industrial crane loading containers in a cargo freight truck

Cargo Shipping for Newbies: Protect Yourself Against Exorbitant Fees

Shipping cargo can be quite tricky for those who are doing it for the first time because you will soon find out that the final bill might go beyond the published rates if you’re not careful. There are plenty of factors that might affect your freight costs, but fortunately, most of them are preventable and

Hand holding clump of soil

What’s the Deal With Soil pH?

It’s easy to think that the problems that arise from common issues in lawn care are due to pests, improper care, wrong grass, the weather, and even the people in the vicinity — but one thing may not be what’s on the forefront of your thinking: the pH of your soil. Lawn care can be

3 Practical Pointers to Help Survive Your Personal Financial Crisis

Life is never always smooth sailing. There are times when things go right that you only have a few or no worries at all in life, but there are also times when you experience a financial crisis that could completely change your current lifestyle. These include losing a job or getting demoted in your job, being involved in

Couple Clash: 3 Fights You’ll Have with Your Partner When Buying a Home

First comes love, then marriage. After that comes not the baby in a carriage, but actually the house. Sorry to burst your bubble, but indeed, a lot of couples decide to buy a house first before growing their family, knowing full well that the former is more stressful than the latter. In fact, it’s so stressful that

Getting a mortgage with a poor credit score

Mortgage Options for People with Bad or Low Credit

Most aspiring homeowners with low or bad credit think that they won’t ever have the chance to own their dream home because no lender would work with them right? Not necessarily. Yes, mortgage lenders want borrowers with good credit because it’s one of the main indicators of a borrower’s ability to pay their monthly mortgage

Mortgage Myths

Common Misconceptions About Home Loans

Rules regarding home loans are continually changing, which leaves borrowers with questions and misconceptions about mortgage loans. Many borrowers in Salt Lake City, Utah are confused when it comes to mortgage loans are concerned. Take a look at these misconceptions and how they are unmasked. It is best to borrow home loans from a reputable

VA Loans: Should You Pay a Down Payment?

The main appeal of VA (Veterans Affairs) loans is that they have lenient requirements compared to conventional mortgages. If you meet the qualifications, you can finance a home purchase without making a down payment. On top of that, you won’t have to pay mortgage insurance, which is required in conventional loans if you pay less

Businessman Pressing Business Loan Button

Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For Business Loans

You may want to open up branch outlets, boost your current venture or start up a different type of business. For you to achieve all these, you require funds. But, unless you have other income generating ventures, you can never accomplish such projects. If you are in such a predicament, you could consider applying for

Financial Obligations that Cause Major Pains when Ignored

Student loans, while necessary for most of undergraduate and graduate students across the United States, is a big burden. And delaying payments will only make matters worse, as forbearance means your balance earns interest, which is added to the principal and balloons the longer you leave the amount unpaid. This isn’t even the end of

Finance Your Dream Home With an FHA Loan

There’s a great deal of pride in owning the roof over your family’s head. As such, many people count on the ability to secure a mortgage loan to realize this dream. Unfortunately, lenders became skittish after the 2008 financial meltdown and tightened the borrower requirements. As a result, many people don’t quite make the cut

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