Pointers on Promoting Your Art Workshop to the Paying Public

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man painting on a canvass

As you gain more confidence in your art, you tend to want to share it with a wider audience. Accomplished artists sell their pieces to a gallery or hold art shows and exhibits to expose their work and earn an income if people buy their works. However, contrary to popular belief, art is something that everyone can make. You don’t need to have a special talent or a distinct style to make art and share it with others. You can make it through art workshops. Wondering where to start? Try out these simple suggestions.

Work with Others

One way of promoting your workshop is through collaboration with other artists. If you happen to know someone who’s also in the art scene and willing to participate, then you can work together to teach others about certain subjects that each of you specializes in. Collaborations also help by getting connections and potential clients through the people you work with. You can also try becoming a part of an art franchise, such as one from One River, and launch your workshops faster and to a wider audience.

Offer Commissions

woman in art workshop

Doing commissioned work will boost your reputation and give you better ground for offering workshops since it shows that your art has value, making your strokes and techniques worth learning. With that said, individuals who show interest in knowing more about making art will definitely prefer only the best, and they will base that on how critics and customers receive your art. Take time to research on how to put a price on your work, especially if you’ve just started.

Use the Web

Nowadays, social media plays a big part in business, particularly promotions. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms help propagate people’s work to a wider audience and connect them at an almost instantaneous rate. Some people had their start by creating social media accounts and promoting on those platforms. You’re not limited to pictures, either. You can also post videos and provide a time-lapse documentation of your work and its process, giving a preview of what you can offer in your workshop. It’s even possible now to hold online sessions and reach more people while earning more from your work.

Share the Love

Promotions come at a necessary cost, and one way of getting your art around is by giving away freebies. You can produce small artwork to go along with your calling card so that anyone who wants to learn about art from you will know both your contact details and your style. You can also offer discounts if they make advance reservations, if it’s their first time, or if they subscribe to multiple sessions. After all, in order to receive love, sometimes you have to be the one to start it giving first.

There are studies that show that art is therapeutic, especially for the elderly and people who have experienced psychological trauma. For some, however, it’s a passion that they should share with everyone by teaching them about the wonderful and creative things that they can do with their imagination and how to translate it to visual media. If there’s someone who can teach them, they can tap into their inner artistry.

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