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Why Hiding Your Assets During a Divorce is a Terrible Idea


DivorceWhen you’re thinking of getting a divorce, you’ll naturally be concerned about the division of your assets and money, especially if you and your spouse have a bad relationship. Let’s say you have a substantial amount of assets, and you’re tempted to hide them, especially if you think you’re responsible for the majority of them. You think only you have the right to them — or maybe you’re simply mad at your spouse.

You’re not alone. Many people think along these lines, since the law requires that all marital assets must be divided in a divorce.

Why You Must Never Hide Assets

You may have a slim chance of getting away with hiding your assets before divorce so that they won’t be included in an equitable distribution or community property settlement. Orem divorce attorneys from Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. say by hiding your assets, you’re taking an enormous risk that may actually land you in jail.

All states require discovery. This legal process is an effective way for divorcing couples to collect pertinent information not only from each other, but from third parties like banks, employers, companies, and 401(k) plan managers.

During the discovery process, the divorcing couple and all the other third parties will provide pertinent financial information to your spouse’s divorce attorney, and vice versa. You and your spouse will undergo deposition, where you’ll be required to deliver a live testimony, under oath, regarding your property.

In the event that you lie under oath or during the discovery and you get caught, you’ll be charged with perjury and will be slapped with hefty fines. In addition, even if you failed to report assets or financial information, the court may order you to comply.

When you refuse to comply with the court’s order, you’ll be held in contempt — you may face jail time. Instead of trying to hide your assets, ensure that your assets and interests are protected without breaking any laws.

What Makes Up Dental Amalgam and Why Dentists should Dispose of it Properly

Dental Amalgam

Dental Amalgam The possible health risks associated with mercury vapor release makes dental amalgam a controversial restorative material. While some dentists favor a mercury-free practice, others continue to use amalgam as dental fillings. After all, since the 1800s it’s  been an effective restorative tool for tooth decay.

Until now, there’s no conclusive scientific evidence for mercury poisoning in humans due to dental amalgam. As such, certain dental organizations consider it safe to use.

Strong, durable, and versatile

Dental amalgam is usually referred to as “silver fillings” or “mercury fillings.” About 43 to 54 percent of dental amalgam is elemental liquid mercury. The rest of the material consists of a powder containing copper, tin, silver, and sometimes indium, palladium, or zinc.

This concoction of various metals was first formulated and used for dental procedures in France. It looks similar to silver, hence the popular moniker.

Easy to apply

The dentist can only apply amalgam after preparing the cavity, which comes after drilling and taking away parts of the tooth, and shaping the cavity. The dentist places the putty into the cavity in a softened form.

Dentists perform the mixing, following safety protocols for their safety as well as that of the patient on the chair. Once inside the cavity, the putty hardens, and it’s then shaped and configured to fit with the natural row of teeth.

Requires proper disposal

Extracted teeth that contain amalgam fillings don’t go into regular waste bins. Instead, there are centers where the removal occurs. Dental organizations acknowledge the real threat of dental waste containing mercury to the environment. Experts from Discount Disposables promote amalgam recycling, proper disposal, and environmentally sustainable handling of amalgam waste.

Dental practices should install amalgam separators for proper disposal of dental waste and mercury recycling. While dental amalgam is still being used in dentistry, there should be more studies on its viability and safety.

Tooth Loss Replacement: Know Your Options

Dental Care

Dental CareAlthough the dental care industry has seen considerable improvements and innovations over the years, many UK residents still suffer from tooth loss, primarily because of cavities (tooth decay), gingivitis (gum disease) and trauma (injuries). Before, people who lost a tooth (or teeth) were limited to either dentures or bridges, still in use today. Implants are relatively recent additions to the treatment choices.

Knowing more about your options when you lose a tooth will help you determine which one is best suited for you and your budget.


Dentures can either be partial or complete, and removable or fixed. They are custom-made and are typically the cheapest of all missing/loss tooth replacement options. However, they can be difficult to get accustomed to, a problem that many individuals experience. They also tend to be discernible from the rest of the natural tooth.

