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Basics of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial roofRegular inspections and preventive maintenance can extend the service life of your commercial roof system. They are essential in preventing roof issues and ensure that the system remains in its optimal condition. Schedule for a bi-annual roof repair in Provo to decrease the risk of water damage and avoid an expensive premature roof replacement. Commercial roofing experts share tips on maintaining your roof’s structural integrity.

Have an In-House Roof Maintenance Protocol

While it’s best to leave roofing matters into the hands of experienced specialists, there are still some aspects of maintenance that you can implement right where you are. For instance, you can limit the amount of foot traffic on your roof because this can damage the structure’s membrane. If you expect traffic, install pavers and walkway pads to protect the surface. Regular cleaning is also ideal to prevent debris from clogging the drains and creating a pool.

Keep Your Roof’s Historical File

It pays to keep an up-to-date file of your roof’s history. Anything from the installation, roof plan, as well as the changes made to it should be documented in detail. Include samples of the materials used, product specifications, and maintenance documentation to help future contractors when working on the system. This will also be helpful when claiming a warranty.

Word with a Qualified Roofing Company

Sometimes you can’t just shut down the entire facility to accommodate roof maintenance. This is why it’s important to hire an experienced commercial roofing company. They are trained to keep a low-profile job on site, so your business can run as usual. They are also capable of tracking hard-to-find problems that may be damaging your roof’s foundation.

Proper maintenance will not only improve your roof’s performance but also extend its useful life. You can also save a lot of money in the long run for preventing minor issues from worsening and damaging your property.

Different Approaches to Maintaining an Aging Brain

Senior woman and her grandson reading a book togetherThe mind is still a scientific puzzle, which is why studies that focus on the human brain are ongoing as scientists try to unravel its mysteries. One thing is for sure, though, – the aging brain deteriorates more when you don’t take care of it.

Besides getting professional adult care in Lehi, help your aging parents keep their brain healthy to lower the chances of getting memory problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Here are easy approaches you can use to challenge their brain and maintain its strength.

  • Ask them to read more.

This hobby will benefit their memory and brain in so many ways that watching television won’t. A study even discovered that reading books can cause a 50 percent reduction in developing dementia. If it’s difficult for them to read for a long time, have them open a book for at least 30 minutes daily. Otherwise, they can choose shorter stories to read or divide the reading time throughout the day.

  • Watch their diet.

Scientists revealed that the brain requires the proper balance of nutrients to work properly. Plenty of studies already proved that high cholesterol and fat intake increases the chances for Alzheimer’s. Have them refrain from consuming fried foods and ensure that their diet includes nuts, fish, lean proteins, dark fruits, and vegetables.

  • Exercise with them daily.

It’s not a secret that exercise keeps the body healthy, but it’s also great for the brain. According to a research conducted by the University of Arizona, aerobic exercise can help fight the effects of an aging brain. Physical exercise assists in the flow of blood to the brain and can lower the possibilities of a stroke, diabetes, and heart attack, besides dementia and Alzheimer’s. Do yoga with them, bond on some yard work, or walk with them for 30 minutes daily.

The secret to keeping your parent’s brain healthy is engagement. Through mental and physical activity, their brains will keep busy. Have them develop good habits to reduce the chances of disease and keep their mind sharp as they age.

Smart Ways to Remedy Household Problems During Winter

Frozen water jet systemIs your home ready for the winter season? Cold temperatures, heavy snow, and ice buildup can take a toll on your home. But no matter how prepared you are, sometimes accidents from sudden roof cracks to bursting pipes can still happen. So, what do you do when you suddenly need to face winter wreckage?

The ice dam problem

Ice dams, which form due to insufficient insulation and ventilation, lead to leaks that will in turn ruin areas of your home. Though you can use a roof rake to try and remove snow from your roof’s edge, one wrong step can damage your entire roof. It is always best to contact an ice dam removal company to ensure that this problem is eliminated without causing or aggravating another.

