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Manager at a Physical Store

Physical Store and Online Presence: a Healthy Combination for Business

About a decade or so ago, the trend was to take your business online. Whether you decided to complement your offline business with your online presence, or removed your brick-and-mortar entirely to favor your online version, what mattered was you had a website. Now the trend seems to be the reverse: for purely online businesses

Clear as Day: Making Good Use of Transparency in Web Design

The trick of making certain elements of web page transparent has been around for some time. Despite this, many web designers still utilize this aesthetic this to give a website a refreshing interface. In fact, the transparency effect scores well with usability and aesthetics. Working with transparency to develop a website, however, has some hidden

Google’s Mobile-First Index: What Does It Mean for E-commerce?

A couple of weeks ago, Google began testing the mobile-first index that makes mobile e-commerce experience more valuable to natural search performance. This is big news to SEO services in Denver and around the globe, especially since shopping is the central activity for mobile users. As revealed by Google, four out of five smartphone users

Outsourcing in Auckland

Save More: The Business Benefits of Outsourcing

Many businesses have found it more practical to outsource certain portions of their production and maintenance. It’s simply more cost-effective to do so after all. If You Still Aren’t Sure Hiring staff can be tricky. You want to be sure of the quality of their work, and you also want to be sure you’ll get

Essential Marketing and Promotional Hacks for Your Art Collective

You don’t need to be a solo artist to be well-known. Creating an artist’s cooperative can be a vital step to earning recognition for your artworks. If your goal is to become a recognized entity by the community, this article lists down a few steps to help you get started. Spread the Word Any skill

A Quick Beginners’ Guide to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

If you haven’t used Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for your business, you’re missing a big opportunity to achieve success in the growing online world. Most of your competitors are probably using it already, so it’s high time you do. SEM in a nutshell Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are three of the biggest and most popular

Selling Your Home? The Photos to Avoid Posting

Most homeowners who want to sell their homes are not trained to “sell” photos they post on property listings. They unknowingly set themselves up for a difficult time in finding buyers because of the murky shots. It is not that they have to Photoshop anything; they just have to know how to take appealing pictures.

How to Make Digital Marketing Work for Your Business

Changes are part of life, whether you want them or not. In marketing, changes come in various forms and they demand quick and specific responses. In addition to shifting consumer behavior, some of the things that you need to be ready for are new marketing techniques and technological improvements. Businesses now go beyond television, radio,

8 Furniture Moving Advice Straight from Experts

Anyone who’s ever had to relocate knows how overwhelming moving can be — you have to find the right moving company and you have to spend a significant amount to make sure your items are all safe. Make the moving experience easy, safe and manageable by looking at these expert guidelines below: Pack bulky or heavy

The Perfect UX Design: A Clash of Imperfection

Web design is the best way to spread your message and still make it pretty. Your site serves one purpose: To take consumers where you want them to go. They need something from you; you take advantage of this by designing a site that satisfies their questions. Focusing on the ‘perfect’ UX design, in your

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