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a spacious room

Six Things You Can Use to Divide an Overly Spacious Room

Open-concept floor plans came to trend a few years back, and until now, many homeowners are still into it. Not surprising, because it easily creates the illusion of more square footage in a small space. It makes a room feel airier, and allows high-traffic without you knocking furniture over, or bumping your toe into edges.

being a handy man

How Being a Handyman Benefits You As a Person

Some people wear many hats, figuratively speaking. Think about that one friend who surprised you with their hidden skills. For example, when you learn that a person you work closely with at the office who is an expert at creating advanced spreadsheets also has amazing cooking skills at home. When you are a homeowner, and

reading book

Credibility Bookcase: The World Is Judging Your Intellect When You’re on Zoom

In the age of Zoom, our bookcases earn a rare moment in the spotlight. In a video call interview with Stephen Colbert, actress Cate Blanchett attracted global attention not only because of her charm and grace but also because of her full collection of Oxford English dictionaries and other interesting titles. Some people like having

Gardener applying turf rolls in the backyard

It’s Time to Consider Backyard Gardening

Tending to your garden during a pandemic is good for your health and well-being. For one, gardening and nature have proven benefits to one’s mental health. Second, it helps reduce depression, anxiety, and heart disease. Most importantly growing a vegetable garden will give you a healthy food supply. Your produce will be organic and free from

chefs inside the kitchen

Why You Should Make the Kitchen a Top Priority When Buying a New Home

Many homeowners looked at a property, saw the layout and the location, and made an immediate offer for it. The one mistake you can do as a homeowner is to forget to consider the kitchen and not make it a top priority. Many people still do that—they overlook how important the kitchen is when this is where


Save Money by Installing Window Tints

The average American household spends a whopping $2,200 on utilities every year. Guess where more than half of that goes? That’s right: heating and air-conditioning, and those costs go up if you live in places with temperature extremes, like Arizona, or Alaska. Heck, even places like California, which is famous for having year-round moderate weather,


Innovative Ways to Invite Natural Light into Your Home

These days, many of us barely have enough time to enjoy the benefits of natural light. Thanks to its health and energy-saving benefits, many homeowners are now on the lookout for ways to take advantage of natural light. What better way to effortlessly increase natural light in your home than by tackling specific home improvements?

kids playing

Easy Ways to Encourage Kids to Enjoy the Outdoors

Kids these days are spending less time outdoors, and this doesn’t just mark an interesting comparison between modern habits and those of previous generations. Studies show that today’s youth spends only up to seven minutes for unstructured outdoor activity on average, as compared to their average time exposed to screens and spent with electronic activities,

Wooden shingle roof with molds and algaes on the surface

Blue-Green Algae: The Organism That Has Been Messing Roofs For Ages

When you are driving down any street in Wisconsin, check the roofs of buildings. There is a likelihood of seeing several roofs with brown or black marks. Many property owners mistake this for moss or mold. What you are seeing in real sense is a protective layer against sun rays. Algae that go by the

tree house

5 Things to Remember Before Building a Tree House

Childhood is a fleeting time for both your kids and yourself as a parent. That’s why you try hard to squeeze in as much fun and guidance as you can. When it comes to the former, only a few things can beat the enchanting enjoyment of a backyard treehouse. If you’ve decided to take on

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