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Study Notes for The CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam: What Exactly is a Backdoor?

Computer Security BackendIf you’re taking the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 certification examination, some experts at CertBlaster says to take note that 21% of it is about threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks. One of which is the backdoor. Essentially, a backdoor is a means to bypass some security controls in a target computer system to gain control of an application or the entire system.

Once a hacker has installed a backdoor on a target system or web server, the hacker could then perform various tasks that would compromise its security, these include:

Launching a DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack

A DoS attack happens when a hacker attempts to make a network resource or machine unavailable. For instance, by flooding the network resource with traffic that it can’t possibly accommodate. The Dos would then be distributed when plenty of other machines take part in the attack. When this occurs, the hacker would have access to multiple backdoors all over the world and could use all these for performing more DDoS attacks.

Stealing sensitive data

A hacker could likewise use a backdoor on an infected system or server to steal sensitive information such as personal identifiable information, customer data, credit card details and others.

Distributing malware

Hackers also install backdoors in web servers or computer systems for distributing and infecting them with many different types of malware such as adware, ransomware, Trojans, worms, and viruses among others.

Other malicious actions that backdoors could perform discretely include obtaining system information, receiving and sending files, taking screenshots, modifying system settings, and random actions such as opening the disc drive among others.

The problem with backdoors is that they could be immensely hard to detect. With that said, detection methods could vary significantly depending on the operating system of the infected machine.

In some instances, antimalware software might be enough to detect the presence of a backdoor. Otherwise, security professionals might have to employ special processes for detecting backdoors and utilize protocol monitoring tools for inspecting network packets.

You should likewise avoid installing software from untrusted sources and fortify the security defenses of the system with an application firewall to help in preventing backdoor attacks as these could effectively restrict traffic from open ports. Additionally, it’s vital to monitor network traffic for dubious signatures.

4 Steps to be an Effective First-Time Landlord

Landlord providing the key and contractSo, you’ve finally purchased your first residential property and are now ready to spruce it up for rental. You’ll have to decide if you’re going to rent it furnished or not. You’ll need to invest in water processing equipment to make sure your tenants have safe water to drink. Are you going to manage it yourself, or will you need a property manager? All these and the following tips will help you become an effective landlord for your new residential building.

Prioritize your tenant’s rent

The rent you’ll be receiving should be a priority for you, especially if this is your only source of income. Create a financial plan and process on advances, deposits and contingency plans for late payments. Part of this means keeping an open communication line with your tenants so you won’t have to deal with unanswered calls during collection.

Have a good screening process

Having to evict a tenant consumes too much time and can also be costly. It’s your responsibility to screen your tenants wisely to make sure you’re accepting responsible individuals in your building. Besides doing background and credit checks, also get to who they are so you’ll know what to expect if you accept them.

Know your fair housing laws

It’s your responsibility to research on local and federal housing laws before even accepting tenants. Neglecting these may cost you a lot of money. It’s wise to consult with attorneys if you need more information on this.

Only renovate to increase your property’s value

If you consider a renovation in the future, make sure that it’ll raise the value of your property and your rent. If not, it’s just going to be a waste of time and money.

If this is your first time to venture into something like this, don’t fret. All businesses are exciting and fulfilling if done properly. These tips will help you get started on this journey as an effective landlord that’s destined for success.

Windows Security: Not Just a Computer Thing

Windows Security in IndianapolisYou can never keep yourself and your family too safe. Especially during critical times in the economy when people become more desperate and might loot your stuff, you should make sure that each potential entrance to your home is burglar-proof beyond window alarms. 

Here are some tips from Suburban Glass Service, Inc that will help you gain peace of mind, not just when you’re signing off to sleep, but also when you’re out of town and can’t guard your home.

1. Strategic Window Position

An inexpensive and subtle way to protect your home is by positioning windows in strategic places so that it will be hard to even access them. This is something that should be considered from the very beginning of house construction, and should pose no risks of overstepping housing regulations even in Indianapolis. Window repair might become harder if, for example, you choose to position windows higher than normal, but consider the benefit of harder-to-reach windows to your home security before crossing this option out.

2. Strong Glass

Beneficial not just because they are harder to break, but also because break-in attempts will sound louder with them on, reinforced glass is the way to go if you don’t want anything to mar the outside beauty of your house. Of course, glass isn’t the only option. Acrylic plastic windows, also known as plexiglass windows, are 10 times tougher than traditional glass for just about the same thickness, too.

3. Window Fencing and Locks

Something that might make your house look austere is barred windows. With these, you don’t need to use reinforced glass, because burglars won’t fit through the tiny spaces of the bars even if they manage to break the window. Sure, they don’t always look pretty and it’s ill-advised to make them horizontal to avoid looking like jail bars — they might be used as ladders, then — but when it comes to security, function should always trump form.

Securing Windows shouldn't be just about firewalls and other technical mumbo-jumbo. After all, before there was Windows, there were your windows first – and you have to defend it first.

Improve the Conditions and Safety of Your Home with Window Tinting


homeWhenever you see cars on the road, you might notice that most of them do not have perfectly clear windows. Some are a few shades darker, while some are entirely black or even reflective.

The tint offers a certain amount of protection to those inside the car. It provides privacy as well as protection from harmful UV rays. Aside from your car windows, you can also tint your home windows.

Reasons for Getting Tinted Windows

Consider the needs of your home. You should get a window tint depending on the level of privacy you want for your home. If you have a superb garden, consider tint which won’t allow passers-by to see what’s inside your home, but still permits you to view what’s outside.

On the other hand, you may also want to adjust how much light would enter inside your house. If you do not want it to be too bright like when the sun is pointing towards a particular part of your house, you should get the right shade of window film for that area.

According to Tint Pro, you don’t have to worry about your houseplants because with window tinting, they can still thrive. In some instances, the window tint or film can even bring benefit to your plants by protecting them from over exposure to the sun or too much heat.

Getting your windows tinted is a very cost-effective and wise course of action. Add it up to your list the next time you make upgrades to your home.