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Preparing for a Career as a Pit Crew Member

You’ve been working for an automotive repair shop as an assistant mechanic for nearly eight months now. You assist the chief mechanic in services such as full engine clean, flush and fill, drive and fan belt inspections, and brake fluid change, among others. But you don’t want to get stuck in this assistant role. You

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How to Maintain Your Car For Longer

Owning a car is a chance to be more mobile without the hassle of commuting using public transport. But of course, it’s not that simple. Having your own car comes with just as many responsibilities as it has benefits. Many brands and makes such as Subaru come with potential repair costs that are relatively low compared to


Family Owned or Conventional Truck Dealerships: What Are Your Options?

Finding the right truck should not be a difficult task as you may have supposed. That’s irrespective of whether it will be for your off-road ventures, or for running farm activities or typical business errands. Well, yes, there is a lot of finding the right size of truck depending on your current and future uses.

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Driving in Manila: Basic Tips for Foreigners

Getting behind the wheel can be a means of meditation and an effective channel to improve problem-solving skills. For most people, driving also gives them a sense of control and peace of mind, especially after a day filled with meetings and conferences.   If you’re visiting Manila, great deals on sedan rentals are available, so you can

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Should You Fix Your Own Car to Save Cash?

Here’s the thing that you must remember about fixing, repairing, or replacing parts of your own car: You won’t set it on fire. The fear that comes with tinkering with auto mechanics is understandable. We’re afraid to damage the car and pay thousands of dollars because we have chosen to change the battery ourselves to

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Ways You Can Make Your Car Look Always Brand-New

It is not always very practical to keep buying cars. As such, when you invest in one, you make sure that you can keep it long-lasting or in its pristine condition. While the roads may not always agree with you, there are many ways you can maximise your car’s usability and keep it in its

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Most Reliable Used Pickup Trucks

Most trucks take a beating that is very different from what your regular luxury or family sedan, hatchback or SUV will receive. They tow heavy stuff, they carry heavy loads and are basically the mules of the daily heavy user. Checking out used pick-up trucks for sale is more complicated than just looking at the

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Why Choose the Mercedes Sprinter Over Other Vans?

The thought of mini-vans usually creates images of unattractive mid-sized cars used to haul kids to baseball practice. The market is teeming with cookie-cutter vans that appear to be huge and spacious from the outside but are actually cramped and claustrophobic inside. Buyers need to search for the best vans carefully. And one of the

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Make Money From Cars with These Business Ideas

The automobile industry is one of the biggest industrial sectors and this means there is a lot of money in it. It’s not just selling a car that will allow you to earn from automobiles, but also in additional services. Car owners spend a lot of money on their cars and you can use that

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Outsmarting Burglars: 3 Smart Ways to Prevent Car Break-ins

It’s every car owner’s nightmare: Discovering that their vehicle’s windows have been broken and their valuables stolen. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common reality. In many states, like Arizona, smash-and-grab is one of the typical modus operandi of burglars — it’s quick, easy, and at many times, less noticeable. If there’s any consolation, car break-ins

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