Race Start!: How “Running Man” Became a Global Phenomenon

South Korea’s influence on popular culture and entertainment has no doubt reached all parts of the globe — from the catchy tunes of Korean pop (K-pop) hitting the top spots of international music billboards to Korean skincare products like facial washes, serums, and glutathione lotions dominating shelves. The Korean Wave, commonly known as Hallyu, has

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beautiful skin

Glow With the Flow: IV Hydration Treatments That You Need to Try Out

Could re-hydration through an IV drip really replenish lost fluids and leave you feeling better and more energized? IV infusions claim to aid your body’s healing process as the vitamins and nutrients are delivered straight into the bloodstream. It also claims to deliver a range of health and wellness benefits that can boost your body’s immune system

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bride and groom

Tying the E-knot: A Guide to Planning Your Virtual Wedding

The number of marriages has fallen dramatically, with figures showing that weddings dropped by one-third after the pandemic. But as COVID-19 continues to disrupt our plans, unfazed couples chose to get creative with their preparations. Destination weddings, simulated bridal showers, micro-weddings, virtual marriages, and other creative plans have risen in popularity in recent months. Virtual weddings could be

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back pain

The Secret to Painless Nights: Tips to Help Relieve Back Pain

Researchers have long linked back pain and sleeping disorders. New data suggests a two-way relationship that can be mutually reinforcing. Pain can be a significant impediment that makes it difficult for many of us to relax, eventually resulting in sleepless nights. Additionally, patients who have sleep issues are more likely to develop discomfort or experience worse

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