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Simple Ways to Trim Your Moving Costs

family moving to a new homeWithout proper planning, moving to a new place can be an expensive and stressful process. Most people dread the thought of moving to the point that they leave everything until the last minute. Unfortunately, this only complicates the process and saddles you with large tabs. Preparing for the relocation process helps you find creative ways to lower the cost.

Purge Before the Move

Eliminating clutter not only makes the packing process hassle-free but also saves you a bundle of money. You get to lower your transportation costs, and if you’re moving to a smaller space, you won’t need to hire a storage facility. For the best results, start the purging process weeks before the moving day.

That way, you can do a swell job sorting through your house. Just be warned that parting with your stuff can be a tad confusing. If you’re having a hard time, you can asses each item for its current value. You can also hire professional packing and moving services.

Get Packing Boxes for Free

The first order of business when you get to your new place is to unpack and stow away your possessions in their rightful places. What happens to the packing boxes? Do you keep them lying around for the next move, or do you put them out in the trash? Chances are you don’t have the space to stash them.

With that in mind, does it make sense to splurge money on boxes? If you ask nicely, local businesses, such as liquor and grocery stores, will be glad to let you have their excess boxes to save on space as well.

Moving to a new home doesn’t need to be an endeavor that leaves a gaping hole in your wallet. Other than getting the best moving rates, you can take additional measures to keep your bills low.

Move It Safely: Why Some Products Need Refrigerated Trucking

Move It Safely

Move It SafelyNot all goods are easy to move from one place to another. While all products require proper care when on delivery, some may need extra attention, as they are more prone to damage. For instance, perishable goods may acquire damage easily during the course of travel. A good percentage of them require refrigerated trucking to avoid spoilage on the road.

Here are some examples of goods that need the services of refrigerated trucking companies:


Traveling in trucks is never safe for food items. There could be immediate exposure to bacteria or heat, which may cause it to spoil easily. Cold food items such as ice cream or cakes will melt and become bad without refrigeration. Raw meats are typically ones that need refrigerated trucking, as spoiled meat can be poisonous when consumed.


Organs for transplant procedures require special handling. They need to stay in cool and sealed containers to avoid contamination. Other medical-related items include vaccines or drugs. These items will lose their effectiveness through prolonged exposure to heat. It may also render them dangerous for use.


Moving artworks from one museum to another is not as easy as it looks. They may be solid objects that do not spoil like food or medicine, but heat may affect the quality of the artwork. For instance, paint can become runny when exposed to heat for a long time. Artworks are timeless and expensive items that need special care.

Spoiled products are costly. You did not just lose money and resources on making them; you also lost the chance to earn from them. Make sure you do not spoil products on delivery by hiring the right refrigerated trucking company for the job. These experts would know the proper way of handling specific items during transit.

Understanding the Complicated Gun Safe Moving Process


RelocationMoving a gun safe is a difficult job, as the equipment can weigh anywhere between 300 to upwards of 1500 pounds. Gun safes are considered to be among the heaviest, most difficult items to transport.

When moving these heavy items, there are critical steps you need to take, including proper logistics planning. Light Speed Delivery, Inc. also notes the importance of specialized equipment and understanding of the state laws regarding gun safes.

Correctly planning a route

Plan the safest way to move the gun and the safe from its original location to its new home. The route you will choose should allow for the smoothest possible movement of your safe, and it should enable you to easily unload it from the transporting vehicle. Do not forget to take the measurements of the safe, so that you won’t have issues fitting it inside the moving truck, entryways, and doorways.

Using the correct pieces of equipment

Moving large gun safes requires the use of hydraulic lifting platform-equipped vehicles, as this will ensure that the safe will be loaded and unloaded safely and effectively. A specialized type of dolly is also necessary.

Ask for Help

Serious manpower is needed to quickly and safely move gun safes, which means that it is unlikely you would be able to do this on your own. As much as possible, ask people to help you out, or you might endanger yourself.

While moving a gun safe on your own can help you save on professional moving costs, you still need to keep in mind that moving such a big item poses considerable risks not only on your safety but the well-being of others, as well. So rather than put yourself and other people in danger, prevent potential accidents by enlisting the services of a qualified, licensed gun safe mover.