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The Man and Woman of the World’s Lifestyle Bible: Lifestyle Magazines

Reading Lifestyle Magazines

Reading Lifestyle MagazinesThere is no end to learning in life. All of us need help in some sphere or the other. Friends, family, the television and radio play a very vital role in influencing us about a number of things such as the new trends, the latest news, the new healthy diet and the latest slimming techniques.

Reliable Information

Still not everything they tell you may be the complete truth. Or you did not hear them correctly, or you misinterpreted what they said. Hence, there is nothing better than a lifestyle magazine to help you stay completely updated about such trends.

These publications have articles and information written by qualified writers, experts and journalists. You can retain the copies of these publications for future access and memory recall.

A Good Friend

Lifestyle magazines Australia play a role of a good friend for both the sexes. Since these contain a number of professional advices on several general issues for both women and men. Comprehensive publications can serve as a guide to you on all matters related to parenting, home making, interior decoration, fashion trends, new hairstyles, healthy eating, fitness and many more subjects. With expert advice and genuine knowledge of a number of facts, you will not need any other help or guidance.

A Wide Choice

Some publications also cater to a particular genre of subjects such as only fashion and styling, health and fitness, makeup and hair styling, home decor, etc., which means if you prefer any particular field over the other, just subscribe only for them.

You can subscribe for a whole year’s supply of these publications or buy a single copy from your favourite newsstands when you want to. Some lifestyle magazines even cater to people who just want light reading.

With appealing pictures and engrossing articles, these publications are a sheer luxury to your senses. No wonder a slew of lifestyle magazines and other periodicals are in circulation today.

Wham, Bam, House & Land

selling house lot

selling house lotHome and land packages are attractive choices for potential buyers, as you can own the ground and the house built on it. Still, find one that is in your preferred location, within you budget, and from a good developer. Do not just buy for the heck of it. The lifestyle provisions and the workmanship should also suit your ideals.

What are House and Land Packages?

As mentioned earlier, buying such a package nets you the plot of land, and the house built atop it. There are two types – one is where you just buy the house and the ground together, and the second is when you buy the ground and work with the builder to construct your house on this ground. This is what builder call ‘off-the-plan’ model.

In the first option, you cannot customise the house, which is pre-built.In the second, though, you can change the designs to suit your needs to an extent. Manor Lakes notes that both options are much more affordable than other modes of buying property.

Steps to a Package Deal

First, decide on the budget and your affordability. Afterwards, start looking for viable options at preferred locations. Keep a record of all the properties you review.

Look at the floor plans, the accommodations available including the number of rooms and the other features such as the garage or shed. Shortlist some of the properties before you check out the credibility and workmanship of the builders. Check with the past buyers about the experience and reputation of the builders.

Forging an Agreement

Talk to the builder of your choice about your dream home and the features you want; this is especially true for off-the-plan models. Builders can show you the options on offer that will match your preferences.

Discuss the costs and the deposits you need to pay, which applies to both modes. Your immediate expenses will not be as huge in the second mode, though, unlike the first. You merely have to make the payment over the period of the construction.

Make use of the above suggestions to guide you to the right path. You can compare deals, however, and if something is still cheaper, go for it. Just make sure you do not compromise on quality.

Tourism Investments: How to Spot the Best Hotel Property

Hotel Lobby

Hotel LobbySome say that a hotel should be like a home away from home. Others prefer their hotels to be more luxurious and glamorous than their actual homes. Either way, a good hotel should offer comfort, relaxation, entertainment and most of all a sanctuary from the daily grind. After all, even if they aren’t on a vacation and are actually on a busy business trip, they want a space where they can de-stress and relax in the best way possible.

While some simply stay in hotels, others are into buying them. And if you are looking into investing in a hotel property, you should think like a tourist. What do you want in a room, what amenities really matter, and what extra feature would surprise you?

There are hundreds, may even thousands, of hotels for sale around the country. But there are few key things to look for in a hotel property. We have listed the three must-have qualities that every first-rate hotel should have.

Location, of course

Nothing beats a hotel with a good location. It should offer great views either of the sea, the mountain or the forest. There are hotels that rest just right off the cliff offering a spectacular view of the sky and majestic mountain ranges. There are also hotels under the sea offering guests a peek at the underwater world. The main thing is a good hotel should have a room with a great view.

