Brunch with Friends

What is It About Late Breakfast on a Sunday that Americans Love?

In 1896, a column from New Oxford newspaper wrote, “the latest ‘fad’ is to issue invitations for a meal called ‘brunch’… a repast at 11 o’clock a.m.” Fast forward to 2017 and this “fad” hasn’t died out like fads usually do. Originally intended for the affluent as a drawn-out elaborate affair, brunch soon crept into

Weight Loss in San Juan Capistrano

Personal Preparations to Finalize Your Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss is a difficult subject for many overweight people because it’s an emotionally distressing part of their lives. It isn’t easy to sacrifice some habits that you’ve grown up and lived with during the larger part of your life, even though you’re fully aware of its damaging consequences. However, you can start with these

Effective Business Management: 5 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Employees

A good job is hard to find, but it is much harder to keep good employees. As an executive, your job is to ensure that your company is staffed with people who are happy and motivated to work. Over the years, employee retention has become a major issue for many corporations. This is mainly because

Food Blogger

Essential Advice for Food Bloggers, Writers and Critics

Becoming a food critic, a writer or a blogger can be a rewarding and enlightening experience. You learn so much about dishes you have never thought about eating before and discover the fascinating history of recipes. If you want to be an effective writer, keep these important things in mind: Be Productive and Updated A

5 Health Benefits of Bone Broth

In the past years, the health benefits of bone broth have gained immense popularity across the globe. The health benefits of bone broth were once a little-known secret, until today. There are many health benefits of including this into your daily diet. The broth is an ancient food that traditional cultures have been using for

Marine Audio Buying Guide: What You Need to Know

Marine audio systems though were not subjected to intense military marine training are designed to withstand extreme external condition. And yes, as the name suggest, it can withstand water too. A marine audio system can survive the harshest of climates while still being able to give you good quality sound. But like other things, not

Group Exercise Routines That You Can Enjoy With Friends

Planning to lose weight and stay fit? Why not get your friends to join you in your endeavour? Not only will you be enjoying each other’s company when exercising, but you can also monitor and guide each other in completing your weight goals. Here are a few group exercise activities that you can choose from:

3 Design Changes for Your Home

There are a number of ways you can make slight design changes to your home that make a big difference. Popular changes tend to include: bedroom renovations, repainting and adding new furniture pieces. However, there are several other places in your home that can also be improved to help add that ‘wow’ factor at little

Vintage Wedding

3 Things to Do When Planning a Vintage Wedding

One of the most popular wedding themes these days is the vintage wedding. There’s something about bringing back the good old days that is extremely appealing to those who are about to tie the knot. Maybe it’s because of the nostalgia factor, or maybe it’s because of the rustic appeal. Whatever the reasons are, here

Finding a Local Florist

Some people grow complacent of the daily grind to the point of forgetting important occasions. Good thing there is a quick fix—a bouquet of flowers. If you are wondering where to get those flowers and how to deliver them to the recipient without you leaving the office, fret not, because your local florist is just

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