When opting for dentures, Sheen Dental Implants advises that you work with a reliable dentist in Richmond. This way, you can rest assure they will be of the latest dental technology, or at least made from high quality materials. It is not uncommon for low quality or improperly placed dentures to fall out, which can put you in an embarrassing or awkward situation.


As the term already implies, dental bridges serve as a bridge for the gap between teeth caused by missing or loss teeth. Traditionally, dentists had to either make a crown for the tooth on both sides of the one missing, or then put in false tooth/teeth in the gap.

Dental Implants

Dental implants, of all the options you have when it comes to lost tooth replacement, come highly recommended. Whether you only lost one or all your teeth, you can be a good candidate for these dental appliances. Aside from being the most aesthetically-appealing choice, they are also the best type of replacement since they restore the function of the missing tooth/teeth.

Tooth loss can significantly affect your life, so it is vital you seek dental assistance right away. A Richmond dentist specialising in implants, dentures, and bridges can help you decide which solution is most appropriate for your situation.

Planning Your LDS Travel


LDS travelPlanning a trip can be difficult. You have to take into account the financial aspect as well as the overall experience. You also have to take into account every person that you will be traveling with. What makes for a good travel experience?

Value For Money

You should look for LDS travel packages that offer meaningful activities and destinations. You should not only look for affordable packages. You should examine if it offers good value for money. Based on their flyers alone, you should be able to determine if they can offer you a memorable journey. Good value for money entails several significant destinations, complete meals, fuss-free lodging and time well spent. Check these criteria against a reasonable price offer and you know you have good value in your hands.

Engaging Travel

If you are traveling with your family, it is important that you find a tour package that is enjoyable and engaging. Faith oriented travels like an LDS travel can grow old quick for children. Some of them may even resent these activities early on. Make sure that you ask for input before you plan and fix your itinerary. Include them in the planning stage of your trip to make sure that they will be thoroughly involved in the journey.

Check The Destinations

There are key destinations and there are also rarely included destinations. Check these destinations online and compare the different itineraries that different tour packages offer. You should be aware if these destinations may be visited for free or if they require entrance fees. This way, you will be able to determine if the tour package is reasonably priced.

Finer Details

Be sure to check the finer details of the trip before you pay the package. Check the modes of transportation that will be used. You should also check if they offer travel insurance. It is also helpful to check the routes to ensure the safety of your travel.

Agencies will provide you with a fully fixed package. Examine these packages and check the destinations, the lodging and the finer details that go into the travel. Compare and contrast the prices and see which features are customizable. Be patient with these details to book the best tour for your family.

Not For Long-Term Lease: Options of Earning from Your Extra Room


ApartmentWhy do you want a two-bedroom home if you are living solo? Besides the obvious answer of “a guest room”, there are many other lucrative ways to make use of an extra room. There are the usual options of turning it into a library or a game room, but none of these can create extra income.

Some people look for 2-bedroom apartments for sale in Brisbane to turn into an investment. If you are inclined of using your extra room for a short-term lease, here are some moneymaking options without worrying about compromising your privacy.

The Backpacker’s Hotel

Why not offer your room to transient travellers and backpackers? With this kind of arrangement, you allow yourself leeway in keeping your privacy and the use of the room for a visiting relative in between boarders. Many online sites are available for backpacking travellers who are willing to take these kinds of arrangements; most of these sites will do the security and background check for you. Not only are you helping travellers save on accommodations, but you are also earning a bit of profit on the side.

Your Hobby Room

Many hobbies these days get extra attention for bringing in money. Painting, drawing, sketching, designing, antique restoration and model kit creation are among the most lucrative hobbies by collectors. One antique item duly restored to its closest original state can garner thousands of dollars in an online store. You can even participate in private and public exhibits to display your works. That extra room is definitely worth its keep, considering the amount of money a few days of work you can make on one item alone.

Business and Part-Time Jobs

If you have a certain skill or idea that can earn you extra bucks, why not invest a bit in equipment and set it up in your extra room? Turn your extra room into a small studio for music and video editing, or move in some of your items at work and use the space as a home office.

Do not stop yourself from wanting that 2-bedroom apartment just because you are living sol. With a bit of smart planning, that extra space can be more than just an empty bedroom.