The architecture & interior design

The interiors, no matter the theme or the design, or whether it is a boutique hotel with a quirky flavour, should be conducive to relaxation. This is especially true for the suites, which should entice the guests to rest and feel at home.

Friendly Staff

Lastly, and most importantly, a good hotel should have a wonderful staff. They should be welcoming and helpful and be there for the guests when their assistance is required. As what the concierge, M. Gustav, said in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, a hotel staff should be inconspicuous and yet should always be present when needed.

With these three qualities present, guests will definitely consider going back to that particularly charming and, in many ways, perfect hotel.

4 Tips on Writing a Killer Slogan

Writing a Killer Slogan

Writing a Killer SloganWhat do Nike, Coke, and McDonald’s have in common?

They are popular brands, yes. But no, that is not the answer. You are probably wondering how a shoe, beverage and fast food company have something in common. Well, Nike, Coke, and McDonald’s have… wait for it… catchy slogans.

Slogans are an important part of every advertising campaign. They are phrases that make your brand more appealing and memorable to the audience. Think about it; when you hear “Just Do It,” you immediately think of the big white swoosh. When you hear “I’m lovin’ it,” you instantly see the golden arches.

If you want to reinforce brand awareness, you need to have a killer slogan. Here are some tips to help you come up with a slogan that will make a lasting impression.

Highlight Your Unique Selling Point

The point of the slogan is to communicate what makes your brand different. In writing your slogan, advertising experts from Route2Take suggest thinking about what differentiates you from competitors. Slogans make the first impression, so it needs to emphasise your brand’s worth. Follow the example of Volkswagen. They highlighted what makes them unique: the mini cars. Their slogan is “Think small.”

Keep It Short

Slogans must not be longer than a sentence, and typically have six to eight words. If it goes beyond this, it will become jumbled, confusing, and forgettable. Keep it safe and memorable. Follow the example of Sony. Their slogan is “Make believe.

Make it Rhyme

Give your slogan a rhythm, rhyme and ring. Slogans that are pleasing to the ear are more recognisable and memorable. You can also easily compose a jingle if your slogan has a rhyme. Take the example of KFC: “It’s finger lickin’ good”

Make It Funny if You Can

This depends on the kind of brand or service you offer. Decide if humour is appropriate; if it is, make sure that it is really humorous, not lame. Take the example of the brand Poo-Pourri. The products are oils that eliminate bathroom odour. Their slogan is “Girls don’t poop.”

Write killer slogans for your brand. Partner with advertising experts so you can ensure that your slogans will make a lasting impression and resonate with audiences.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom RenovationPeople love to renovate restrooms and toilets, next only to their kitchens. A kitchen renovation can cost a lot, as the space will be larger. With bathrooms, the space is much smaller so the budget will not be as significant.

Plenty of ideas

There are many bathroom ideas on the Internet. Consult your architect if there are viable options after checking the place and the layout of the fixtures. Follow these tips from Select Solutions to help with your remodelling project:

• You can go for a lower look and have built in spaces for soap dishes, shampoos, lotions, towels, toilet roll holders and medicine shelf.
• Instead of shower curtains, you can install a shower enclosure made of crystal clear or stained glass.
• Change the floorings and try to have stained and fully sealed wood floors in the dry areas of the room.
• If the room is small, white or cream colours for the flooring, walls and the tiles can work well. These will make the space look roomy and airy.
• Use white for the toilet seats and bathtubs, to ensure these will look new for a longer period.
• Instead of one ceiling light fixture, have strategically placed lights so that you can look at yourself clearly in the mirror. Having a few lights around the mirror is a good idea, as well.
• Apart from the usual lighting fixtures, install a dimmer switch. This is a simple device that can dim the lights in the room and create a soothing mood. This is excellent when you want to have a relaxing late night bath.

Have decorative articles if space permits

The above tips are suitable for a normal sized bathroom. If you have a larger space, then you can have a number of flower arrangements, stand alone pieces, or cupboards. You can place wicker baskets or a hamper. These can serve as storage for towels, soaps and other items. You can have more hooks and rods for hanging bathrobes and hand towels.