Wood damage

Problems such as mold and cracks can affect exposed wooden surfaces of fences or decks. If not fixed, these surfaces can collapse and pose a danger. For molds and mildew, simply use an anti-mold wood cleaner and reseal the surface once dry. If the problem is caused by water damage, reseal first and replace the wood as necessary. If you see nails rising from the surface of the wood, replace them immediately with new screws.

Home and basement flood

Basement flooding can be caused by several reasons, from leaky pipes to melting snow penetrating through your home. For pipe leaks, you may still be able to patch the problem areas depending on the extent of the damage. You can also check your downspouts and make sure that they are connected to a well-drained area to prevent melted snow water from entering your home.

In addition, make sure that you take photos of the affected area before you do anything to help you with your insurance claims. These tips can help minimize the impact of damage brought about by winter storms.

Critical Credentials to Check when Hiring an HVAC Contractor

HVAC Contractor in Salt Lake City

HVAC Contractor in Salt Lake CityWhenever you need to call in the services of a heating and cooling company in Salt Lake City, you should always take time to do some investigating to verify a number of must-have credentials. You need to do this for system installation planning, routine maintenance, tune up services or repairs.

Action Plumbing says it’s always best to get a professional for the installation and repair of your HVAC system.

To ensure you get the best services possible, hire only an HVAC contractor with the following credentials:


Licensed HVAC contractors possess a trade-specific (HVAC) license, proof that they are in compliance with the local (Salt Lake City) and state (Utah) laws. For them to obtain a license, they first need to undergo rigorous skill competency testing. They also need to show proof of insurance and bonding.

As you interview prospective contractors, verify the validity (date of expiry) of their license.


You want to work with a bonded heating and cooling contractor, just in case a situation arises, such as a dispute, and you would like to obtain financial reimbursement for contractor-caused property damage or subpar work.


Never undervalue the importance of insurance, especially when it comes to trade work. HVAC contractors are subjected to a number of dangers and hazards while working, seeing as they handle both mechanical and electrical components of your home. This means that they can get into an accident that may lead to injuries. In the event something like this happens, their insurance ensures that liabilities do not fall on you.

So ask your prospective contractor to show you his Certificate of Insurance, which will tell you the kind and amount of insurance coverage he has. Verify that the insurance is up to date, as well.

You should make sure your choice in a heating and cooling contractor has all these credentials, or you can end up with even more expenses on your hands.

Education: A Valuable Tool in Avoiding Medical Malpractice


womanCosmetic treatments are gradually gaining popularity. One of the reasons a number of people subject to facial reconstructions and endure injection pains is because the services assure them of safety and minimal risks. This fact, however, is relative to the practitioner carrying out the treatment.

For practitioners, it is important to take up dermal fillers course to learn how to do the procedures effectively. Proper education is essential in their profession; after all, they will be dealing with the human body. A little mistake in the procedure may cause severe health problems.

Administering Injections Right

Dermal fillers aim to smoothen and plump the cheeks and lips. Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons inject the fillers directly to the patient’s treatment area. An appropriate training is necessary in carrying out this task, as injecting the wrong formula on the wrong area can cause severe facial damage.

Without proper training, practitioners are more prone to committing mistakes. They have higher chances of accidentally injecting the fillers into the facial blood vessels. This error can lead to facial vein blocking, which restricts the blood supply and may cause the filler to travel to the other body parts.

Preventing Severe Side Effects

By taking up dermal fillers course, aspiring dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons are equipping themselves with vital knowledge on providing the treatment. Such training enables them to avoid severe side effects of dermal filling, such as stroke, necrosis and vision impairment or blindness.

Recent findings suggest that injecting fillers on the forehead to get rid of wrinkles may lead to permanent blindness. Ophthalmologists disapprove of injecting around the eye area where the eye arteries are set.

Although this treatment normally has side effects like swelling, minor bleeding, skin discolouration, bruising and reddening after the procedure, these are not as serious as the aforementioned ones. It takes a skilled practitioner to administer dermal fillers safely and effectively.

Skills and knowledge are important in the cosmetic treatment industry. For aspiring practitioners, it is necessary to take up proper training and education.