the brain. According to a research conducted by the University of Arizona, aerobic exercise can help fight the effects of an aging brain. Physical exercise assists in the flow of blood to the brain and can lower the possibilities of a stroke, diabetes, and heart attack, besides dementia and Alzheimer’s. Do yoga with them, bond on some yard work, or walk with them for 30 minutes daily.

The secret to keeping your parent’s brain healthy is engagement. Through mental and physical activity, their brains will keep busy. Have them develop good habits to reduce the chances of disease and keep their mind sharp as they age.

4 Effective Ways to Minimize the Signs of Aging in Your Face

Woman inspecting her face through a face mirrorWrinkles are natural signs of aging. The development of skin cells slows down as you age. If you are feeling like you are going to have wrinkles soon, the following tips may help minimize the risks or delay the process:

Have a facelift procedure

Facelifts are the quickest ways to get rid of wrinkles. However, if you are hesitant to go under the knife, it may be best to undergo a non-surgical facelift in NYC instead. The procedures available include Botox and Restylane. These treatments will help tighten your skin so that it will not sag.

Stop smoking

Smoking does not only affect the lungs; it also has a detrimental effect on the skin – it speeds up the aging process. This is because the habit affects the delivery of blood and nutrients to your skin. Smoking also dries out your skin.

Moisturize every night

The importance of moisturizing cannot be emphasized enough. Moisturizing is best done during the night because this is when most of the body is in a healing mode. The practice helps restore moisture on the skin, so that it will not appear too dry.

Sleep well

How many hours of sleep do you get every night? Sleep does wonders for your skin. Having a good night’s sleep will help keep those facial lines away. It also gives your body time to rest and heal itself.

At the end of the day, keeping up with a healthy diet and exercise helps in preventing signs of aging. The choices you make today will affect your future. Sometimes, it all boils down to your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Talk to a doctor to find out which treatment option or skin care regimen is right for you.

Memory Care: The Key to Happiness for a Dementia Patient

Caregiver assisting a senior man with DementiaDementia is a memory loss condition that commonly affects older people and can cause distress and confusion. Memory care is a way to help them feel calm and happy, as well as allow them to enjoy life again.

Approximately 47 million people worldwide have some form of dementia, a memory loss and communication disorder that affects older people but can strike at any age. Initially, dementia causes forgetfulness and the person may be lost and forget where familiar places are.

As the condition progresses, patients may forget how to perform simple personal care tasks, words in their language, or even family members’ names. They might also forget what they were doing mid-activity, ask the same questions repeatedly or get upset or aggressive when they don’t understand what is going on.

What Causes Dementia?

Dementia comes in a variety of types with different causes. Some are caused by tiny but progressive brain bleeds (vascular dementia), abnormal proteins in the nerve cells, or deterioration of the brain’s frontal lobe.

What is Memory Care?

In the later stages of the disease, people affected by dementia will need appropriate care. Memory care is ideal for those who can no longer stay in their home in Orem, but would like to maintain a certain level of independence. The building layout and decoration in a care facility is presented in a way that doesn’t add to confusion or allow them to wander off.

While bedrooms are private, living areas can be shared and support staff is ready to provide memory-enhancing activities. Some memory care facilities have their own ‘town center’ with shops, a post office, and other venues that feature the 1940’s or 50’s style to bring comfort. Residents are also encouraged to maintain their hobbies with a little help.

Memory care slows the progression of dementia, reduces confusion, and leads to a happier and calmer senior. Look for a facility and a team that offers quality and compassionate service. Make sure the place and the program aims to improve your loved one’s condition and quality of life.

4 Surprising Ways Yoga Can Change Your Life

Yoga BenefitsThere is no doubt that yoga has many benefits—even scientists prove it to be rewarding for both physical and mental health. Some people falsely believe that yoga is a mysterious practice from ancient cultures, which is only meant to dupe people into thinking that it will change their lives. What they don’t realize is yoga is more than a physical exercise. Here are some ways yoga can transform your life:


Yoga can give you a surprising deeper awareness of your body that will change how you perceive yourself. You will experience an inner power that you never knew existed. The soul is the core of your existence and yoga helps bring you to a state where you can connect with your soul and channel that power into reality.

Peace of mind

Have you been struggling with racing thoughts? You try so hard to sleep, but you can’t stop your mind from wandering. This is where yoga comes in. It teaches you to free your mind from worries and other unnecessary thoughts. Experts note that taking Reiki level 2 healing courses can even be a rewarding career since you help others relax and reduce stress.

Healthy eating habits

Something even more surprising may happen along the way as you progress in your journey in yoga. You will find that your craving for junk food and other unhealthy foods slowly goes away. This is probably due to your new-found awareness.

Deep sleep

There are many people that are silently suffering from insomnia. They have tried all kinds of medication, but nothing seems to be working. Yoga helps you sleep better by improving your cognitive function and conditioning your body to cope better with stress.

Yoga has been a practice for ages. There is a reason ancient men engaged in this practice. Its benefits have been proven time and again. It’s worth trying.