Move It Safely: Why Some Products Need Refrigerated Trucking

Move It Safely

Move It SafelyNot all goods are easy to move from one place to another. While all products require proper care when on delivery, some may need extra attention, as they are more prone to damage. For instance, perishable goods may acquire damage easily during the course of travel. A good percentage of them require refrigerated trucking to avoid spoilage on the road.

Here are some examples of goods that need the services of refrigerated trucking companies:


Traveling in trucks is never safe for food items. There could be immediate exposure to bacteria or heat, which may cause it to spoil easily. Cold food items such as ice cream or cakes will melt and become bad without refrigeration. Raw meats are typically ones that need refrigerated trucking, as spoiled meat can be poisonous when consumed.


Organs for transplant procedures require special handling. They need to stay in cool and sealed containers to avoid contamination. Other medical-related items include vaccines or drugs. These items will lose their effectiveness through prolonged exposure to heat. It may also render them dangerous for use.


Moving artworks from one museum to another is not as easy as it looks. They may be solid objects that do not spoil like food or medicine, but heat may affect the quality of the artwork. For instance, paint can become runny when exposed to heat for a long time. Artworks are timeless and expensive items that need special care.

Spoiled products are costly. You did not just lose money and resources on making them; you also lost the chance to earn from them. Make sure you do not spoil products on delivery by hiring the right refrigerated trucking company for the job. These experts would know the proper way of handling specific items during transit.

Peace of Mind: How Meditation Can Change Your Brain

Your Brain on Meditation

Your Brain on MeditationPeople find it difficult to meditate, mainly because they force the mind to be absolutely still. The idea behind successful meditation, however, is more about letting go of resistance to whatever arises. It is focuses on surrendering emotions, problems, mind, and soul.

While the idea of meditation seems scary, it is actually impossible to fail at this practice. There is no special technique, and you can experiment with different types of mediation. All you need to do is find one that works for you and stick to it. You can just sit on the floor or chair, try tai chi, repeat mantra, or attend meditation classes.

If you manage to find the right method, you can reap rewards. You will not just feel peace, but you can also improve concentration and overall psychological wellbeing. Your brain will benefit the most, enhancing your capacity to understand other people or perceive things differently. Wellness and Artisan Studio shares how meditation changes your brain.

Less Brain Decline

According to a recent study published in Frontiers, people who meditate often had better preserved brain than non-meditators. The study notes that those who have been meditating for at least 20 years had more grey matter volume or less age related grey matter atrophy. This only means that practicing meditation for the long term can preserve the aging brain.

Mind Wandering No More

Another study conducted at the Yale University also notes that meditation helps decrease the activity in the default mode network (DMN). This is the part of the brain responsible for mind wandering. As this habit is associated with being less happy and worrying about things, it is important to turn it down. Meditation can help at this, helping you snap back out of wandering, even when your brain starts to do so.

Depression and Anxiety Help

Meditation can reduce symptom of pain, anxiety and depression, according to a team of researchers at John Hopkins University. It works by actively training the mind to increase awareness, which can help manage the symptoms of depression. Some studies also note that it can help with addiction, because of its effects on the brain’s self-control regions.

These are just a few of ways meditation can change your brain. Take a moment to engage in this practice and see how it can benefit your overall wellbeing.

Requirements of a Functional Kitchen in Your House


KitchenThe kitchen is a part of your house you spend some time in every day. This is where you cook and prepare your meals. These two tasks may take a lot of your time and effort. When designing this specific part of the house, consider the ease of movement, which will depend on these three things.


Is moving around in your kitchen a problem? There has to be enough room to move around. This not only speeds up the cooking process, but also keeps things safe. You might notice it’s easier to get in an accident when you don’t have enough space to move.

Managing space gives you more room for organising. Design a kitchen with more cabinetry for storage. This way you don’t have unnecessary tools lying around and taking up space.


To get that designer kitchen, Brisbane’s Enigma Interiors reminds you to think of the colours you choose. You might think this is unimportant, but the colour adds to the mood of the kitchen. Colour has a way of affecting the atmosphere, so a tinge of red will be great for any kitchen. Red drives hunger and increases a person’s appetite.


