Race Start!: How “Running Man” Became a Global Phenomenon

South Korea’s influence on popular culture and entertainment has no doubt reached all parts of the globe — from the catchy tunes of Korean pop (K-pop) hitting the top spots of international music billboards to Korean skincare products like facial washes, serums, and glutathione lotions dominating shelves. The Korean Wave, commonly known as Hallyu, has

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Tying the E-knot: A Guide to Planning Your Virtual Wedding

The number of marriages has fallen dramatically, with figures showing that weddings dropped by one-third after the pandemic. But as COVID-19 continues to disrupt our plans, unfazed couples chose to get creative with their preparations. Destination weddings, simulated bridal showers, micro-weddings, virtual marriages, and other creative plans have risen in popularity in recent months. Virtual weddings could be


Take Only The Responsibility Your Due

People take different stances on kindness and have a genuine concern for others. Some abide by the philosophy of altruism, others utilitarianism, and there are those that practice very religious selflessness to achieve the collective good. By nature, we humans strongly value collaboration and helping others accomplish responsibilities, and working with community spirit has long

The Law of Attraction: How Does It Help with Your Mental Health?

Throughout much of our lives, we have always been striving to reach particular long-term goals.  A part of striving towards these goals is visualizing the rewards we can achieve from achieving these goals. Whether it’s getting good grades, getting recognized for the hard work that you’ve done, or saving up for that dream car that

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Planning a Proposal: Finding an Ideal Place to Pop the Question

Finding your perfect match is an exhilarating experience. Knowing that you have someone who shares the same passion for life and adventure will definitely make you feel happier and content. Thus, if you believe you found the ideal partner that you can share your life with, it’s only natural to start thinking about the next

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Key Considerations for Seniors to Make When Traveling Amid a Pandemic

Seniors are actually looking forward to their retirement because they want to travel. Many of them have worked for years to save, so they can go around the world when they are older and have fewer responsibilities. And then, the pandemic happened. Everything went upside down for the senior community. Not only can they not

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Fun and Creative Photoshoot Concepts for Your Newborn

Experts say that documenting the growth and progress of our babies is OK to do—given we follow some safety guidelines to ensure that it won’t impede on our child’s budding sense of self as they grow up. So if you’re a new parent and you want to document this important milestone in your family journey,


Why More Parents are Willing to Spend Money on Luxury Children’s Wear

More parents, usually millennials and those from well-off families, are spending hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars just on their kid’s clothes alone. Many people would raise their eyebrows at such a trend. They believe that there is no point in wasting money on items the kids will quickly outgrow. According to statistics, the

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How to Earn from Your Love of Pop Culture

If you grew up consuming and loving popular movies, TV shows, music, and games and have a lot of pop culture knowledge, maybe it’s time to consider turning it into a side hustle. There are plenty of ways to earn money from being a pop-culture savant, and here are some options you can explore to

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Everything You Need to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Just because we’re in a pandemic doesn’t mean we have to put our entire lives on hold. If you’re reading this right now, it means your life is about to enter a new chapter. And every new chapter deserves a great beginning. So instead of letting the pandemic stop you from having a physical baby

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