Use your imagination and come up with many new ideas as you go along. Get a good designer so that you use the space aesthetically and wisely.

Renovate Your House with a New Cladding System

wall cladding

wall claddingYou can renovate your house with various cladding options. So if you are stuck with a not so good-looking home, you need not worry too much about its aesthetics. There are those who like to buy unsightly yet spacious homes at very affordable costs, and then beautify them by renovating with the proper cladding material.

Renovate and Refurbish

It is easy to change the appearance of the home by changing the siding, or the protective shield normally applied to the sides of the outer or even inner walls. You can also apply fresh paint to cover concrete work.

You can clad only parts of the house; maybe panelling only the upper floors will be enough to brighten up the home exteriors. You can have coordinated concrete tiles for only the front portion of the house and change the windows to give the home a good refurbished look.

1. Timber

Besides the usual concrete, you can use timber, other softwood or PVC material for your wall cladding. Hardwood is the best choice, but it can be expensive. Heat treated choices are also available if you are willing to pay the price. Chestnut and oak are wonderful and age well, turning into a wonderful silver colour. Softwood like pine and spruce are also good and probably more affordable.

All kinds of wood need proper treatment at regular intervals to maintain their look. Anti-termite and other pest proof coating may also be needed. You can also have them painted.

Softwood naturally needs more care than hardwood. If you are planning to live in the same home for a long time, then wood is your best choice.

2. PVC

PVC is more affordable and easier to maintain. Coloured versions are now available with some detailing. They may not be as good as timber, but at least they come for a much lower price. They will fade over time, so you may spend more to keep them looking new. For those who are moving to another home but would like to make their old home still look good on a budget, PVC is a good choice.

With a little imagination and a reasonable amount, you can clad your home to suit your requirements and give it a new and refreshed look.

Designer Chimney Ideas: Why Install a New Chimney

Chimney Ideas

Chimney IdeasModern chimneys add functionality and aesthetics to your house, and they are also easier to maintain. New designer chimneys come in various sizes, shapes and colours and are usually made to order according to certain specifications. They may cost a bit more, but they also give more value for your money.

A designer chimney in your kitchen ensures safety for your household as well as for the environment. Choose a chimney company in Long Island that can supply you with a chimney that comes with a special baffle filter, which successfully separates water vapor, oil and other elements from the rising fumes when you cook. These are collected with thin strips. The kitchen odors are also effectively filtered.

Designer chimneys also serve as effective pest repellents and air sense ionizers. The baffle filter sucks out saturated fats from the fumes that arise when you are cooking. These are specifically designed on the SHE principle: safety, health, and environment.

These are energy efficient. A designer chimney usually needs only a little space for installation. That’s why they are preferred more because of the dual advantages of cost-effectiveness and space saving. Any renowned manufacturer of designer chimneys will also guarantee efficient post-sales service, including guarantees, warranties, and maintenance. Since these are made from rust-resistant steel and are powder coated, they continue to work in corrosive environments as well.

Any designer chimney will have a powerful motor and blower that has strong suction powers to eliminate unwanted fumes and smoke that are produced while cooking. The unique mechanism that these chimneys have for repelling pests produces ultrasonic waves that help keep away rodents, flies, ants, and cockroaches, making your house a much healthier place.

In summary, low energy consumption, high capacity blowing abilities, LED Lights, easy maintenance and optimized speed make designer chimneys the ideal choice for a modern home.

‘Dietmeter’: When to Know You’re Doing it Wrong

dietmeter plan

dietmeter planLet’s be realistic – when you browse your Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds, most of the posts you see almost every day are pictures of those flaunting their slim and toned body. They can be intimidating, but at some point, there are also posts that are quite off – photos of those who have taken their diet to extremes.

Trying to lose weight and dieting is normal, considering that most people nowadays fall under overweight or obese category. It’s a great thing to get rid of the unwanted fat to look and feel better. However, take your diet to the extreme and your diet will most likely fail. Don’t be one of those who create a perfect image of themselves in mind and get desperate to get thin.

