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The Formula for the ‘Perfect’ Smile, According to Science

Hide your bottom teeth, cover the gums, and set the lips at the right angle – the three most vital ingredients that create the perfect smile. Or at least according to dentists and researchers who came up with the formula. The study on the perfect smile is featured in the Dental Clinics of North America

PSA to Millennials: Get Small Dental Problems Sorted or Suffer from It

It is time to stop thinking that millennials, or Gen Y to some, have no clue in life. They do, in fact, have money, as opposed to public opinion. Many of them are working to keep themselves alive and are not reliant on their parents to cover their needs. But, this does not mean that

The Dangers of Serious Injuries and Radiation: Jobs That May Expose You

Some jobs are riskier than others. While there are jobs that expose workers to accidents, there are also those that put them at a higher risk of accidents plus radiation. Here are two of them. Miners No surprise there. Miners are constantly exposed to different risks so that their job is probably considered one of the

Plastic Surgeon in New Jersey

Reshaping Your Body the Cooler Way with CoolSculpting

Many people use different cosmetic enhancements to improve their physical features. Other than nose and breast enhancements, body contouring is one of the most in-demand among these cosmetic procedures. This treatment helps remove excess fat deposits to effectively reshape the body into slimmer and sexier form. Liposuction, for instance, is a popular body contouring procedure

The Kind of Diet to Follow After Having Your Teeth Whitened

Tooth whitening treatments account for a sizeable amount of profits in the dental industry. Many people want to achieve that pearly white smile we often see in advertisements. As such, the procedure has become more common and more accessible to people. What many do not know is that teeth whitening does not yield permanent results.

The Perfect Colors for a Man’s Bed

Selecting the perfect color scheme for a man’s bed is still hard, because of the color and pattern options. Don’t fear—below are some practical guidelines to design that perfect bed. Whites and Neutrals Dream World Design says you won’t go wrong with crisp beddings in whites and neutrals. The best thing about them is you


Education: A Valuable Tool in Avoiding Medical Malpractice

Cosmetic treatments are gradually gaining popularity. One of the reasons a number of people subject to facial reconstructions and endure injection pains is because the services assure them of safety and minimal risks. This fact, however, is relative to the practitioner carrying out the treatment. For practitioners, it is important to take up dermal fillers


Not Just Plain White: What Colour are Your Teeth?

Contrary to societal standards and common public belief, teeth are not just white. It is a shade of white, but there are several nuances to it all. In fact, dentists use a shade guide to accurately measure and determine tooth colour. There are a number of shade guides used by dental specialists across the globe.


4 Superstar Secrets to a Stunning Smile

Ever wonder how celebrities maintain their blindingly white smiles? It’s not always Photoshop! You’ll be surprised how perfect their smiles are in real life. Their secret? A few handy dental care tips that are simple and affordable! Regular Dental Visits Leading dentists in Didsbury recommend cleaning at least twice a year. There are stains, bacteria,

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