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Basic Truck Maintenance for The Giants of the Road

A truck trailer is the best for hard roads and heavy loads, but they also need the same care and attention you give to any vehicle. A well-maintained trailer truck needs regular checks and cleaning, inside and out. You could also check the following things on your own to make sure your truck trailer will

Hiring the Right Diesel Mechanic for an Auto Repair Job

Finding the right diesel mechanic in Auckland to handle your auto repair needs will help you save a lot of time and money in the long run. Sure, you can trust your brother-in-law, but if he’s not well-equipped with the right tools and training to work with a diesel auto, you have more to lose

Driving in Snow: 4WD Vehicle Safety Tricks

New Zealand weather could be erratic, even if you’re driving a 4WD vehicle. The addition of unexpected road ice and snow, as well as heavy fog or rain, could make driving conditions potentially dangerous. While it’s actually rare for snow to result in closed roads, you should take extra caution when driving. Below are some safety

Cherry Picker from UK

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Cherry Picker

Fruit farmers were the first ones to use the cherry picker. Today, however, many industries in the UK rely on the elevated platform for high-access jobs. With a cherry picker, you can trim tree branches, clean or fix roofs, repair broken electric posts and more. Emergency workers also use the elevated platform for rescue work.

Three Secrets to Getting the Best Deals when Buying a Pre-owned Car

It’s only natural to want to lower your motoring costs for a pleasant car owning experience. You are better off buying a used car rather than a new one, as it carries low initial costs. With the right considerations, such a move saves you thousands of dollars without slapping you with high vehicle maintenance costs.

The Most Common Towing Damages and How to Avoid Them

Cars weren’t built to be dragged around by other vehicles, and many weren’t built to do the dragging. But regrettable damages can be avoided when towing your car. Here are the ways you can easily turn a simple job into a giant mess! Doing It Yourself While there are many cases where a DIY towing

What to Do Before Buying a Classic Automobile

New Year, new ride. Many people believe that the new year is a fresh start, and they aren’t truly wrong. While some can make a good start at any given time, some need a little push. The same goes when you’re planning to get a new car. If you’re browsing through classic car lots for an

Find Those Keys: Crucial Suggestions to Counter Senior Moments

One of the biggest hardships of seniors is the retention of details due to memory issues. Imagine the frustration of "losing" one's keys simply because you forgot where you've left it. If you happen to relate to these senior problems, keep reading for a few helpful hints. Invest in Search Gadgets – If you're a

3 Things to Remember When Finding Car Parts Online

Today, you can practically find everything you need on the internet. Online sellers offer all kinds of products, including car parts. If you need a certain car part and you’re finding in difficult to find in your local stores, then there’s a big chance you can find it online instead, says a specialist from K.D.

Car Buying Ideas for Non-Car Enthusiasts

There are many car enthusiasts around the world, but the non-car enthusiasts probably outnumber them. Car knowledge is useful, but it isn’t exactly for everyone. For a car enthusiast, there are specific brands and specs that matter, and even when they already own a car, they might wish they could buy another. Auckland Motors know they

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