Neon signage across the street

How to Take Good Pictures of Your Neon Signage

Neon signs are pretty to look at and yet they’re quite difficult to take pictures of. They catch the eyes of passers-by, making them notice your signage and of course, your business. If you have a big following on social media or you’re just trying to get the word out there, then you might want to take


Rediscover Manila: Places to Visit in the City

Manila may be an old city, but the capital of the Philippines will never lose its youth and charm. It continues to innovate and surprise everyone. Basically, its beauty lies in the fact that it successfully marries the old and the new. It remains a top tourist destination for many reasons. Whether you are a

gold ring with diamond

Basic Types of Diamonds According to Cut and Colour

Not all precious diamonds are made equal. In fact, diamonds fall under various categories and classifications. To help you learn more about it as you shop for a vintage engagement ring in Hatton Garden, we have enumerated each type based on these two categories: colour and cut. Colour Natural Diamonds – Regular diamonds are usually colourless. Natural diamonds form due to

Man travelling with his parents

The Checklist You Need when Travelling with Ageing Parents

Many studies support the idea that spending time outdoors has a positive impact on the health of older adults. Aside from encouraging your parents to go out more and do light exercises like a walk in the park, it is also nice if you can bring them to vacations while you still can. Vacationing with

3 Beautiful Places to Go Sunset Watching in Singapore

There is something stunning about watching the sun setting, as the red, orange, blue and purple hues deepen minutes before darkness sets in. The best part is that this magical phenomenon happens every day. Despite the concrete jungle that is Singapore, there are many spots here where you can catch the magical moment in all

4 Killer Tricks to a Successful Event

Organizing an event can be extremely stressful, especially when considering the amount of work you have to do and fulfill. One wrong move and it can ruin all your hard work. Luckily, there are steps you can follow to manage everything properly and avoid disasters from happening. These techniques are the key to the success of your event

The Battle of the Invisibles: Invisalign vs. Lingual Braces

Gone are the days you need to wear a rather heavy device on your head just to get your teeth aligned. No more awkward smiles for graduation or prom photos or one-sided grin due to embarrassment. The advancement of dental technology has not only led to the discovery of alternative means to straighten one’s teeth.

When Young Athletes Are Low on Morale, Cheer Them On

When a young athlete feels down, parents and coaches are their first and most important cheerleaders. When extensive training days or a bad season begin to take their toll on young athletes, they need all the support they can get. How can you show them your support? Here are some ways: Cheer Them On Watch

Stage Theatre 101: Proper Etiquette

There is a huge difference between going to the theatre to watch the latest movie and going to the theatre to watch a live show. Differences in etiquette and conduct need to be observed, reminds an expert from Brisbane Powerhouse. Stage theatre etiquette everyone needs to know: Turn off your cellphone. Your Single Ladies ringtone

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