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3 Questions You Should Ask About Your Website

With the Internet as your portal to almost everyone in the whole world, you can see it as a place where you can make a name for yourself. You want to show everyone on the World Wide Web what you can offer, and you’d attract more attention if you put your name out with a

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Future-Proof: The Top Trends in SEO

Digital marketing is a dynamic field. The top three search engines, notably Google, continually update its search engine to be smarter and sharper, filtering out thin content and rewarding the good ones. There are patterns in this evolution with keen observers seeing these trends on how the SEO landscape changes in the coming months or


Effective SEO Campaigns for Increased Profits and Better Brand Recognition

Search engine optimisation (SEO) services are highly recommended due to the many advantages they offer to businesses. SEO is the most effective tool to increase website visibility in search engines and gain more customers. If you own a business, you need to start a well-planned SEO campaign to maximise its profit generating potential. Excellent for

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Past the Written Word: Rich Media for Marketing

When you’re running a website, you should know that words aren’t enough to establish a great portal that would draw massive traffic. While blog posts could certainly leverage a good rank on search engines, not everyone from your audience has the attention span to read everything you post. This is where rich media come in,

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Why the Philippines is a Prime Location for Outsourcing SEO

The BPO industry in the Philippines is thriving, and SEO is no exception. The growing number of foreign companies relying on the country for their online marketing needs is a testament to the nation’s solid reputation in the outsourcing business. Apart from the low cost of labor in this Asian country, here two main reasons

Information Architecture: The Basics of Building and Designing for the User

When designing a structure, an architect considers more than just the building design. They also factor in the functionality of the structure, its integrity, sustainability, and security. All these are aimed toward one goal: to give the occupants a good experience in the building. It’s the same with information architecture or IA.​ In a video, Cask LLC said

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