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Termites: Silent Destroyers that Eat Your Home


Termites are detritus feeders. They love to eat woods, cellulose-based plant materials and wood in the soil. These silent destroyers could be secretly hiding in your home. They’re unwanted guests with a mouth capable of destroying woody materials. Though they’re small, their feeding habit can cause costly damage to your property.

The understanding of the creatures you want to get rid of is the key to an effective termite control program, according to US Termite. Below are the four common types of termites:


Subterranean Termites

These types are very common across the United States. Subterranean termites live in colonies underground and are dependent on moisture for survival. They build mud tunnels to search for food above ground level.

Interior damage caused by subterranean infestation may not become noticeable until it’s full-blown. Its damage is sometimes comparable to water damage. Swollen floors and ceilings, buckling wood and visible mazes within furniture items and woods are outward signs of termite damage.

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites build colonies in wood. You can usually find them in attic wood. Unlike subterranean termites, they need very little moisture to survive. Drywood infestations are common in antique furniture.

Formosan Termites

These types like to live in densely populated areas and warm climates. Formosan termites are usually found in states across the southern US. They nest within the soil and infest structures from the soil directly through wood. When these termites feed on wood, they leave behind smooth sided galleries that can cause structures to sag.

Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termites are larger than their subterranean counterparts. These types usually nest in damp and decaying wood. They don’t often have contact with soil and usually eat across the grain. The wood they infest looks clean and smooth inside.

Though termites are beneficial to the ecosystem, their feeding habits can cause severe damage to your homes. Termite infestations can compromise the safety and strength of your house. If you see any signs of termite damage, call your local pest exterminator immediately.

A Simple Guide on Hot Tub Motors: What Every Owner Should Know

hot tub

A hot tub pump has two vital parts – the motor and the wet end. The motor is the mechanical portion of the tub while the wet end is where the water is placed. The motor controls how much power is to be generated and how fast the impeller should move the water to the wet end. The main components of a hot tub pump are voltage, horsepower, the frame, and the number of speeds. and other reliable spa services suggest that owners understand how these function to prevent any trouble.

hot tub


Horsepower is the unit used to state the quantity of power being put off by an electric motor. Hot tub motors generally range from one to five horsepower. It’s believed that the higher the horsepower, the stronger the flow from the pumps will be.


During a repair service or replacement of damaged motors, it’s advisable to stick to the same amount of horsepower as that of your original spa motor. The horsepower largely depends on the number of hot tub jets and the preferred amount of power needed. A small change of one horsepower up or down will be fine, but don’t go in for any drastic changes without consulting the manufacturers.


The speed of the hot tub motors are either one speed or two speed motors. It’s also important to know the voltage of electricity necessary to power your hot tub motors. Motors are generally either in 230 V or 115 V.


Oversized high horsepower pumps only increase the cost of the hot tub. Top makers have now created cost effective systems with very low operating costs just by incredible designing. The science of hydraulics is more important than horsepower to produce efficient and the best hot tubs from top manufacturers.

Other Important Factors

Nowadays, the belief is that many other factors are more important than the horsepower for a hot tub. These are better jets, efficient plumbing and flow control, which means better hydraulics. A lower horsepower pump placed in an efficient hot tub can generate equal jet power as a higher one in a more inefficient hot tub.

While replacing the motor, pay attention when coordinating the voltage, horsepower, speed and frame for the hot tub to function efficiently.

Virtue Keepsake and Traditional Jewellery Design Types: Understanding their Differences


Women will never say they have enough jewellery. Their thirst for all these precious pieces is simply insatiable. This is why the jewellery market today is flooded with different types of ornaments to place around a lady’s finger, neck, ears and wrists. One prominent name in the market is the famous Virtue Keepsakes lockets.

Lockets are wonderful pieces of jewellery. They allow you to personalise the accessory to make them reflect the wearer’s personality. The lockets from Keepsakes are the perfect pieces for the women in your life. With their modern-day designs, they are most suitable for women on the go. Here is a look at how the Keepsake locket design types are different from the traditional ones.


Conventional Lockets

Traditionally, lockets were designed into two halves that could be opened and closed. In the space within the locket, you could place a small photograph or some other memento of a loved one. Such lockets are typically of intricate design on the upper surface and were made from a host of precious metals, including gold, silver, copper, iron, brass and pewter. The most famous among the traditional lockets is the heart-shaped one — a common gift to a loved one.

Keepsake Lockets

The collection of finely crafted lockets from Virtue Keepsake, on the other hand, is made of silver with rose gold, gold and rhodium plating. These lockets are available in two sizes. The beauty with the Keepsake lockets is that they have been designed to hold up to three interchangeable discs made of precious or semi-precious stones with colourful designs. This makes the lockets extremely versatile and allows women to create the perfect look.


Normally, with a traditional locket, you will have to make do with whatever design is available. However, with the Keepsake ones, you have the facility to customise your own locket by playing around with the options available. You can even wear these lockets on chains of different lengths and create a layered look.

Why not give your ladylove a locket from Keepsake and make her feel ultra-special, even on an ordinary day?

Effective SEO Campaigns for Increased Profits and Better Brand Recognition


Search engine optimisation (SEO) services are highly recommended due to the many advantages they offer to businesses. SEO is the most effective tool to increase website visibility in search engines and gain more customers. If you own a business, you need to start a well-planned SEO campaign to maximise its profit generating potential.

Excellent for Branding and Visibility Purposes

When people look for something online, they get assistance from search engines that provide results based on reputation and relevance. Studies suggest that people are likely to choose only the first 5-10 results on the first page. Through the methods used in SEO, your site will have the chance to land right on top of the search engine rankings.  This doesn’t only bring better visibility, but also brand awareness. SEO specialists will analyse certain keywords and choose the best ones for the website and to build links to other reputable sites. With this, search engine spiders that index the rankings can recognize your site easily.


Credibility to Your Business

A major part of SEO is the creation of relevant content. On the Internet, content is considered “king.” So, if your site offers up-to-date and relevant information on topics that your customer demographic values, you can easily see your website shoot up to the top of search engine results pages. Top-notch content means you are establishing yourself as an authority site and an expert in your field. This means better customer confidence and trust, which can lead to higher relevance and credibility.

Increased Traffic

Internet traffic by itself doesn’t necessarily equate to profits. But it can get generate you leads that can be nurtured. So, once it reaches the right phase in the business cycle, your marketing team can convert them into paying customers. Increased traffic is beneficial to online businesses such as those that are in the services and construction industry. Think of your website as a big sign that’s open 24/7. SEO puts that sign in a place where most people are likely to see it.

Excellent Return of Investment

Compared to other marketing strategies, SEO is the most cost-effective and offers the best ROI when compared to other media platforms. With SEO, your ad campaign is not limited by time differences. Also, you can reach more people, target a much more specific demographic, and gather more potential customers.