When Diet Becomes Disastrous

You’ve been there at some point – depriving yourself to eat 1000 calories for two days, and then eating over 1000 calories the next day. Do you think this diet will work for you? Of course not! Trying to limit your calorie intake isn’t as terrible as you may think. The same goes with getting rid of the food you love.

This is the reason dietary supplements are available in the market. Yes! They may not totally replace the nutrients found in food, but, when your plate falls short, these supplements can actually take up the nutritional slack. Tracking your food and nutritional supplement intake while working off a proper meal plan could bring you many benefits.

When You Become Obsessed with Being Thin

You have heard all of these – the cotton ball diet, the sleeping beauty diet and the forking diet – they are all-common and have shown good results for others. For most people, however, these diets are taken far beyond their boundaries, getting bad diet results.

Becoming obsessed with being thin can certainly cause eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Instead of getting good results, you might be disappointed at how your diet plan creates a distorted image of yourself.

It is fine to be aggressive about getting your weight loss goal faster, but it is even more beneficial if you will do it right. Consult the experts to know which diet plan works best for you.

What Makes Playing in Casinos More Fun

fun casino

fun casinoGaming is one of the oldest guilty pleasures inn history. Through the years, it’s gained a reputation that’s not always positive. But, what most people don’t know is that there’s another side to this story. Instead of gaming being bad for people, some sources say it was once a good thing.

Closer to God

The earliest record of gaming came from the Ancient Romans. Soldiers played with dice during the solstice festival Saturnalia to celebrate the god of plenty. All the players only wagered nuts though, and none of them risked actual money in the games.

This means people rolled dice for their religion. It’s part of a ritual to ask the gods for blessings they could use for the future. Nothing much has changed since the days when plenty of gamers still did a lot of praying while rolling the dice.

Brain Games

It may not look like it, but there’s a tremendous amount of skill involved in many of the games, especially the ones involving cards. The mainstream got a taste of what that was like in card-counting movies. But, Black jack isn’t the only game where players need to stay alert to have a chance of winning.

For example, Texas Hold ‘Em poker is one of the most popular games in the world, as evidence by the dedicated poker room at This is because it forces players to display nerves of steel, and faces made of stone. But, underneath all the bluffs and raises, players need to have formidable skills in calculating probability. Pros never go into a battle blind; they always have an estimate about their chances of winning.

Friendly Tables

It doesn’t take long for anyone staying on the gaming floor to realize that there are many cool people playing at the tables. Gaming is a good way to meet new friends who can prove to become useful connections in the future. Apart from golf, casinos are one of the few places the wealthy and influential come to converge.

Knowing how to play is a great way to spread the network and gain more than money from the tables.

Choosing the Right Medical Insurance for Maternity

acquiring medical insurance

acquiring medical insuranceEvery soon-to-be parent wants to make sure their baby is healthy and will enter the world without any problem. As pregnancy is a delicate stage, pregnant women need somebody who can help with their medical expenses. A maternity coverage is among the most important parts of a family health insurance plan. Before signing up for one, however, make sure that you’ve looked through each aspect of their care. Here’s a guideline to help you:

Where can You Find a Good Provider?

Look for companies providing health insurance plans like UAE Medical Insurance that works with reliable insurers, such as Allianz, Axa Gulf, CIGNA, and Royal and Sun Alliance. They can help you find customised insurance plans ideal for families, including maternity treatment and newborn child coverage.

What Should be in Your Health Insurance?
  • An ideal maternity coverage should take care of pregnant women from the first month up to the delivery. If something comes up after the labour, then there’s a chance the insurance covers it as well.
  • In-patient services, such as physician fees, hospitalisation, and delivery
  • New-born protection plan, including expenses that might take place due to birth complications
  • Outpatient services, such as pre and post-natal care, laboratory studies, gestational diabetes screenings, and medications
  • Breast pump rental and lactation counselling (if necessary)
When Should You Enrol Your Baby?

For those who have individual plans, it’s possible to upgrade or change into a family plan. After giving birth, your baby automatically becomes eligible for coverage from your health insurance provider. Depending on your insurer, all you need is to enrol them within 30 to 60 days to receive an approval of your new family plan.

A good health insurance plan with maternity care guarantees that you have coverage for the expenses involved in pregnancy and delivery. Find the ideal plan that fits your needs to give you peace of mind.