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What is the Ideal Temperature for Sleep?

Experts cite that the temperature of the room where you sleep and your comfort level affects how long and well you snooze. According to H. Craig Heller, PhD, a professor at Stanford University cites that “when one sleeps, a person’s set point for body temperature (the temperature one’s brain is trying to attain) goes down.”

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Three Timelessly Effective SEO Tactics

Every year is different for those who rely on search engines to market their websites and products. While most people know only of several Google algorithm updates based on how major and popular they are on the news, the actual numbers are actually much more significant: about 500 to 600 algorithm changes each year. Google

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Internet Marketing Solutions: What Small Online Business Should Know

Deciding on marketing strategies can be difficult, especially when you are a small business and your budget is limited. When your business is online, it is easier to get more customers around the world which also means more income and profits. However, like any other business, you need to attain an excellent product and a


The Two-Hit Combo of Digital Marketing

Big data is currently changing the face of how business is done not just online, but also in the physical plane. It proves to be a difference-maker as digital marketing firms have helped businesses accumulate hordes of new customers and ultimately, profits. SEO appears to have found a worthwhile companion for uplifting brands online. Realigning

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Keeping Up With the Evolution of Advertising — Why Go Online?

It’s easier to acquire information from the virtual world – from news and narratives, to history and anything under the sun. For other people, though, the Internet is more than a source of information — it’s a medium to advertise their products and services. Many businesses still use traditional media for their advertising strategies. With


Local Loco: Tips to Avoid Local SEO Mistakes

Don’t lose yourself in local SEO limbo and just go with whatever flows or comes your way. Your strategy should be able to make your presence relevant to the locality you’re pursuing or expanding to. Local SEO is making rounds in the digital marketing world, as more businesses are realizing its value. As eager as

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3 Great Ways to Maximize Your Budget on Paid Search

Money isn’t everything, even in the case of AdWords. Yes, this Google-owned platform deals with paid ads, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend an inordinate amount of money to make a campaign a success. What matters is how you make the most of every dollar you spend – and here are ways on

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3 Things Your Web Content Strategy Should Not Be Missing

While running and maintaining a website for your business, then you probably know the term ‘content strategy.’ For those who are new to e-commerce, you should know that this strategy is basically one of the most integral components of online marketing, which involves driving traffic through the use of highly useful, likeable, and shareable content.


3 Questions You Should Ask About Your Website

With the Internet as your portal to almost everyone in the whole world, you can see it as a place where you can make a name for yourself. You want to show everyone on the World Wide Web what you can offer, and you’d attract more attention if you put your name out with a

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Future-Proof: The Top Trends in SEO

Digital marketing is a dynamic field. The top three search engines, notably Google, continually update its search engine to be smarter and sharper, filtering out thin content and rewarding the good ones. There are patterns in this evolution with keen observers seeing these trends on how the SEO landscape changes in the coming months or

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