dehydrated woman under the sun

Summer War: The Human Body vs. Heat

Summer is an enjoyable season. Visions of exotic beaches, sparkling blue waters, delightful water sports, and the feeling of sand beneath your feet can really make you look forward to it every year. However, amidst all these paradisiacal descriptions, there’s one thing that makes summer somehow undesirable — the heat. To beat the heat and

Pineapple pizza

Why You Should Finally Put the ‘Pineapple on Pizza’ Debate to Rest

If you are a foodie, or just simply a pizza lover, it should not be surprising for you to come across one of the most controversial food debates in recent years: should pineapple be on pizza or not? The whole buzz about this pineapple on pizza thing started at around 2017. This is when the

catering service

The Importance of Market Segment Selection for a Catering Enterprise

By selecting the right market niche to serve, your fledgeling catering business can set itself apart from the competition. In addition, knowing what your target market expects can help you optimize your business infrastructure to meet these demands. So you’ve received glowing reviews about your cooking and have perfected not one but several recipes. You

baby girl in cute pigtails and clothes

Top Tips for Spicing Up Your Baby’s Wardrobe

It’s a given that every baby is cute. But there are times when you want your baby to look extra cute or have a style of their own. That’s why many baby boutiques in Phoenix, AZ and other states offer the coolest outfits for babies. And you can add even more glamour to your little

Defocused and blurred image for background of children's playground,activities at public park

Why Suburbs Need Outdoor Recreation Areas

When you choose a location to live in, it is essential to know what kind of life is waiting for you in your new location. Are there shopping malls, golf courses, hospitals, schools, or race tracks near the area? These are things that you need to know before you commit yourself and sign on the dotted

Champagne bottle in a bucket

Champagne: The Perfect Gift for Any Celebration

There is no sparkler more popular than champagne. If you ask the French, Champagne is a region in France producing sparkling wine. For most people around the world, champagne is that ever-present drink during prestigious events. After that glorious pop of the cork coming out of the bottle, there’s liquid gold for a fun-filled celebration.

Celebrating a colleague's birthday in the office

Creative Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

There are an estimated 814,000 people in the country that celebrate their birthdays on a given day. Plus, it’s not just birthday parties that people celebrate. This means that there is always a need for you to give gifts. These are five things you might want to consider giving your friend for whatever celebration they

dog licking its owner

Dog Training Guide for Every Fur Parent

Not everyone has a calling of being a parent, but more and more millennials are starting to open themselves for a similar role— being a fur parent. Millennials, unlike the generation before them, are focusing on raising a household which consists of them and their pets, rather than having a conventional family where there are

two people exchanging business card

How to Use Your Business Card as a Marketing Tool

A business card is not just a card containing a company’s contact information. It represents what the business stands for, as well. There are many kinds of business cards that have been designed throughout the years of its use. But for those who have a distinctive taste, fold-out business cards are becoming more popular in terms of style

SAT tutorial in the library

SAT tutoring in London: open access

One of the great benefits to the digital revolution is that it makes the world a much smaller place. Friends in Dublin and Dubai can video chat as if they were in the same room. It’s no longer necessary for someone to be in the same place as the service they want to access, even

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