Cooking can produce a lot of smoke. Windows may not be enough, and may even be counterproductive. Wind may enter and can put out the fire on the stove or disrupt your cooking. Proper ventilation systems keep the smoke out so you’re more comfortable while working.

Better Homes and Gardens suggests selecting a ventilation system to keep things in your cooking area from overheating and causing explosions. Keep the smell out instead of it spreading to other parts of the house.

When designing your kitchen, don’t forget about functionality. It’s not enough that the kitchen looks good. You should be able to use it with ease.

Create a Killer Strategy: Rebranding Lessons from Big Brands


RebrandingRebranding is the latest marketing trend, but it’s something you should not take lightly. Businesses of all sizes will come to this milestone at some point. For some, it happens early. For others, however, it will take a decade or more to discover who they really are.

There is so much more to rebranding than simply updating the website or changing a slogan. According to an article from Business Insider: “Rebranding a company’s goals, message, and culture is hard – many have tried and most fail. A successful campaign requires more than a revamped logo. It demands a vision that inspires customers, investors, and others to see the company in a new light”.

If you’re planning to revive your brand and make it stronger than ever, you have to arm yourself with the right information. The following lists down some of the most important things you can learn from the big brands.

CVS Pharmacy: Make a Bold Move

Pharmacies are where you buy vitamins, medications, or protein bars – sometimes even cigarettes. But, not in CVS Pharmacy. CVS was the first drugstore to stop selling tobacco products. The move was in line with the company’s commitment to health and quality care. When they decided to rebrand, they focused on making actions louder than their words. Instead of just talking about how their products and services can help consumers, they proved that they could stand for something. SEO companies in Minnesota note that sticking to your commitment and making a fresh yet bold move is what you can learn from CVS.

Burberry: Take a Creative Approach

It used to be that Burberry was a brand that appealed to gangs and thugs. Now, famous celebrities like Emma Watson and Kate Moss wear items from what has become one of the world’s most famous fashion brands. From clothing to fragrances and handbags, Burberry decided to rebrand without sacrificing the years of reputation and heritage they’ve built.

Old Spice: Be Consistent

What you can learn from Old Spice’s rebranding strategy is the smart use of social media and a clever ad. The company worked with NFL Player Isaiah Mustafa, who creatively promoted men’s deodorant as something seductive and alluring. Old Spice didn’t revamp its logo, but decided to change how consumers thought of the brand.

Rebranding, when done right, is a great strategy to stay relevant and fresh to today’s audiences.

Checklist When Buying Second-Hand RVs

RV Van

RV VanThere are many types of RVs or Recreational Vehicles out in the market, as these have become popular for families in the U.S. The majority of RV dealers today are catering to retiring couples looking for some adventure and who want to enjoy their time.

But the setback with buying RVs is that you can’t be sure you’re getting the best deal until you actually bought and used it. This where buying second-hand RVs come in. Below, we have a list of the things you need to remember:

  • Mileage and Other Mechanical Aspects

In any type of used vehicle, the lower the mileage, the better. Check the engine and transmission fluid. Drive test the RV before anything else, and inspect if the brakes and lights are working properly. Bring someone you trust who can inspect the RV’s function if you think you lack knowledge of the mechanical aspects of the vehicle.

  • Exterior Part

The exterior part of any vehicle is the first thing people notice. The appearance of the RV is important, as this reflects how the previous owner cared and maintained the vehicle. When you visit dealerships, such as Moix RV in Arkansas, inspect for any ding, scratch, and paint scrape. Also, check if there are portions with faded paint, as these may indicate that the RV was repaired prior to the sale.

  • Interior Part

Remember that the majority of your RV experience will be inside the vehicle, so check every detail of the interiors. Check the upholstery and its paneling. See if the cabinets and drawers, as well as the bathroom, are in good condition. Ensure that all the appliances are in good condition.

When looking for a used RV for sale in Arkansas, it’s a good idea to have some basic knowledge of the specifications of a quality vehicle. Do your homework and start your research now.