Expert-level Tricks to Look Better in Your Photos

Knowing your best angle in photos is as important as dressing up for it. Yes, it might sound a bit superficial but in such a social-media-obsessed world, one cannot help but think someone’s always snapping photos somewhere. Do you really want your out-of-bed-look to be on Facebook and Instagram? But most people don’t even know

Business as usual

A Company’s Guide of What Millennials Want in a Workplace

The first digitally-native generation is dominating the workplace more and more each day. Millennials are projected to comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025. Although all generations face challenges as they enter the labour force, this generation is different from its predecessors since they grew up in a time when the digital revolution

sleeping baby on moms shoulder

4 Things You Need to Know about Shopping for Baby Clothes

Raising a baby is not for the faint of heart. It requires tremendous amounts of understanding and patience. However, it’s not without its rewards. One of the many joys of parenthood is shopping for the baby’s new wardrobe. Whether you’re shopping in advance or for a newborn, it’s important to remember that buying clothes for

working from home

Prepare Yourself for the next Step in the Trend of Working from Home

Although Covid-19 has disrupted the world, not everyone has been affected equally. Across the globe, some countries have managed to flatten the curve, while others are struggling to contain the continued spread of the coronavirus. As a result, the travel industry is still reeling, and its path to recovery remains uncertain. Depending on where you

Society concept

Easing the Burden of Societal Pressures

As you grow older, you have to put more attention to your well-being. You may start to feel things in your body that you do not understand. If you want to get that checked, it would not hurt for you to consult your doctor. It is better for you to know if you need to

Young professionals

Four Life Checks Every Young Professional Needs to Do Now

Before reaching a point of experiencing the so-called “midlife crisis,” many young professionals have the opportunity to take stock and better align their lives to their ultimate goals and aspirations. To avoid frustration and getting a sense of “purposelessness”, it is wise to stop for a while and review everything that has been happening in


Meal Planning for the Family Sans the Headache

As a parent who heads and manages the household, you know too well the challenges that come with cooking for the family. You will need to think of it carefully to ensure that everyone gets proper nutrition while seeing to it that they also enjoy what they eat. At the same time, you need to

Stressed-out Parent? Here’s How You Can Handle It Gracefully

Description: Being a parent is a tough job. It is full of stressors and factors that cause anxiety. But there are some ways you can deal with them gracefully. Raising kids is not always a walk in the park. It is not always rosy as many overly optimistic parents paint it to be. Many times,

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A Guide for Men Who Want to Look Irresistible on Their First Date

When you have your eyes set on someone, it’s only normal that you want to look your best for them. But if you’re not particularly fashionable or charismatic, doing that can be tough. So, instead of failing and risking a rejection, you’ll just cower in a corner, admiring her from afar. But if you successfully

happy person

Practical Ways to Achieve the Best Version of Yourself

Every person desires the best of everything. This includes being the best version of themselves. It seems to be a big dream. But the good news is that it is something that one can achieve. Are you in the quest to improve yourself? Here are practical ways that can get you there. Align Your Lifestyle

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