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Why You Should Consider Having a Granny Flat

If an elderly relative has been having falls and it’s no longer safe for them to live alone, they don’t have to go into a residential home. There is a better solution – a granny flat! Granny flats are the perfect solution for people who don’t want to grow old too gracefully and hate the

Spring Landscaping: 5 Things to Consider

Spring is a lovely season as flowers start to bloom, lawns start to thicken, and butterflies appear. For the green thumb, it’s the best time to do some landscaping. And it can be a lot of work as your space is unearthed and old plants are uprooted. You’ll definitely need the service of a dumpster

Buying a Water Softener: Key Features to Consider

Water is an essential commodity. Most of the water found in the world, however, is hard water. This contains minerals and at times traces of industrial runoff and sewage. Hard water leaves your skin feeling rough and dry after a shower, your dishes cloudy and clothes stiff and uncomfortable to wear. It also deposits minerals in your appliances,

Why Millennials Love Garden Fences

Millennials have a stronger attachment to appearances and their branding. The idea of a personal brand for each individual didn’t even exist until social media, a highly millennial experience, became a cultural staple. Personal branding has even extended to house design, which has become a huge passion for millennials who want their homes to reflect

Wooden staircase with glass rail

Repainting Wooden Stairs: What You Need to Know

You might be a little bored with your staircase’s current colour, which is why you are thinking of repainting it a different shade this time. Repainting jobs can be messy, and they are never easy, which is why you have to be careful and follow some tips to get the job done successfully. Ackworth House

Foundation Cracks: When to Worry

It’s common for homeowners to see small cracks in their home from time to time. The cause of cracking can be something as benign as the house settling with age or something major like soil movement underneath the house or even the weather. However, it’s difficult to tell if those cracks can lead to bigger

5 Water Damage Cleanup DON’Ts

Water damage is dreadful. But it can be more costly, dangerous, and devastating if you make some avoidable cleanup mistakes. Here are five DON’Ts to avoid during water damage cleanup and restoration. Don’t try DIY-ing the cleanup One primary consideration when thinking about who should do the mold cleanup job is the size of the

Is 2018 the Best Time to Buy a House in America?

New year, old question: Is the time ripe to finally buy a house? The interest rates are still close to historic lows, and the home prices are still rising. Perhaps, 2018 may be the last great year for America’s current real estate boom before the industry slowly turns cold. If you have been renting for

Tips for Choosing a Dehumidifier for Your Home

A dehumidifier is a powerful tool that will fundamentally render your living and working environment much healthier. This is especially true if you are sweltering summer humidity or dealing with damp winter weather. This appliance will also protect your belongings from mold and mildew. If you are thinking of buying a dehumidifier, you will find the following tips

Finger pushing button to flush toilet

Toilet Matters: Scrap or Save?

If your toilet is giving you tons of trouble, then it’s best to replace it. While getting a new one could be the easiest route, it’s not your only option. For instance, if your toilet needs a few tweaks enough to fix the issue, then there’s no reason for you to spend a substantial amount of

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